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Diary of Joshua Winslow, 1750

Author:Winslow, Joshua
Subjects:Albany sails to Boston p. 3
Albany vessel used in Minas campaign p. 2
Albany p. 7
Anna Schooner: used on Minas campaign
Annapolis Joshua Winslow to for troops, etc. p. 4
Annapolis p. 7
Annapolis p. 1
Anson A vessel used in Minas campaign
Bartloe, Captain [ ] leads Rangers in night raid
Bartloe, Captain [ ] With unit, Joshua Winslow, etc.: marches Pisiquid to Fort Sackville p. 5
Battermain, [ ] acquaintance of Joshua Winslow
Baxter, Captain [ ] Killed near Bourbon
Beaubassin also "Beaubasin" town on Chignecto River: burned by its French and Indian defenders 1750 p. 2
Block-houses At [Mt. Pleasant] p. 4
Bourbon Village one league from French Village
Bourbon Village On the Pisiquid River near Minas p. 4
Bruce, [ ] Missing in action p. 8
Buckley, [ ] Letter to from Joshua Winslow
Bulkey, [ ] Buckley, [ ]
Cape Ann Harbour
Cape Chignecto p. 2
Cape Fear
Cape Porcupine pp. 2-5
Chignecto Apparently a settlement on or near Chignecto Bay p. 6
Chignecto River Beaubassin on p. 2
Cobb A vessel used during the Minas campaign p. 1
Cobb, [Captain Sylvanus]
Cobb, [Captain Sylvanus] sails for Annapolis
Cobb, [Captain Sylvanus] sails near Beaubassin p. 2
Cobb, [Captain Sylvanus] to Shipperly: takes French prisoner
Cobb, [Captain Sylvanus] with [ ] Rous: joins in the Minas campaign p. 1
Cobequid French prisoners taken at during Minas campaign p. 3
Collins, [Enos] bears J. Winslow letters to N. England
Collins, [Enos] Known to Joshua Winslow: sails for Boston 1750/3/1 p. 1
Connell, [ ] Bears Joshua Winslow letter to Sarah West 1750 p. 1
Cooly, [ ] Acquaintance of Joshua Winslow
Cornwallis, Edward names Fort Lawrence p. 4
Cotterel, Captain [ ] Bears Joshua Winslow letters to [ ] Saul, etc.
Cummings, [ ] "Cummins" captured near Bourbon
Daniels MS Danniels J. Winslow a letter to his sister via
Daniels MS Danniels Known to Joshua Winslow
Danniels Probably Daniels
DeLancey, [ ] Joshua Winslow writes to 1750
Dove A vessel used in the Minas campaign p. 1
Duck A vessel p. 6
Dungun, [ ] "Dungum" Joshua Winslow writes to
Dungun, [ ] Brings Joshua Winslow provisions from New York
Fair Lady
Fair Lady a vessel used during the Minas campaign 1750 p. 6
Fair Lady master: Captain [ ] Robie
Fine Lady A vessel: probably error for Fair Lady
Floye, Captain [ ] Joshua Winslow's acquaintance
Fort Lawrence So named by Governor Edward Cornwallis [1750]: Joshua Winslow with troops at p. 4
Fort Sackville Joshua Winslow and troops camp near, on way to Pisiquid p. 1
Fort Sackville is two hour's march from a town: Joshua Winslow and troops spend night at p. 5
Forts Sackville p. 1
Forts at Minas p. 3
Forts at Mount Pleasant p. 4
Foss [A vessel]
Foster, [ ] [proably he] apparently a ship's master p. 6
Foster, [ ] Sails for London 1750: known to Joshua Winslow p. 1
Frankland, [ ] Known to Joshua Winslow: has been at Minas
French surrender Beaubassin p. 2
French village on Bay of Fundy p. 7
French Village [apparently this] about one league from Bourbon Village
Fritter, [ ] Joshua Winslow writes to 1750 p. 6
Gallop Apparently a vessel: arrives scene of Minas campaign
George's Island Joshua Winslow lands at p. 6
Glasier, [ ] Known to Joshua Winslow: arrives during Minas campaign
Gordon sails
Gordon A vessel carries provisions, etc., in Minas campaign
Gorham, Colonel [ ] In campaign at Minas: sails from
Gorham, Lieutenant [ ] [he] bears Joshua Winslow's letter to Sarah West
Gorham, Lieutenant [ ] his troops p. 4
Gorham, Lieutenant [ ] sails from Minas
Gorham, Lieutenant [ ] In Minas campaign: with troops to Annapolis p. 3
Governor Cornwallis' Regiment Two Companies of arrive at Minas from Newfoundland, in 1750 p. 6
Grand Prie Grand Pré p. 1
Grand Pré Joshua Winslow and forces return to p. 3
Grand Pré Joshua Winslow and troops depart from p. 1
Green, J.
