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Letter from Daniel Lyman to Edward Winslow, 3 February 1800

Author:Lyman, Daniel
Subjects:Brinley, George ill p. 1
Burrows, Colonel [ ] Friend of Captain Daniel Lyman at Halifax p. 2
Cornwallis on telegraph line p. 2
Cox, Captain [ ] [probably he] Captain Daniel Lyman's friend at Halifax p. 8
Disease, ailments and indispositions Lady Wentworth: pleurisy, winter, 1800 p. 1
Edward, Duke of Kent toys with his new telegraph: orders floggings via p. 2
Fredericton military Headquarters to remain at p. 4
Fredericton to have telegraph link with Halifax p. 2
Isle d'en Hault on the telegraph line p. 2
Leonard, George I [Senior] has a windmill p. 3
Lyman, Captain Daniel George Leonard's friend pp. 2-3
Lyman, Captain Daniel friend of Benning Wentworth p. 3
Lyman, Captain Daniel plans to live at Fredericton p. 3
Murray, Major Daniel [continued] to attend Captain S. Parry's Court Martial p. 3
Parry, Lieutenant Spencer C. [apparently he] "Captain" to face a Court Martial at Annapolis p. 3
Pleasant Valley [Sussex Vale]: to be on telegraph line p. 2
Telegraph Established between Halifax and Annapolis by 1800/2/- p. 2
Weather, climate at Halifax, winter 1800: -4 degrees F. p. 2
Wentworth, Benning Paymaster to the King's Nova Scotia Regiment p. 3
Wentworth, Lady Frances ill with pleurisy p. 1
Windmills George Leonard has one p. 3
Winslow, Thomas Aston Coffin apparently leaves debts at Halifax: B. Wentworth and D. Lyman to inquire 1800 p. 3
[Tonge], [ ] At Halifax 1800, known to Captain D. Lyman and Edward Winslow : apparently re a debt p. 3
Source:Vol. 10-7
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