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Letter from Thomas Costin to Edward Winslow, 3 January 1807

Author:Costin, Thomas
Subjects:Costin, Mrs. Thomas
Costin, Thomas establishes free school at Kamouraska: opposed by Roman Catholic Church
Dunn, Thomas [Adminstrator of Quebec government]: Thomas Costin asks Edward Winslow to appeal to p. 1
Kamouraska Thomas Costin's school at: apparently in New Brunswick p. 1
Michaud, Benjamin [he] bears Thomas Costin's letter to Edward Winslow p. 2
New Brunswick Legislature has apparently passed a bill granting small sum to new, although the ref. may be to Quebec p. 1
Roman Catholic Church Opposes Thomas Costin's free school at Kamouraska
School-masters Thomas Costin at Kamouraska p. 1
Schools a free one established by Thomas Costin p. 1
Source:Vol. 14-1
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