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Writ against Nathan Howland in the case of Howland v. Clarke, 22 June 1730

Author:George II, King of Great Britain, 1683-1760
Subjects:Clarke, Samuel Of Plymouth 1730: plaintiff vs Nathan Howland q.v.
George II A writ in his name 1730
Howland, Nathan Of Middleborough 1730: defendant versus Samuel Clarke
Judge John Winslow finds for Clarke: Howland to pay or debtor's prison
Sewell, Jonathan [he] "Jn Sule" Re Samuel Clark plaintiff vs Nathan Howland in Plymouth court 1730
Sturtevant, [ ] Appar. at Plymouth 1730: re S. Clarke vs N. Howland
Winslow, General John witness to a judgment against Nathan Howland
Winslow, Isaac Witness to N. Howland writ 1730/6/22
Source:Vol. 1-5
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