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Probate of Caleb Powell and testimonies, 17 May 1797

Author:Wetmore, Thomas
Subjects:Garner, Edward Witness: will of late Caleb Powell [1787]
Oath of Affirmation Taken by Mary Powell, Quaker, of Queens Co. 1797
Powell, Caleb Late of Waterborough, deceased, widow Mary executrix of estate: his will probated 1797/5/17
Powell, Mary Widow of Caleb P. and executrix of his estate p. 1
Powell, Mary a Quaker and illiterate: takes Oath of Affirmation 1797/5/16 that she believes herself the truly intended executrix of Caleb Powell estate
Quakers Mary Powell, Queens Co., 1797, has left C. of E. to become
Waterborough Caleb Powell of 1797
Wetmore, Thomas Caleb Powell's will
[Cartwell], Richard With E. Garner: witness to will of Caleb Powell [1787]
Source:Vol. 9-3
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