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Letter from David Owen to Edward Winslow, 19 February 1803

Author:Owen, David
Subjects:Andrews, Elisha Of St. Stephen: with Dr. John Caleff, etc., recommended by David Owen
Brown, Henry Barlow not beloved of David Owen
Caleff, Dr. John recommended by David Owen
Charlotte County political troubles in
Mackay, Colonel Hugh with David Owen: opposes a [political] faction in Charlotte County
McCallum, Peter recommended by David Owen
McCullum, Pater McCallum, Peter
McDonald, Donald with D. McMaster: recommended by David Owen
McMaster, Daniel of St. Andrews: with Donald McDonald: recommended by David Owen
Owen, David II has an enemy in H.B. Brown and another in the Opposition
Watson, Robert Of St. Stephen: with Dr. J. Caleff, etc.: recommended by D. Owen
Source:Vol. 12-8
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