UA RG 265

Box   File                                                        Date


1     1     Essays on Canada from the Rebellions to               1966-67

            -     essays prepared by B. Vigod and other
                  students for Fr. V. Jensen, History 357,
                  University of Manitoba.

      2     Essays on the New Canada, 1867-1896                   1967-68

            -     essays prepared by B. Vigod and other
                  students for Prof. L.C. Clark, History 449,
                  University of Manitoba.

      3     U.S. History                                          1968

            -     photocopied articles; course notes;

      4     History 357                                           1966

            -     course paper; course notes.

      5     Course Work                                           1964-68

            -     2 notebooks; course papers.

      6     History 121 - North Atlantic Community                1964-71

            -     course assignments, 1964-5; notebook,
                  correspondence and materials relating to
                  the same course as taught by B. Vigod at
                  University of Manitoba in the summer of

      7     History 121 - North Atlantic Community                1971

            -     correspondence; lecture notes.

      8     History 343 - Eighteenth Century Britain              1970

            -     notes from sources; bibliography; class
                  list; exam. (This course taught by B. Vigod
                  at University of Manitoba, summer, 1970).


      9     History 535                                           1968-69

            -     notebook.

            C.  QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY

      10    Maritime Politics, 1890-1914, and other Canadian      [1970]

            -     research notes.

      11    Canadian History                                      1967-70

            -     papers by students of Prof. W.R. Graham,
                  Queen's University, 1969-70.  Includes work
                  by Sam Shortt, Elliot Samuels and others. 
                  Also includes a paper by Wilson, John R.M.,
                  presented at the 2nd Annual Northern Great
                  Plains Historical Conference, University of
                  Manitoba, 1967 - "The Role of the United
                  States in the Growth of Canadian Autonomy,

      12    The French Enlightenment and the Jews                 1970

            -     review of the book of this title (Arthur
                  Hertzberg, 1968) by B. Vigod.

      13    "Lower   Classes   on  the   Eve  of  Revolution:     1970
            A Historiographical Comparison of the French &
            American Cases"

            -     paper by B. Vigod, rough draft.

      14    Canadian Survey                                       1970-71

            -     lecture and seminar outlines; bibliography;
                  class lists.

      15    The French Enlightenment                              [1970]

            -     course notes.

      16    18th Century France                                   [1970]

            -     course notes; bibliographies.

      17    Parlements and Old Regime Ministers                   [1970]

            -     course notes.

      18    French Revolution:  General Interpretations           [1970]

            -     course notes; bibliographies.

      19    Education and Religion in Regime & Revolution         [1970]

            -     course notes; source materials.

      20    Peasants and Sans - Culottes                          [1970]

            -     source materials; course notes.                             
      21    Society & Economics:  Old Regime.                     [1970]

            -     course notes.

      22    "Race, Religion, and Politics in the Maritime         1969
            Provinces 1890-1914"

            -     paper written by B. Vigod at Queen's
                  University, 1969.

      23    "Quebec Politics During the 1920's:  The Taschereau   1970

            -     paper written by B. Vigod at Queen's
                  University, 1970.


2     1     Taschereau Ancestry

            -     notes; photocopied articles.

      2     Boyhood of L.-A. Taschereau

            -     notes re:  Seminaire de Quebec.

      3     Development of L.-A. Taschereau

            -     list of newspapers consulted re: 
                  Taschereau's early political career; notes
                  re:  Union Liberale.

      4     Elections, 1900-1931

            -     photocopied articles; copies of
                  correspondence re:  Quebec election, 1923;

      5     Fitzpatrick et. al. (Law Firm)

            -     notes re:  legal firm for whom L.-A.
                  Taschereau worked and legal cases they were
                  involved in; notes re:  Taschereau's
                  private career 1900-1920.

      6     Gouin Coup

            -     photocopied articles; notes; notes re: 
                  correspondence between Taschereau and
                  Wilfrid Laurier.

      7     Henri Bourassa

            -     notes; photocopied article.

      8     William Lyon MacKenzie King

            -     letter from [L.-A. Taschereau] to W.L.M.
                  King, April 23, 1923 (photocopy).

      9     Labour, 1907-1936

            -     notes; photocopied documents and articles;
                  typescripts; correspondence (1983); letter
                  to Rev. M. Maxime Fortin from Executive
                  Committee of the Union Nationale de la
                  Brigade du Feu de Quebec (Rosaire Beaulieu)
                  April, 1918 (original); notes re: 
                  Charpentier, Dupont, etc.

      10    Ministry, 1920 et seq.

            -     notes re:  Quebec Labour situation; notes
                  from Walter Mitchell Papers; biographical
                  notes - members of the Quebec Legislature;
                  photocopied documents.

      11    Agriculture

            -     notes re:  Union Catholique des
                  Cultivateurs; photocopied articles and

      12    Natural Resources, 1920-36

            -     notes; photocopied articles and documents
                  re:  pulp and paper industry (1930's),
                  electricity (1932 et seq.), Montreal Light,
                  Heat & Power, lands & forests, mining;
                  typescript paper by Regehr, T.D.,
                  University of Saskatchewan "A backwoodsman
                  and an engineer in Canadian business:  an
                  examination of a divergence of
                  entrepreneurial practices in Canada at the
                  turn of the century." (n.d.); research
                  request slips from the Archives of Ontario;
                  typed transcrip-tion of  letter  from L.-A.
                  Taschereau to  W.L.MacKenzie King, Dec. 18,
                  1928 re:  The Beauharnois Light, Heat &
                  Power Co.; typescript paper by Dirks,
                  Patricia "Dr. Philippe Hamel and the public
                  power movement in Quebec City, 1929-1934: 
                  the failure of a crusade" (1979).

      13    Ontario Relations, 1912-1936

            -     notes; photocopy of letter from L.-A.
                  Taschereau to M. Barnard published in Le
                  Soleil, Nov. 27, 1917.

      14    Public Charities, Social Legislation

            -     notes; photocopies of original documents
                  and correspondence; photocopies from
                  secondary sources; also includes notes and
                  research materials related to Taschereau
                  and Catholic Militants.

      15    Quebec Education

            -     notes; photocopies; handwritten
                  transcription of a letter to Sir Lomer
                  Gouin from Victor Dore, April 29, 1926;
                  notes re:  Athanase David.

      16    Relief of Unemployed, 1930's

            -     notes.
      17    L.-A. Taschereau's Philosophy of Government

            -     2 typescript papers.

      18    Union Nationale - Duplessis - Gouin

            -     notes; notes re:  Chubby Power.

      19    Election of 1935

            -     notes; photocopies of printed, typescript
                  and primary sources; notes re:  Paul Gouin
                  Papers; this material includes typescript
                  reminiscences of unidentified individual(s)
                  in French and English.

      20    Resignation

            -     photocopies; includes typescript of
                  testimony given before the Public Accounts
                  Committee [Quebec] concerning financial
                  impropriety of Antoine Taschereau, L.-A.
                  Taschereau's brother. (n.d.); also includes
                  copies of correspondence between L.-A.
                  Taschereau, J.C. Harvey and others (1944-

      21    Retirement Years

            -     photocopies from La Presse, Dec. 4, 1925
                  re:  Taschereau's career (the same pages
                  from La Presse, photoduplicated, are at the
                  end of the collection); photo of Taschereau
                  and unidenti- fied others seated around a
                  table.  (Note:  see description for File 3,
                  Box 5 for information concerning the La
                  Presse pages.)

      22    Interviews - Galipeault, Taschereau, Couture.

            -     notes from interviews with Jean-Paul
                  Galipeault, Andre Taschereau, Joseph
                  Couture, possibly others; 2 audiocassettes
                  containing interviews with Jean-Paul
                  Galipeault, Andre Taschereau, Joseph
                  Couture. (n.d.)  (Note:  Tape 2 is jammed).

