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Letter from William Stoughton to the Lord Commissioners of the Council for Trade and Plantations

Author:Stoughton, William
Subjects:Bellemont, Earl of Belmont, Earl of
Belmont, Earl of Governor of Massachusetts: attached to that of New York
Boundary question its unsettled state and problems of ousting French political priests 1700 p. 1
Casco Bay Trading-house and garrison at p. 3
Clergymen Sent to Fort Saco and Fort Casco p. 2
Fort Saco Trade with Indians at p. 2
Forts Port Royal p. 2
Forts On Casco Bay p. 2
French strengthen Port Royal p. 2
French Threaten Massachusetts p. 3
Indian Insurrection
Indian Mission At Casco and Fort Saco p. 2
Indians Trade with p. 2
Kennebec French threaten British territ- ory on p. 2
Mason, Captain John [he] "Captain Mason" William Stoughton's letter to the Lords of Trade: cover of
Missionary Work Among Indians p. 2
Port Royal French fortify and garrison 1700 p. 2
River St. Johns Before c 1783: the name sometimes given to the settlement at the mouth of the St. John River, later St. John p. 2
Saco Fort See Fort Saco p. 2
St. George's River French expected to garrison p. 2
Stoughton, William reports French ambitions in New England
Trade With Indians p. 2
Trading-posts British [Mass. Colony] at Casco Bay p. 2
Source:Vol. 1-2
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