Green, J.
Green, J. bears Joshua Winslow letter to Sarah West p. 1
Green, J. letter from Joshua Winslow p. 4
Green, J. p. 3
Halifax [n.b.]
Hebear Hébert
Hill, George On the Minas campaign p. 3
Ho Probably Howe, Captain [ ]
Hooker, Dr. [ ] A Joshua Winslow acquaintance
Hors, Captain [ ] [Probably a misspelling] on the Minas campaign p. 6
Hound A sloop used on the Minas campaign
Howe, Captain [ ] flag of truce to the French re [ ] Cummins
Howe, Captain [ ] killed in action, Minas campaign 1750/10/4
Howe, Captain [ ] "Ho"
Hurd, [ ] Arrives from Boston and reaches Joshua Winslow p. 1
Hébert A Nova Scotia village: Indians burn 1750
Indians allies of the French p. 2
Isle Holt Isle d'en Hault p. 2
Isle d'en Hault Re the Minas Campaign p. 2
Jaggert, [ ] Sails from Joshua Winslow's locale p. 1
Lalgon, Major [ ] French: in the Minas campaign affair: flag of truce to Colonel [ ] Lawrence
Lampell's regiment Part of arrives at Minas 1750 p. 6
Lawrence, Colonel [ ] and Major [ ] Lalgon's flag of truce
Lawrence, Colonel [ ] In Minas campaign: to Chignecto
Lawrence, Major [ ] has orders for Joshua Winslow p. 4
Lawrence, Major [ ] with J. Winslow, etc.: marches to Fort Sackville p. 5
Lawrence, Major [ ] Attacks Beaubasin p. 2
Le Cors, [ ] French [officer] during the Minas campaign: flag of truce to Colonel [ ] Lawrence
Long Island In the Bay of Fundy p. 6
Lowell [A vessel]
Mangee, Captain [=Manger] Acquaintance of Joshua Winslow
Manger, [error for Mauger] In Minas campaign: his vessel captured and burned
Mass House raised by French p. 4
Mass House At Beaubasin p. 2
Mauger, Captain [ ] "Manger" his schooner burned p. 9
Mauger, Captain [ ] Arrives from London and Cork p. 6
McGee, [ ] Re the Minas campaign: his schooner
McKenzie, [ ] Joshua Winslow writes to
McKown, [ ] [Variety of McEwen] known to Joshua Winslow: arrives from Annapolis
McNeil A ship or a ship's master: Minas area to Annapolis
Military Engagements With French: Bay of Fundy shore 1750/9/4
Military Expeditions to Minas
Minas fort at p. 3
Minas the Basin pp. 2-10
Minas Campaign Related [1750] in Joshua Winslow diary
Minas Joshua Winslow and troops arrive at p. 1
Morton, [ ] - Known to Joshua Winslow: sails [for] along with [ ] Jaggert p. 1
Mount Pleasant J. Winslow and troops land at p. 5
Mount Pleasant - One day's march from Pisiquid River: Joshua Winslow and troops encamp at p. 4
New York A sloop [perhaps from New York rather than named thus]
Nicholls, [ ] Bears Joshua Winslow letter to sister [Mrs. Sarah West] p. 1
Oles Head Prob. Owl's Head
Owl's Head Appar. a coastal feature [in New England]
Phillips Appar. a vessel in use on the Minas campaign p. 6
Phillips, Captain [ ] p. 1
Phillips, Captain [ ] His regiment in Minas campaign p. 3