      23    Revised Footnotes

            -     [Taschereau Thesis]

      24    Research Notes/Interview notes

            -     notebook containing notes from research in
                  Quebec City; notes from interviews with
                  Charles Taschereau, possibly others (1976). 
                  Also includes photocopy of letter from B.
                  Vigod to Prof. Donald Akenson, McGill-
                  Queen's University Press. (n.d.)

      25    Research Notes

            -     notes from Taschereau Papers, King Papers;
                  notes from interviews; photocopies and
                  transcriptions of primary and other
                  sources.  (2 three ring binders)

      26    Research Notes/Publishing Correspondence              1981-83

            -     notes; footnotes; typescript readers
                  reports for "Louis-Alexandre Taschereau:  A
                  Political Biography;" correspondence.

      27    Hamel, Philippe                                       1934

            -     "The Electricity Trust - Source of
                  Corruption and Domination," Center of the
                  Economic Dictature, Proof presented before
                  the Electricity Commission of the Province
                  of Quebec.  Nov. 13, 1934, at Quebec.

      28    Parent, Fernando Leon Joseph                          1977

            -     typescript, "The Quebec Provincial
                  Elections of 1935:  Four Selected
                  Counties,"  M.A. Report, UNB, 1977.

      29    Research Notes/Research Materials

            -     notebook, photocopies of primary and
                  secondary sources.

3     1     Correspondence - Taschereau Biography                 1972-82

            -     correspondence; research grant/expense
                  records; research notes.

      2     Footnotes/Bibliography

            -     draft footnotes and bibliography for
                  [Taschereau biography].

      3     Manuscript - Taschereau Biography

      4     Research notes/Bibliographical References

            -     index cards.

      5     Notes on the Government of Quebec, 1920-1929.

            -     card file.

      6     Quebec Before Duplessis:  The Political Career of
            Louis-Alexandre Taschereau

            -     typescript.

      7     Quebec Before Duplessis . . .                         1987

            -     7 photographs and related correspondence.

4     1     Louis-Alexandre Taschereau:  A Political Biography    1981

            -     typescript, 2 copies.

      2     Taschereau Book - Correspondence                      [1984]

            -     correspondence; reader reports.

      3     Taschereau Book

            -     footnote drafts; typescript of Chapter 9;
                  manuscript/draft of conclusion.

      4     Taschereau Book

            -     drafts - Chapters 1, 2 and 4, manuscript
                  and typescript.

      5     Taschereau Book

            -     drafts, manuscript and typescript.

      6     Taschereau Book

            -     drafts, manuscript and typescript.

      7     Taschereau Book - Index

            -     card file (yellow plastic box).

      8     Taschereau Reviews                                    1972-88

            -     correspondence; clippings; reviews of
                  Quebec Before Duplessis:  The Political
                  Career of Louis-Alexandre Taschereau;
                  notebook containing [unrelated]
                  bibliography of sources at UNB.

      9     McGill-Queen's University Press - Taschereau Book     1980-86

            -     correspondence; news release; itineraries
                  for book promotion tours; financial
                  records; draft bibliography; publishing
                  contract, 1984; notes; drafts of revisions
                  to Taschereau Book; photocopied photos of
                  Taschereau and others.

5     1     Ph.D. Thesis - Correspondence                         1970-84

            -     correspondence; thesis revisions list.

      2     Ph.D. Thesis                                          1970-84

            -     Responses to Economic and Social Change in
                  Quebec:  The Provincial Administration of
                  Louis-Alexandre Taschereau, 1920-1929.  B.
                  Vigod - Ph.D. Thesis, Queen's University,
                  1974.  (2 typescript copies - 1 boxed, 1 in
                  4 binders).

      3     Taschereau/La Presse - Photographs.

            -     photographs of 2 pages from La Presse, Dec.
                  4, 1925.  Headline is "Les Noces d'Argent
                  Parlementaires de l'Hon. L.-A. Taschereau." 
                  Photos and stories are concerned with
                  Taschereau and his family.  These oversize
                  photos are stored at the end of the

            E.  QUEBEC

      4     Gouin, Lomer                                          [1896-87]

            -     correspondence; grant and leave
                  applications; notes; finding-aid to Lomer
                  Gouin Papers, National Archives of Canada.

      5     Quebec - Miscellaneous Articles/Papers

            -     Ouellet, F., "Julie Papineau:  un cas de
                  melancolie et d'education Janseniste"

            -     Roberts, L., "Quebec's Bourbon Premier"
                  from These Be Your Gods (1929). 

            -     Little, J.I., "Cultural Transition in the
                  Eastern Townships of Quebec, 1784-1901." 

      6     Inside Quebec                                         1972-77

            -     correspondence; clippings, articles, re: 
                  political/labour situation in Quebec.

      7     Federal-Provincial                                    1976-77

            -     clippings.

      8     Responses - Government, Individual, etc.              1976-77

            -     clippings.

      9     Language                                              1977

            -     clippings.

      10    Editorial Comment                                     1976-77

            -     clippings.

      11    Territory/Referendum                                  1977

            -     clippings.

      12    Media                                                 1977

            -     clippings.

      13    Quebec to 1976                                        1972-76

            -     clippings.

      14    Quebec                                                1976

            -     clippings.

      15    Quebec                                                1977-79

            -     clippings.

      16    Quebec                                                1980

            -     student paper; off-print; clippings.

      17    Quebec                                                1981

            -     clippings.

      18    Quebec                                                1982

            -     clippings.

      19    Quebec                                                1983

            -     clippings.


6     1     Articles/Reviews by B. Vigod (Printed)                [1974-87]

            -     "Ideology and Institutions in Quebec.  The
                  Public Charities Controversy 1921-1926,"
                  Histoire Sociale - Social History (n.d.)

            -     "Qu'on ne craigne pas l'encombrement des
                  competences:  le governement Taschereau et
                  l'education 1920-1929," Revue d'histoire de
                  l'amerique francaise, Vol. 28, no. 2, Sept.

            -     "Biography and Political Culture in
                  Quebec," Acadiensis (n.d.)

            -     "Alexandre Taschereau and the Negro King
                  Hypothesis," Journal of Canadian Studies,
                  Vol. 13, no. 2, 1978.

            -     "The Quebec Government and Social
                  Legislation during the 1930's:  A study in
                  Political Self-destruction," Journal of
                  Canadian Studies, Vol. 14, no. 1, 1979.

            -     Review of English , J. & J.O. Stubbs,
                  MacKenzie King:  Widening the Debate
                  (Toronto, 1978) from Canadian Historical
                  Review, Vol. LX, no. 3, 1979.

            -     "Canadian Books in French, 1982:  The Study
                  of Postwar Ideologies," The Canadian
                  Historical Review, (n.d.)

            -     The Jews in Canada/Les Juifs au Canada. 
                  (Ottawa, 1984)

            -     "Le Quebec Contemporain Vu par Paul-Andre
                  Linteau, Rene Durocher, Jean-Claude Robert
                  et Francois Ricard," Revue d'histoire de
                  l'amerique francaise, Vol. 41, no. 2, 1987.

            -     Review of Saint-Aubin, Bernard, Duplessis
                  et son epoque (Montreal [1987]) from
                  Canadian Historical Review [1987].

      2     Miscellaneous Papers & Talks                          1977-80

            -     correspondence; clippings; notes;
                  typescripts; index cards.  Address/notes
                  re:  Quebec Separatism and the 1980
                  Referendum; radio commentary re:  Quebec
                  Liberal Leadership Campaign, Federal
                  Election (n.d.); correspondence and notes
                  re:  talk on Judaism; correspondence and
                  notes re:  speaking engagement at
                  Universite de Moncton; notes for response
                  to article "Maritimers approve Quebec
                  Secession" (n.d.), typescript of review of
                  Linteau, Durocher and Robert - Histoire du
                  Quebec Contemporain; CBC Radio commentary
                  scripts re:  Quebec Referendum, Joe Clark's
                  Downfall, Acadian Discontent; notes for
                  panel discussion - Canadian Constitution &
                  Charter of Rights; notes re:  Arab/Israel

      3     Papers & Publications                                 1972-81

            -     correspondence; typescript and manuscript
                  drafts of several book reviews and reader's
                  reports by B. Vigod; lecture/talk notes re: 
                  French Canadian Nationalism Between the
                  World Wars; conference
                  programmes/schedules; notes/outline for
                  talk re:  Taschereau; paper re:  Language &
                  the Industrialization of Quebec presented
                  at the Atlantic Regional Conference on
                  Society Change & Values, 1973.
      4     Taschereau Biography for Fitzhenry & Whiteside        1977-78

            -     correspondence; drafts; Fitzhenry &
                  Whiteside promotional material.

