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Order from Edward Winslow to pay to Mitchel Lincoln a sum of money, 19 August 1797

Author:Winslow, Edward
Subjects:Barclay, Major Thomas attends Commissioners on the Boundary Question meeting at Boston p. 1
Benson, Egbert Attends meeting of Commissioners on the Boundary Question at Boston p. 1
Bradbury, Joseph his deposition to Commissioners III p. 1
Brown, James re Boundary question deposition
Commissioners III present at a meeting of at Boston: Thomas Barclay, David Howell and Egbert Benson p. 1
Currie, John re his Boundary-question deposition
De Champlain, Samuel extracts of his work laid before Commissioners III p. 2
Frost, Jeremiah re Boundary-question depositions
Garnett, Joseph Of St. Andrews: an examiner of those testifying before the Commissioners III p. 3
Hodges, Alexander re Boundary question de- position
Howell, David Attends meeting of Commissioners III at Boston p. 1
Morris, Charles Jr. testimony re the St. Croix
Pagan, Robert Boundary question deposition
Pagan, Robert apparently at St. Andrews 1797 p. 3
Source:Vol. 9-11
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