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Testimonies of Alexander Hodges, James Brown, and Jeremiah Frost, 19 July 1797

Subjects:Boundary question
Brewer, John re James Brown's and J. Frost's testimony p. 3
Brewer, John Justice of the Peace for Washington County: re Alexander Hodge's testimony p. 1
Brown, James of the West Isles, carpenter: Passamaquoddy resident since 1769: helped erect first building at St. Andrews p. 2
Deer Island early residents felt it part of Nova Scotia p. 1
Frost, Jeremiah Of St. Stephen: farmer: helped James Brown erect first building by an English-speaking person at St. Andrews: seconds James Brown's testimony p. 2
Hodges, Alexander his testimony supported by J. Brown and J. Frost p. 2
Hodges, Alexander says inhabitants of Passamaquoddy area formerly considered it all part of Nova Scotia p. 1
Indian Island early residents felt it part of Nova Scotia p. 1
Moose Island early residents of felt it part of Nova Scotia p. 1
St. Andrews [Point] first building at by an English-speaking person: a but near the public landing erected by James Brown and Jeremiah Frost p. 2
St. Stephen Jeremiah Frost a resident of since 1770 p. 2
West Isles In Charlotte Co.: James Brown [carpenter] of p. 2
Source:Vol. 9-6
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