      5     "Alexandre Taschereau and the Negro King Hypothesis"  1977

            -     notes; typescript and manuscript drafts.

      6     "Qu'on ne craigne pas l'encombrement des              n.d.
            competences:  The Taschereau Government & Education,

            -     typescript.

      7     "The Quebec Government and Social Legislation during  1978-79
            the 1930's:  a study in political self-destruction"

            -     typescript and manuscript drafts, related

      8     Rough Copies                                          [1977-82]

            -     typescript and manuscript drafts of reviews
                  and papers.

      9     The Jews in Canada                                    1981-84

            -     notes; drafts; correspondence; reader

      10    "Ideology and Institutions in Quebec:  The Public     1975-77
            Charities Controversy 1921-1926."

            -     drafts; reader reports; correspondence.

      11    Review Articles                                       n.d.

            -     manuscript and typescript drafts.

      12    Butterworth Volume (French Canada)                    1977-84
            -     correspondence; research notes; portion of

      13    Scholarly Evaluations                                 1980-87

            -     correspondence; drafts of evaluations by B.

      14    Canadian Historical Review                            1979-85

            -     typescripts of review articles;
                  correspondence and materials related to B.
                  Vigod's evaluations of work by others;
                  correspondence re:  dispute between B.
                  Vigod and Prof. Ron Rudin.

      15    New Canadian Encyclopedia                             1982-87

            -     correspondence; typescript drafts of
                  biographies of L.-A. Taschereau, Jean-Lomer
                  Gouin, Felix-Gabriel Marchand, Simon-
                  Napoleon Parent; typescript of entry about

      16    Review - Histoire du Quebec Contemporain:  Le Quebec  1986
            Depuis 1930 (Linteau et. al., 1986)

            -     typescript drafts.

      17    Colloque Georges - Emile Lapalme, Universite du       1987
            Quebec a Montreal

            -     correspondence; typescript of paper "La
                  politique sociale au Quebec depuis la
                  deuxieme guerre."

      18    "History According to the Boucher Report:  Some
            Reflections on the State and Social Welfare in Quebec
            before the Quiet Revolution"

            -     typescript/manuscript drafts; correspondence.

      19    Lecture - "Alexandre Taschereau et la theorie du roi-
            negre" - Universite de Moncton.

            -     typescript and manuscript drafts.

                  Course Materials

7     1     Bibliography - Quebec, 1867-1918.

      2     New France to 1663

            -     notes; photocopied typescript.

      3     New France, 1663-1756

            -     notes; photocopied article; student essays.

      4     The Conquest of French Canada

            -     notes.

      5     Quebec and Lower Canada, 1774-1812

            -     notes; photocopied articles.

      6     Rebellions of 1837-38

            -     notes; student paper.

      7     Union Period:  Politics & Economics

            -     notes; photocopied articles.

      8     Confederation

            -     notes; student paper.

      9     Quebec in Canada's National Period                    [1968-75]

            -     notes; correspondence; photocopied
                  articles; papers by students and others.

      10    Laurier Period

            -     notes; photocopies.

      11    Conscription, 1917, 1942, 1944

            -     notes; papers by students and others;
                  photocopied articles.

      12    Politics, 1918-1945

            -     notes; photocopied articles; clippings.

      13    Economic and Social Developments in Quebec, 1918-1945

            -     notes; photocopied articles.  (Note:  also
                  contains notes and sources re:  Women in

      14    Duplessis and the Quiet Revolution

            -     notes; photocopied articles and reviews;
                  clipping; Point de mire Vol. 2, no. 31;
                  theatre programme - "Charbonneau et le
                  Chef," by J.T. McDonough, Le Theatre du
                  Trident; Canadian Labour History, No. 5,
                  1974, No. 7, 1975.

      15    Contemporary Quebec

            -     Les etapes inedites de l'ascension de
                  Robert Bourassa - articles which appeared
                  in La Presse, Sept. 12-19, 1970; copies of
                  speeches delivered by R. Bourassa - "An
                  economic look at Quebec independence"
                  (Montreal, Sept. 1967), "Special Powers for
                  Quebec," (Winnipeg Feb. 1969);  Queen's
                  Alumni Review Vol. 52, no. 2, 1978;

      16    French Canadian Literature

            -     notes.

      17    French Canadian Nationalists & Their Ideas

            -     notes; papers by other scholars.

      18    French Canadians & the West

            -     notes; photocopied article.

      19    Seguin, Maurice - "Origin and Historical Record of    1962
            the Separatist Idea in French Canada"

            -     photocopied typescript.

      20    Nish, Cameron - "The Nature, Composition, and         1966
            Functions of the Canadian Bourgeoisie, 1729-1748"

            -     photocopy from the Canadian Historical
                  Association, 1966.

      21    Mealing, S.R. - "The Concept of Social Class and      n.d.
            the Interpretation of Canadian History"

            -     photocopy from the Canadian Historical
                  Review, (n.d.)

      22    Monet, J. - "French Canadian Nationalism and the      1966
            Challenge of Ultramontanism"

            -     photocopy from the Canadian Historical
                  Association, 1966.

      23    Confederation Debates:  Cartier and A.A. Dorion

            -     photocopy.

      24    The British North America Act.                        1964

            -     photocopy of "The BNA Act (as amended) with
                  notes on certain provisions of the Act by
                  Eugene Forsey," 1964. 

      25    Gagnon, Serge - "Pour une conscience historique       n.d.
            de la Revolution Quebecoise"

            -     photocopy.

      26    Lecture:  "Some Comments on the Historiography of     n.d.
            French Canada"

            -     typescript/manuscript.

      27    History 3520 Documents

            -     photocopy of "Les programmes electoraux du
                  Quebec - 1881:  programme du Parti

      28    History 3520-4520 Documents

            -     photocopies of selected readings from
                  original sources.

      29    10-2020 Syllabus                                      1972-77

            Restricted material in file.

            -     outlines for course and tutorials;
                  bibliographies; essay topics; exams;
                  correspondence; lecture notes; tutorial
                  records; class lists with grades; some
                  source material.

      30    The West to 1914                                      [1969]

            -     notes; photocopied articles; clippings;
                  reviews; paper by B. Vigod while at
                  Carleton University, 1969 - "A Return to
                  Normalcy:  The Manitoba Provincial
                  Election, Dec. 7, 1899."
      31    Post-War Politics                                     [1979]

            -     notes; student papers.

      32    Miscellaneous Bibliography                            1970-71

      33    The 1920's                                            [1968-71]

            -     student papers [Queen's University]; notes.

      34    Politics and Parties, 1867-1896                       [1967-73]

            -     notes; student paper [University of
                  Manitoba]; photocopied articles/reviews.

      35    Carney, T.F. (Dept. of History, University of         n.d.

            -     "Prosopography:  Pay-offs and pitfalls,"
                  typescript (n.d.)

      36    Confederation - General Works                         n.d.

            -     notes; photocopy of portion of book review.

      37    Election Results, 1919-1939

            -     federal and provincial election results.

      38    Bennett and King in the Depression                    1969-74

            -     student papers; photocopied articles;
                  notes; paper by B. Vigod while at Carleton
                  University, 1969 - "Wheat Marketing in the
                  Depression:  Problems & Policies of the
                  Bennett Government 1930-35.

