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Letter from Edward Winslow to E.G. Lutwyche, 1 March 1800

Author:Winslow, Edward
Subjects:Apthorp, Captain [ ] Royal Navy re Murray Winslow's career 1800
Byles, Mather has left [apparently Kingsclear] as of 1800/3/1
Coffin, [ ] Commissioner [of]: Edward Winslow applies to in aid of Murray Winslow's Navy advancement 1800
Grants of Land in early New Brunswick: varied from 200 acres to 1, 000 acres [for a Field Officer]
Grants of Land many early ones sold to land-jobbers
Leonard, George I [Senior] has recently visited Edward Winslow at Kingsclear on business that includes Edward Lutwyche 1800/3/1
Loyalists many described as "idle, dissipated and capricious": when King's Allowance is gone, they sell land-grants and depart
Lutwyche, Edward G. apparently his wife has recently died 1800/3/1
New Brunswick Regiment of Foot
New Brunswick much granted land falls into hands of land jobbers: acquire large tracts by 1800
New Brunswick re sources of general revenue in the early period: taxes and quit rents
Old Comers are mainly from New England, occupy extensive tracts of intervale, and said to be "Republican" in principle and would be turbulent "if they dare": re their being taxed
Rainsford, Captain Andrew has been Collector [of quit rents] and is now Barracksmaster 1800/3/4 p. 4
Rents quit rents as part of general revenues in early New Brunswick: Edward Winslow 1800 p. 1
Rogers, Bell, & Co. Edward Winslow's bills in favour of 1800/3/1 and E. Lutwyche p. 1
Taxes in early New Brunswick: re sources of general revenue p. 2
Taxes the case for these [and quit rents] being levied on New Brunswick lands
Winslow, Murray a midshipman: his certificate to go to Commissioner[ ] Coffin 1800/3/1, apparently for assignment to a ship: and Captain [ ] Apthorp p. 1
Winslow, Murray in some difficulty: assisted by Edward Winslow, E. Lutwyche, and T.A. Coffin 1800
Source:Vol. 10-10
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