Phillips, Captain [ ] loading a vessel p. 5
Pierce, Captain [ ] Joshua Winslow writes to 1750 p. 10
Pierce, J. p. 4
Pierce, J. J. Winslow a letter to
Pierce, J. Joshua Winslow has letter from 1750 p. 3
Pierce, J. [he] "Captain"
Pisiquid J. Winslow returns to p. 3
Pisiquid J. Winslow returns to p. 4
Pisiquid J. Winslow with troops at p. 5
Pisiquid Joshua Winslow arrives at p. 1
Pisiquid River p. 4
Pisiquid River p. 5
Pisquitt Pisquid p. 1
Queen of War A vessel: used on the Minas campaign
Rhodes, [ ] Known to Joshua Winslow: arrives in Minas area
Robie, Captain Master of the Fair Lady
Rogers, [ ] With J. Winslow on Minas campaign 1750 p. 3
Rous, Captain [ ] Together with [Sylvanus] Cobb, joins forces on Minas campaign p. 1
Rous, Captain [ ] handling stores p. 3
Rous, Captain [ ] sails for Halifax
Rous, Captain [ ] with Colonel [ ]Lawrence, etc.: to Chignecto
Saul, [ ] A Joshua Winslow acquaintance
Scott, Captain [ ] J. Winslow to
Scott, Captain [ ] With Joshua Winslow 1750 p. 1
Scott, Captain [ ] with Major[ ] Lawrence, etc.: marches Pisiquid to Fort Sackville p. 5
Sherness Island p. 2
Shipperly On the Bay of Fundy
Shipperly [ ] Cobb takes French prisoner at
Spenan's Island Perh. Spencer's Island p. 4
Spencer's Island "Spenan's Island" p. 4
St. Croix River [II] Appar. the Missoguash, separating New Brunswick and Nova Scotia p. 5
St. Jose, Captain [ ] On the Minas campaign p. 1
Steel, [ ] Re the Minas campaign: sails for Pisiquid
Taggert [Prob. a man]: known to Joshua Winslow
Taggert bears J. Winslow letter
Teadwell, [ ] Joshua Winslow acquaintance
Temple, [ ] Joshua Winslow writes to p. 4
Tucker Appar. a vessel: arrives Minas area with provisions
Tucker sails [away from Minas]
Warburton A detachment from embarks with Joshua Winslow p. 1
Warren A schooner used in the Minas campaign
Watts, [ ] Joshua Winslow writes to
Wentworth, F. Joshua Winslow writes to 1750 p. 1
West, Mrs.[ ] [Sarah] Letter from brother Joshua Winslow p. 1
West, [ ] Husband of Sarah [Winslow] W., sister of Joshua Winslow p. 1
Whale boats In military use
White, [ ] Known to Joshua Winslow: sails for Halifax
Winslow, General John his brother Joshua's correspondent
Winslow, John [Appar. an uncle of Joshua and of General John Winslow] p. 1
Winslow, Joshua His Diary of Minas campaign
Winslow, Joshua at destruction of Beaubasin
Winslow, Joshua brother of [General] John W.
Winslow, Joshua marches Pisiquid to Minas
Winslow, Joshua return to Grand Pre
Winslow, Joshua sets out for Minas 1750/4/5 p. 1
York A vessel used in the Minas campaign p. 3
York A vessel used in the Minas campaign p. 5
York A vessel used in the Minas campaign p. 6
Source:Vol. 1-9
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