      39    19th Century Canada - Bibliographies

      40    Readings/Photocopied Articles

            -     Bliss, Michael, "Pure books on avoided
                  subjects:  pre-Freudian sexual ideas in
                  Canada" (1970).

            -     "Henri Bourassa:  The Catholic Social Order
                  and Canada's Mission"

            -     Bonenfant, J.-C., "Sir George-Etienne

            -     McCarthy, Dalton - "Speech on the Northwest
                  Languages" (from Canada. Parliament. House
                  of Commons. Debates 6-4 Vol. 1, 1890. pp

            -     Stanley, G.F.G., "A Self-Governing Colony,
                  1840-1867," Chapter 3, A Short History of
                  the Canadian Constitution.

            -     Rogers, Norman, "The Compact Theory of
                  Confederation" (1931)

            -     Robertson, Susan M., "Variations on a
                  Nationalist Theme:  Henri Bourassa and Abbe
                  Groulx in the 1920's (1970).

            -     Dupont, Antonin, "L'instruction
                  obligatoire," from Les relations entre
                  l'Eglise et l'etat sous L.-A. Taschereau.

      41    Government under the Union                            n.d.

            -     notes.

      42    Imperial Relations and Continental Economy            [1968-69]

            -     notes; student papers [University of
                  Manitoba]; clipping; photocopied articles;
                  paper by B. Vigod while at University of
                  Manitoba, 1968 - "The development of
                  Canadian Autonomy, 1867-96."

      43    Federal Provincial Relations, 1919-1939               n.d.

            -     notes.

      44    Charpentier, Alfred, "La Conscience syndicale ...     [1977]
            eclairage nouveau sur l'origine de la greve de
            l'Amiante en 1949"

            -     photocopy; also includes a letter from A.
                  Charpentier to B. Vigod, May 13, 1977.

      45    Upper Canada                                          [1968]

            -     notes; course assignments; photocopied
                  articles and reviews; paper by B. Vigod
                  while at Carleton University, 1968 "Are
                  there any problems in reconciling the
                  thesis of S.F. Wise, "God's Peculiar
                  Peoples," with J.J. Talman (Canadian
                  Historical Review XV) and G.S. French,
                  Parsons and Politics?;" papers by other

      46    Maritimes                                             n.d.

            -     notes; photocopied articles; paper by B.
                  Vigod while student (n.d.) - "Nova Scotia
                  and Confederation - A Bibliographical
                  Survey;" paper by E.R. Forbes - "A Whiff of
                  Anaesthetic:  The Duncan Commission of

      47    Canadian Foreign Policy, 1919.                        [1970]

            -     notes; student papers (Queen's University,

8     1     History 5335 - Nationalism and Alienation in Quebec,  [1983-88]

            -     notes; student papers; course assignments;
                  course outlines and bibliographies;
                  Behiels, Michael D. "The Bloc Populaire
                  Canadien and the origins of French-Canadian
                  neo-nationalism, 1942-8," Canadian
                  Historical Review V.LXIII, no. 4, Dec.
                  1982; Behiels, Michael, "The Bloc Populaire
                  Canadien:  Anatomy of Failure, 1942-1947,"
                  Journal of Canadian Studies Vol. 18, no. 4,
                  1983-84; class lists.

      2     History 2910 - Approaches to History                  [1983-88]

            Restricted material in file.

            -     bibliographies/reading lists; photocopied
                  articles; course assignments; notes; class
                  lists with grades; course related
                  correspondence; course
                  applications/ballots; student paper.

      3     Clippings                                             [1973-76]

            -     clippings re:  Cliche Inquiry/Quebec
                  Federation of Labour, 1974-75; Quebec's
                  Language Law; Quebec separatism and other
                  issues in Quebec and Federal politics;
                  clipping re:  Woodstock, N.B., Globe &
                  Mail, April 26, 1975.

      4     Charpentier, [Alfred] - "Un livre sensationnel - 
            La Greve de l'Amiante"

            -     typescript review of P.-E. Trudeau's book
                  La Greve de l'Amiante (French).

      5     Papers/Articles by Others                             [1970s]

            -     typescript and photocopies papers/articles
                  on topics in Quebec and Canadian history,
                  political science, demography, etc.

      6     [Quebec and Confederation]

            -     bibliographies dealing with Quebec history.

      7     Clippings                                             1977

            -     clippings from Quebec newspapers re:  the
                  PQ language law and other issues in Quebec

      8     History 6335 - North American Historiography          [1968-81]

            Restricted material in file.

            -     notes; outlines and bibliographies for
                  various courses; photocopied articles;
                  correspondence; student exams and papers;
                  exam questions; class lists with student

      9     History 6335 - North American Historiography, [1987]

            Restricted material in file

            -     notes; photocopied articles; course
                  outlines and reading lists; examination
                  questions; memoranda; class lists with

      10    Lecture(s):  Equal Opportunity & Linguistic Duality   [1984-85]

            -     draft texts for 2 lectures, the first given
                  as part of a New Brunswick Bicentennial
                  Lecture Series; photocopied articles;
                  portion of The Report of the Royal
                  Commission on Finance & Municipal Taxation
                  in New Brunswick, Byrne, 1963 (photocopy).

      11    History 3385                                          [1978-87]

            Restricted material in file.

            -     class lists, some with marks; student
                  information sheets; lecture notes; course
                  outline and reading list; final exam;
                  source material.

      12    History 3385 - Quebec Since Confederation             1979

            Restricted material in file.

            -     class lists some with grades; exam
                  questions; memoranda; student papers,
                  notes; term tests.

      13    History 3385 - Quebec Since Confederation             1979-81

            Restricted material in file.

            -     class lists with marks; student papers; 
                  term tests; course outlines and bibliographies;
                  examinations;  also includes course materials
                  for History 3375  (Emergence of  the French 
                  Canadian Nation 1608-1870)

      14    History 3385 - St. Thomas University - Quebec         1982-83
            Since Confederation

            -     notes; course outline; class lists; course
                  assignments; tests; examinations;
                  photocopied source material.

      15    History 3385 - Quebec Since Confederation             1985-87

            Restricted material in file.

            -     student course evaluations; course outline
                  and bibliography; course assignments;
                  photocopied articles and documents; notes;
                  class lists with and without marks.

      16    History 3385 - Quebec Since Confederation             1987

            Restricted material in file.

            -     course outlines and other course materials;
                  exam and test questions; notes; class lists
                  - some with grades; memoranda; student

      17    Class/Tutorial Lists                                  [1974-83]

            Restricted material in file.

            -     2 hard cover course roll books; 1 batch of
                  3" x 5" index cards - student marks

      18    Courses Given By Others

            -     syllabi/course outlines for History 3545
                  (E.R. Forbes, n.d.); Sociologie 1000 (D.A.
                  Rehorick, 1984-86).

      19    Histoire 1300 - Introduction a l'Histoire du Canada   1984-87

            Restricted material in file.

            -     course outlines; lecture notes; examination
                  questions; student papers; photocopied
                  articles/source materials; correspondence;
                  class lists with grades; student
                  information sheets; 1 student exam paper.

      20    Histoire 1300                                         [1986-87]

            Restricted material in file.

            -     class lists with grades; lecture notes;
                  examinations; course assignments.

9     1     History 1300 - Second Term Lectures - National        1972-79

            -     lecture notes.

      2     History 1300 - Exams/Assignments                      [1972-82]

      3     History 1300 - First Term Lectures                    [1973-74]

            -     lecture notes.

      4     History 1300 - Second Term Lectures - The West        [1975]

            -     lecture notes.

      5     History 1300 - Second Term Lectures - Quebec          [1970s]

            -     lecture notes.
      6     History 1300 - Outlines                               [1977-83]

            -     syllabi; reading lists; lecture notes;
                  course/tutorial assignments; examination

      7     History 1300                                          [1978-81]

            Restricted material in file.

