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Letter from Henry Fox to Edward Winslow, 1 June 1805

Author:Fox, Henry
Subjects:Disease, ailments and indispositions General Henry Fox: a plague of boils p. 3
Disease, ailments and indispositions among troops at Gibralter p. 3
Edward, Duke of Kent fills vacancies wholesale: makes difficult for others any appointments p. 2
Fox, Brigadier-General Henry E. regrets Duke of Kent left no vacancy for Edward Winslow pp. 1-2
Fox, Brigadier-General Henry E. suffers boils p. 3
Gibralter disease in garrison at 1805 p. 3
Gordon, Hugh Mackay [probably he] and a lieutenancy for Tom Winslow p. 1
Military Appointments Duke of Kent makes en masse p. 2
Winslow, Thomas Aston Coffin re a lieutenancy for p. 1
York, Duke of II obtains for General H. Fox a sec'y despite his brother's appointments p. 2
Source:Vol. 13-10
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