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Letter from Edward, Duke of Kent, to Thomas Carleton, 20 January 1800

Author:Edward, Duke of Kent
Subjects:Annapolis Lieutenant-Colonel [ ] Urquhart, Officer Commanding the 66th at p. 3
Fort Edward officers from to attend Captain [ ] Perry's Court Martial p. 3
Hailes, Harris William to attend Captain [ ] Parry's Court Martial
Parry, Lieutenant Spencer C. [apparently he] "Captain" to face a Court Martial at Annapolis
Portland, Duke of p. 2
Robison, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles to attend Captain S. Parry's Court Martial
Sixty-sixth Regiment Lieutenant-Colonel [ ] Urquhart its C.O. at Annapolis p. 3
Urquhart, Lieutenant-Colonel[ ] C.O. of the 66th Reg't p. 3
Source:Vol. 10-3
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