            -     class lists with grades; student exam
                  papers; memoranda; correspondence.

      8     History 1300                                          1981-82

            Restricted material in file.

            -     lecture notes; class lists with grades.

      9     History 1300                                          [1981-83]

            Restricted material in file.

            -     syllabi; lecture notes; course assignments;
                  class lists with grades.

      10    History 1300                                          1981-83

            -     lecture notes; course outlines; source

      11    "Bilingual University Education for Anglo-Ontarians"  1983

            -     conference proceedings, Glendon College,
                  York University, Sept. - Oct. 1983.

      12    University of Ottawa - Canadian History Readings/     1984-85
            Cahier de lectures en histoire du Canada

      13    Arts 1000                                             1984-85

            -     study guide; examination questions.

      14    Arts 1000 - Exams & Reviews                           1985-86

            Restricted material in file.

            -     examination questions; class lists with
                  grades; memoranda; correspondence; marking
                  guidelines for tutors; study guides.

      15    Arts 1000                                             1985

            Restricted material in file.

            -     class lists with grades; student essays;
                  syllabi; reading lists; test questions;
                  lecture notes.

      16    Arts 1000                                             1986-87

            Restricted material in file.

            -     lecture notes; student grades; memoranda;
                  class lists with grades; student essays;
                  course assignments; student information

      17    Arts 1000                                             1986-88

            -     syllabi; bibliography; guidelines for
                  tutors; Arts 1000 Annual Report, 1987-88.

      18    History 3522 - Quebec Since Confederation             1977-78

            Restricted material in file.

            -     Examination questions; class lists with
                  grades; lectures notes; syllabi;
                  bibliographies; student papers.

      19    History 1300 - Canada Since Confederation             1979-81

            Restricted material in file.

            -     lecture notes; student papers; review
                  questions/study guides; syllabus;
                  memoranda; class lists with grades;
                  examination questions.

      20    History 1300-4520 - French Canadian Nationalism -     1972-85
            Notes and Outlines

            Restricted material in file.

            -     reading list; course assignments; lecture
                  notes; syllabi; examination questions;
                  class lists with grades.

      21    History 3520 (St. Thomas University 2-375) -          [1971-78]
            History of French Canada

            Restricted material in file.

            -     lecture notes; examination questions;
                  syllabi; course outlines; class lists with
                  marks; assignments.

      22    History 3520 - History of French Canada               1974-75

            -     student papers.

      23    History 3520 - Course Evaluations                     n.d.

      24    History 1300, 5330, 6340 - RESTRICTED                 1985

            -     verification of grades reports.

10    1     French 3252 - Civilization of French Canada           1978-82

            -     syllabi; reading list; memoranda;
                  correspondence; lecture notes.

      2     St. Andrews Weekend, 1985                             1985

            -     correspondence; reading lists; film rental
                  records; photocopied article; discussion

      3     History 1-2020                                        1972-76

            Restricted material in file.

            -     class lists with grades; correspondence;
                  syllabi; student assignments.

      4     Various University Examination Papers                 1966-72

      5     History 3521 - Emergence of the French Canadian       1972-78
            Nation 1608-1870

            Restricted material in file.

            -     lecture notes; syllabi; class lists with
                  grades; course assignments and tests;
                  student grades; student information sheets;
                  student papers.

      6     History 3375 - Birth of the French Canadian Nation    1975-81

            Restricted material in file.

            -     lecture notes; student course registration
                  forms; class lists with grades; syllabi;
                  reading list; course assignments;
                  correspondence; student papers; examination

      7     History 3375 - Emergence of the French Canadian       1978-82
            Nation, 1608-1870

            Restricted material in file.

            -     syllabi; lecture notes; class list with

      8     History 1-2020 - Introduction to Canadian History     1974

            -     course evaluations.

      9     History 1-2020 - Introduction to Canadian History     1977-78

            Restricted material in file.

            -     memoranda; correspondence; syllabus; course
                  assignments; class lists with grades.

      10    Student Papers                                        1974-79

      11    Student Papers/Papers by Other Scholars               [1972-82]

      12    References - RESTRICTED                               1973-86

            -     correspondence/letters of reference for
                  students; class lists with grades.

      13    Miscellaneous Graduate Students                       1979-80

            -     memoranda; correspondence.

                        Student Files - RESTRICTED

      14    Andrew, Sheila                                        1979-82

            -     thesis abstracts; correspondence; papers;

      15    de Biagi, Susan                                       1982-86

            -     correspondence; exam; papers; thesis

      16    de Biagi, Susan - Thesis                              1985

      17    de Biagi, Susan                                       1985

            -     correspondence; thesis footnotes; drafts.

      18    Finley, Gregg                                         1987

            -     memorandum re:  examination for his
                  doctoral thesis.

      19    Haines, Cedric L.                                     1974-79

            -     memoranda; correspondence; thesis proposal.

      20    Koven, Marcia                                         1987

            -     photocopied source material;
                  correspondence; thesis drafts; memoranda;

      21    Maclean, Norma                                        1979-80

            -     correspondence; photocopied source
                  material; thesis proposal; notes; thesis
                  abstract; paper.

      22    Somerville, Malcolm                                   1974

            -     exam; papers; correspondence.
11    1     Parent, Fernando                                      1972-77

            -     correspondence; paper; memoranda.

      2     Richards, Bill                                        1972-78

            -     correspondence; paper; notice of oral exam.

      3     Smith, Stephen                                        1984-86

            -     correspondence; notes; thesis abstract;
                  photocopy/transcription of primary source.
      4     Stanley, Della                                        1975-79

            -     correspondence; memoranda; curriculum
                  vitae; thesis proposal; thesis outline.

      5     Stanley, Della                                        1979

            -     report of examining board re:  Ph.D.
                  thesis; thesis readers' reports;

      6     Williams, Michael                                     [1974-75]

            -     correspondence; thesis outline/proposal.

                        Department of History

      7     Library Committee                                     1970-80

            -     memoranda; correspondence; Collections
                  Development Survey, 1977; Draft Collections
                  Policy - Department of History, 1978;
                  Department of History Graduate Report -
                  Library Section, 1980.

      8     Library Committee - Societe Canadienne du Microfilm   [1971-75]

            -     recommendations and notes re:  acquisition
                  of source materials in French Canadian
                  History; catalogue of the Societe
                  Canadienne du Microfilm, 1971.

      9     Department of History                                 1973-77

            -     correspondence; memoranda; departmental
                  course lists, descriptions; course
                  outlines; committee agendas and reports;
                  proposed Programme for the Study of
                  Regional (Maritimes) Social History, n.d.;
                  correspondence re:  visiting lecturers;
                  Constitution of the History Liaison
                  Committee; documents re:  the establishment
                  of course evaluations; course evaluations
                  for HIS 4520, 1975; UNB Student Evaluations
                  Results, 1975; History  Department  course
                  statistics  1975-76;minutes of departmental
                  meetings; book lists; departmental
                  timetables; guidelines re:  essay

      10    History Department - Minutes                          1973-80

            -     departmental meeting minutes; course
                  descriptions; memoranda; curriculum
                  committee minutes and reports; proposals
                  for a Centre for Conflict Studies;
                  curriculum vitae; departmental course
                  statistics, 1979-1980; departmental
                  newsletters, timetables, etc.

      11    PEP (Prizes) Committee                                1974-78

            -     scholarship and prize information;
                  correspondence; memoranda; essay

      12    Departmental Papers                                   1976-83

            -     History Honours Programme Policies; Honours
                  Committee reports and recommendations; UNB
                  School of Graduate Studies & Research -
                  "Procedures for the Submission & Assessment
                  of Doctoral Dissertations," 1976, etc.

      13    Honours Committee                                     1977-80

            -     memoranda; History Honours Programme
                  information booklet, 1978-79; honours
                  student lists; materials re:  St. Andrews
                  Study Weekend; course descriptions and
                  outlines; minutes, etc.

      14    History Department - Canadian Offerings               1977-83

            -     memoranda; minutes; proposed course
                  offerings, 1978-83.

      15    Draft Study on the Future of the University -         1978

            -     replies to the Draft Study on the Future of
                  the University   submitted   by  the 
                  Department  of English, the Department of
                  History and the Department of Sociology.

      16    Future Committee                                      1980-86

            -     memoranda; correspondence; minutes, etc.

      17    Atlantic Regional Studies                             1981-82

            -     correspondence; draft proposals for the
                  establishment of an undergraduate programme
                  in Atlantic Regional Studies; University
                  Affairs, August/Sept., 1982.

      18    Department of History                                 1982-83

            -     departmental meeting minutes; memoranda;
                  "Historical Facts" departmental
                  newsletters, etc.

      19    Budget Committee                                      1984-85

            -     House and Budget Committee minutes,
                  agendas, reports and statements;
                  departmental meeting minutes.

      20    Committee to Select a Military Historian -            1985-87

            -     signed evaluations of candidates;
                  memoranda; curriculum vitae of candidates;
                  final report of the Committee to Select a
                  Military Historian, Feb. 1986.

      21    History Department - Current                          1985-87

            -     Graduate Committee correspondence; teaching
                  assignments; departmental meeting minutes;
                  Report of Arts Council Core Curriculum
                  Review Committee, May, 1986; proposed
                  journal cancellations, May 1986; memoranda;
                  materials re:  revision of undergraduate
                  history curriculum, 1987.

                        Committees, etc.
      22    Collective Bargaining Council                         1977-82

            -     collective bargaining committee progress
                  reports; notes; correspondence; memoranda;
                  notices of meeting; resource materials;

      23    Collective Bargaining Council                         1977-82

            -     newsletters; collective agreement between
                  St. Thomas University and the Faculty
                  Association of the University of St.
                  Thomas, 1978-79; notices of meeting; terms
                  of agreement " . . . in the matter of a
                  conciliation board in a dispute between the
                  Association of University of New Brunswick
                  Teachers and the University of N.B., Oct.
                  24, 1980; minutes; memoranda; resource
                  materials; AUNBT membership list, July
                  1980; committee membership list; collective
                  bargaining committee progress reports;
                  Report of the Collective Agreement Drafting
                  Committee of the AUNBT, May, 1979; notes.

      24    AUNBT Collective Bargaining Council                   1979-81

            -     collective bargaining committee progress
                  reports; nominating committee reports;
                  Grievance Committee Information Bulletins;
                  memoranda; notices of meeting; minutes;
                  Annual General Meeting Minutes.

      25    Freshmen                                              1975

            -     advising and registration instructions;
                  student lists; orientation schedule;
                  memoranda; notes re:  students.

      26    Freshman Counselling                                  1978-79

            Restricted material in file.

            -     student transcripts; correspondence.

      27    Freshman Counselling                                  1979-80

            Restricted material in file.

            -     correspondence; student transcripts;
                  student pre-registration forms.

      28    Freshman Advising                                     1980-81

            Restricted material in file.

            -     memoranda; correspondence; advising and
                  registration instructions; student

      29    Pre-registration                                      1982

            Restricted material in file.

            -     departmental brochures; memoranda; student
                  timetables; student transcripts.

      30    Student Counselling                                   1970s-85

            -     various departmental and other
                  informational brochures and pamphlets;
                  Faculty Advisor information kit, 1985.

      31    Professor B. Vigod                                    1985

            -     memoranda; list of deans; department
                  chairmen and academic advisors, 1985;
                  departmental, faculty and other
                  informational brochures; student list.

      32    Faculty Advisor Information Kit                       1986

            -     student list; departmental and other
                  informational brochures.

12    1     Arts Council Committee on a General Arts Program      1973-74

            -     memoranda; notes; correspondence; draft
                  reports; Arts Council minutes; photocopied
                  articles and resource materials from other
                  universities; Report of the General Arts
                  Degree Committee, January 21, 1974 and
                  Departmental responses.

      2     Arts Council Committee on a General Arts Program      1973-75

            -     memoranda; Arts Council minutes; notes;
                  correspondence; English Department Report
                  on Departmental Jurisdiction, February 20,
                  1975; History Department response to
                  questionnaire "UNB in the 70's - Part II;"
                  various proposals re:  undergraduate

      3     Committee on a Communications Degree                  1977-79

            -     working papers; notes; memoranda; agendas;
                  minutes; draft proposals; correspondence;
                  information from other universities.

      4     Arts Council Committee on Admissions and High School  1978-79

            -     various UNB informational brochures;
                  memoranda; promotional material from other
                  universities; notes/drafts for UNB
                  promotional material.

      5     Arts Council Committee on Admissions and High School  1986-87

            -     memoranda; agendas; correspondence;
                  photocopied articles.

      6     Arts Faculty Ad Hoc Committee on the Core Curriculum  [1980-81]

            -     Report of Faculty of Arts Advisory
                  Committee on the Evaluation of the B.A.
                  Degree Programmes; memoranda; History
                  Department core curriculum recommendations.

      7     Arts Council Nominating Committee                     1981-83

            -     minutes; memoranda; terms of reference,

      8     Senate Timetable Committee                            1976-82

            -     minutes; memoranda; agendas; Arts Council
                  minutes; draft timetables.

      9     Senate Undergraduate Scholarship Committee            1980-83

            -     memoranda; correspondence; minutes;
                  agendas; scholarship recipient and referral
                  lists; scholarship descriptions/criteria;
                  Report on Undergraduate Awards - 1980-81,
                  1981-82, 1983.

      10    Senate Ad Hoc Committee on French Language Policy     1980-81

            -     UNB Language Policy survey responses;
                  minutes; correspondence; memoranda; notices
                  of meeting; clippings; related reports from
                  other institutions and organizations;
                  pamphlets; and other resource material.

      11    Senate Ad Hoc Committee on French Language Policy/    1975-81
            French Language Policy Implementation Committee

            -     correspondence; memoranda; UNB Language
                  Policy survey results; agendas; draft
                  recommendations re:  the policy and its
                  implementation; minority report of French
                  Language Policy Implementation Committee;
                  enrolment statistics for French Immersion
                  programmes - Fredericton and New Brunswick,
                  1981-82; press release; clippings; Canadian
                  Parents for French resource materials;
                  articles; review of  Education Policy, 
                  province of N.B., April, 1974; brief
                  presented by Federation of N.B. Faculty
                  Associations, April 24, 1978, re:  the role
                  of N.B. universities in the promotion of
                  bilingualism . . . and other related
                  reports, statements, briefs and
                  bibliographies; also includes summary of
                  notes from a discussion with Bernard
                  Poirier, the Director of Official Language
                  Policy, N.B. Cabinet Secretariat.

      12    Senate Ad Hoc Committee on French Language Policy/    1980-84
            French Language Policy Implementation Committee

            -     Report of the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on
                  French Language Policy, April, 1981; UNB
                  French Language Policy - various drafts;
                  recommendations on implementing the Report
                  on UNB French Language Policy, 28 April,
                  1981; terms of reference and problem
                  statement; Board of Deans minutes;
                  memoranda; French Language Policy survey
                  results; correspondence; Provincial Summary
                  - French Immersion Program 1981-82; CAUT
                  Bulletin, Sept. 1982; proposal submitted to
                  MPHEC re:  French Language Policy at the
                  University of N.B.

      13    French Language Policy - Resource Materials           1975-83

            -     briefs; reports; speeches; articles;
                  clippings, etc.

      14    French Language Policy - Resource Materials           1981-82

            -     reports; statistics.

      15    French Language Policy - Closed Files                 1982-84

            -     memoranda; financial records;
                  correspondence; material re:  New Brunswick
                  - Quebec Cooperation Agreement; French
                  Language Policy at UNB (brochure); notes.

      16    French Language Education at UNB                      1985-87

            -     correspondence; notes; press release;

      17    UNB Presentation to N.B. Advisory Committee on        1978-85
            Official Languages

            -     clippings; notes; "Proceedings - Atlantic
                  Conference on Multiculturalism, April
                  1978;" brochure - "Qui est L'indien sans
                  statut;" various drafts of UNB submission
                  to the N.B. Advisory Committee on Official
                  Languages (response to the report Towards
                  Equality of Official Languages in New
                  Brunswick); Official Languages Branch,
                  Linguistic Profile (Highlights) - 1983;
                  Towards Equality of Official Languages in
                  New Brunswick - Definitions;
                  correspondence; memoranda; news release;
                  Position Paper on Official Languages of the
                  Faculty of Law, University of New

      18    Poirier-Bastarache (UNB Presentation to N.B.          1984-85
            Advisory Committee on Official Languages)

            -     notes; clippings; radio interview
                  transcripts; text of speech by Hon. Richard
                  Hatfield in the Legislature, May 7, 1982;
                  text of unidentified statement re:  Towards
                  Equality of Official Languages in New
                  Brunswick; partial text of remarks made by
                  David Clark, M.L.A. at annual meeting of
                  Fredericton South P.C. Association,
                  February 18, 1985.

13    1     Official Languages - Resource Materials               [1970-86]

            -     Linguistic Profile of Employees in the
                  Public Service - 1982-83.

            -     Official Languages Policy - N.B. Department
                  of Justice.

            -     Descriptive and Financial Summary of
                  Federal - Provincial Programmes for the
                  Official Languages in Education - 1970-71
                  to 1982-83.

            -     Protocol for Agreements between the
                  Government of Canada and the Provincial
                  Governments for Minority-Language Education
                  & Second-Language Instruction [1980's].

            -     brochures - UNB French Language Policy -
                  1984-85, 1985-86.

      2     Official Languages - Resource Materials               1983-86

            -     clippings; UPEI Extended French Program
                  Progress Report/Proposal 1984-85, 1985-86;
                  notes; brochures and publications from the
                  Office of the Secretary of State, etc.

      3     Official Languages - Resource Materials - Canadian    1984-86
            Parents for French

            -     Canadian Parents for French newsletters;
                  reports; surveys; conference proceedings;
                  clippings; brochures.

      4     Official Languages - Resource Materials               1986

            -     "Bilingual Education - A challenge for
                  Canadian Universities in the 90's," by A.
                  LeBlanc, Continuing Education Division,
                  University of Manitoba, 1986.

            -     Post-Secondary Follow-Up of Former French
                  Immersion Students in the Ottawa Area:  A
                  Pilot Study, 1986.

      5     Official Languages - Miscellaneous                    1980-86

            -     "The Linguistic Issue:  An Acadian
                  Perspective," La Societe des Acadiens du
                  Nouveau-Brunswick, May 1986;
                  correspondence; clippings; Bill 84 - "An
                  act recognizing the equality of the two
                  official linguistic societies in New
                  Brunswick;" "Presentation du Rapport du
                  Comite Consultatif Provincial sur les
                  Langues Officielles, 19 juin 1986,
                  Declaration de L'Honorable Richard
                  Hatfield, Premier Ministre du N.-B."
      6     Towards Equality of Official Languages in New
            Brunswick - Report of the Task Force on Official
            Languages, March, 1982 (annotated).

      7     Board of Dons/Lady Beaverbrook Residence              1971-75

            -     memoranda; Board of Dons minutes; notices
                  of events; information brochure for
                  residents; notes for proposal to create a
                  residential college for men in the Lady
                  Beaverbrook Residence; resident lists;
                  resident questionnaires; LBR Resident
                  Fellow's Newsletter; residence personnel
                  lists; notices of meeting; Constitution of
                  the Society of the Lady Beaverbrook
                  Residence; "The Residence Rap" newsletter,
                  Oct., 1973; Agreement between UNB and Saga
                  Food Service Ltd., 1971; lists of guest
                  speakers; UNB Men's Residences Handbooks,
                  1972-73, 1973-74.

      8     Acadiensis - Miscellaneous Correspondence             1972-80

            -     correspondence; financial records;
                  memoranda; expense reports; etc.

      9     Acadiensis - Canada Council                           1972-80

            -     notes; correspondence; SSHRC Policy re: 
                  Aid to Learned Journals, 1980; financial
                  statements; draft and final grant
                  applications; subscription statistics;
                  memoranda, etc.

      10    Acadiensis - Minutes, Financial Statements            1972-80

            -     financial records; invoices; minutes of
                  editorial board; memoranda; correspondence.

      11    Acadiensis                                            1982-88

            -     financial records - statements; minutes;
                  agendas; memoranda; correspondence; lists
                  of projects/Acadiensis Press and the
                  Gorsebrook Research Institute . . . (n.d.).

      12    Acadiensis - Replies/Reviews Section                  1986-87

            -     correspondence; book lists; news releases;

      13    Acadiensis - Reviews                                  [1987]

            -     typescript book reviews; correspondence.

      14    Senate                                                1982-83

            -     correspondence and memoranda re:  abolition
                  of the Senate Library Committee;
                  correspondence re:  other Senate business.

      15    Senate & Arts Faculty                                 1978-82

            -     correspondence; memoranda; "A Draft Study
                  on the Future of the University," June
                  1978; History Department, Response to
                  Preliminary Report, Arts Faculty Programme
                  Review Committee, [1982]; curriculum change

                IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

14    1     CPPME                                                 1974-76

            -     correspondence; newsletters; agendas;
                  memoranda; Report of the York Delegation
                  CPPME Study Mission (Israel), Dec. 1975;
                  CPPME Membership List, Dec. 1975; CPPME
                  Statement of Purpose; Near East Report -
                  Washington Letter on American Policy in the
                  Near East Vol. 18, no. 6, Feb. 6, 1974 -
                  "Myths & Facts" (special issue); Draft
                  Constitution for CPPME - Fredericton

      2     CPPME                                                 1974-78

            -     correspondence; journal and magazine
                  articles; proposed constitution - CPPME;
                  copy of petition from UNB History
                  Department faculty members to Prime
                  Minister Trudeau re:  the Canadian
                  Government's position vis-a-vis the PLO;
                  newsletters; memoranda.

      3     CPPME Annual Conference - (1977)                      1975-77

            -     agendas; proposed constitution - CPPME;
                  notes; minutes; newsletters; financial
                  statements; correspondence; clippings;
                  memoranda; journal and magazine articles;

      4     CPPME - Fredericton Chapter                           1975-76

            -     correspondence; clippings; agenda.

      5     Study Missions - (1975-76)                            1975-84

            -     notes from seminars re:  Israel, May, 1984;
                  CPPME materials from trip to Israel, Dec.
                  1975 - includes schedule of events,
                  itinerary, Israeli money, stamps,
                  postcards, etc.; lecture notes; clippings.

      6     Background Information on the Resolutions Against     1974
            Israel adopted at the 18th General Conference of
            UNESCO, Paris, 1974

            -     includes covering letter, Sept. 4, 1974
                  (published by Israel Academic Committee on
                  the Middle East).

      7     CPPME - (1978-79)                                     1975-80

            -     memoranda; minutes; correspondence;
                  financial statements; Peace, Justice &
                  Reconciliation in the Arab-Israeli Conflict 
                  -  Report  of a Study Group established by
                  the Ecumenical Forum of Canada, March 1978;
                  newsletters; agendas; clippings; local and
                  national chapter materials.

      8     CPPME                                                 1976-78

            -     correspondence; newsletters; conference
                  materials; journal and magazine articles;
                  financial statements; Fredericton Chapter
                  materials; memoranda; draft article by B.

      9     CPPME/Canadian Academic Foundation for Peace in the   1978-79
            Middle East - Meetings & Conferences

            -     CPPME Annual Conference materials, May,
                  1978; CPPME National Executive Meeting
                  materials, May, 1979; CAFPME Board of
                  Directors Meeting materials, May 1979;
                  notes; newsletters; publications; financial
                  statements, memoranda; reports; membership
                  information, etc.

      10    CPPME - Meetings & Conferences                        1979-80

            -     CPPME National Officers Meeting materials,
                  Oct. 1979; CPPME National Executive Meeting
                  materials, May 1980; correspondence;
                  clippings; minutes; CAFPME Board of
                  Directors & Publication Committee
                  materials, 1979-80.

      11    CPPME                                                 1979-82

            -     correspondence; receipts; agendas; minutes;
                  membership lists; papers; c.v.'s;
                  memoranda; notes; financial records.

      12    CPPME                                                 1979-82

            -     correspondence; memoranda; minutes;
                  clippings; The Atkinsonian, Sept. 15, 1981
                  (York University student paper);
                  newsletters; agendas; draft Constitution,
                  Fredericton Chapter; membership lists.

      13    Peace Now                                             1979-84

            -     booklet and letter produced by Peace Now,
                  an organization established to promote
                  peace in the Middle East; promotional
                  materials and correspondence re:  the
                  Atlantic tour of Prof. Jacques Kornberg,
                  University of Toronto professor and
                  Canadian spokesperson for Peace Now.

      14    CPPME/CAFPME                                          1980-83

            -     correspondence; Fredericton Chapter
                  materials; c.v.'s; CAFPME Publication
                  Committee materials, May, 1983; financial
                  statements, 1982-83; newsletters;
                  memoranda; CPPME National Executive meeting
                  materials, May, 1983.

      15    CPPME/CAFPME                                          1982

            -     Conference and meeting materials - National
                  Officer's Meeting, Sept., 1982; National
                  Executive Meeting, May, 1982; Kirton, John
                  J. and David B. Dewitt, "Canada - Middle
                  East Relations:  The End of Liberal
                  Internationalism," draft prepared for the
                  CPPME Annual Conference, 9-10 May, 1982;
                  Marantz, Paul "Accommodation or
                  Aggression?:  An Examination of Some of the
                  Factors Shaping Soviet Foreign Policy in
                  the 1980's," presented at CPPME Annual
                  Conference, May 10, 1982; CAFPME
                  Publication committee meeting materials,
                  May 1982.

      16    CPPME                                                 1983-84

            -     CPPME Officers' Meeting materials, October,
                  1983 and September, 1984:  includes
                  correspondence, minutes, newsletters,
                  articles, memoranda, notes, etc.

      17    CPPME                                                 1983-85

            -     newsletters; memoranda; correspondence;
                  conference materials; typescript paper "A
                  Dilettante's View of the Israeli Election;"
                  notes and draft for article by B. Vigod for
                  Middle East Focus.

      18    CPPME Conference                                      1984-85

            -     conference materials, including agendas,
                  participant lists; minutes from 1984
                  Conference; letter from the Rt. Hon. Joe
                  Clark, Secretary of State for External
                  Affairs; memoranda, correspondence.

      19    CPPME                                                 1985-88

            -     memoranda; correspondence; minutes;
                  conference materials; CAUT Bulletin April
                  1987, Vol. 34, no. 4; newsletters; journal


      20    Leadership Development                                1985-86

            -     correspondence; information re:  Maritime
                  Lodges; Board of Governors minutes;
                  materials from 1985-86 Membership Campaign;
                  news releases; memoranda.

      21    B'nai Brith - National Cabinet                        1986

            -     minutes; reports, e.g. "The Lyndon Larouche
                  Network - The Canadian Connection" - draft,
                  June 1986; correspondence; memoranda, etc.

      22    B'nai Brith - District Administrative Board           1986-87

            -     promotional pamphlet, B'nai Brith Hillel
                  Foundation; Annual Calendar of National
                  Events, 1986-87; memoranda; B'nai Brith
                  Canada Department of Public Affairs Comment
                  Vol. 1, no. 1, Dec. 1986; Report to the
                  D.A.B. - Institute for International and
                  Governmental Affairs, Dec. 8, 1986;
                  financial records.

      23    League for Human Rights - National                    1983-86

            -     correspondence; Central Region Cabinet
                  minutes; news releases; Law Reform
                  Commission of Canada Working Paper 50 -
                  Hate Propaganda, 1986; memoranda;
                  clippings; "Proposals Regarding Amendments
                  to the Hate Propaganda Sections of the
                  Criminal Code of Canada" - League for Human
                  Rights, B'nai Brith Canada, 1983; National
                  Cabinet minutes; National Cabinet
                  membership list, 1986-87.

      24    League for Human Rights                               1985-88

            -     expenses statement, 1985-87; memoranda;
                  Policy on Equality and Affirmative Action
                  for the League for Human Rights of B'nai
                  Brith Canada, Dec. 1985; correspondence;
                  National Cabinet minutes; photocopied
                  articles and clippings; Terms of Reference
                  - Friends of the League for Human Rights
                  Award; Ernst Zundel Retrial Task Force
                  minutes; minutes and reports of various
                  other committees and boards; Institute for
                  International Affairs of B'nai Brith Canada
                  - Submission to the Legislative Committee
                  on Bill C-55, 1987; newsletters; The Hate
                  Movement Today - an Anti-Defamation League
                  Special Report, 1987; confidential draft -
                  "Brief submitted to La commission des
                  droits de la personne du Quebec on
                  Improving Relations between the MUC Police
                  and Montreal's Ethnic Communities," May,
                  1988 - League for Human Rights, B'nai Brith
                  Canada; League for Human Rights Submission
                  to the Select Committee on Constitutional
                  Reform re:  The Meech Lake Accord,  March

15    1     B'nai Brith Canada                                    1982-88

            -     correspondence; memoranda; Canadian Jewish
                  Congress Small Communities Workers'
                  Training Program Workshop materials, 1986;
                  C.J.C. Small Communities National
                  Newsletter,  n.d.;  kit containing B'nai
                  Brith Hillel National Student Secretariat
                  materials, including meeting agendas,
                  memoranda, news release, promotional
                  materials; newsletters; confidential Action
                  Plan for the Release of the Report of the
                  Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals in
                  Canada, 1987; B'nai Brith Canada Budget
                  (revised version), 1987-88; Resolutions
                  from the 1987 Annual Convention;
                  promotional material re:  Soviet Jews;
                  various issues - B'nai Brith Canada
                  Communique with clippings attached; Annual
                  Report - Office of Government Relations,
                  1987; minutes and reports for various
                  boards, committees and cabinets; various
                  manuals and guides for lodges; clippings;
                  resolutions submitted at the 1988 Annual
                  Convention; financial statements, 1986;
                  Fredericton Lodge materials.

      2     Fredericton Founders' Dinner                          1986-87

            -     correspondence.

      3     League for Human Rights Publications & Educational    1983-85

            -     clippings; various Anti-Defamation League
                  newsletters and reports; correspondence;
                  memoranda; photocopied articles; League for
                  Human Rights Chairman's Reports - various
                  issues (newsletter); course materials for
                  university course on Judaism; results of
                  opinion polls re:  ethnic minorities in
                  Canada and the Middle East conflict and
                  related analyses, 1983-4; LHR Brief
                  presented to the CRTC - "An Ethnic
                  Broadcasting Policy for Canada;" LHR Brief
                  to the Public Security Commission of the
                  Montreal Urban Community regarding Hiring
                  Criteria for the MUC Police Force and
                  Minority Representation, [1984]; LHR Brief
                  to the Commission des droits de la personne
                  du Quebec regarding Racial Discrimination
                  in the Montreal Taxi Industry [1983]; news

      4     B'nai Brith League for Human Rights - (1984-85)       1983-85

            -     memoranda; National Cabinet minutes,
                  agendas and notices of meeting; news
                  releases; correspondence; minutes of
                  various other cabinets and committees;
                  clippings; "Recent Events and Trends in
                  Canada" - a report to the Anti-Defamation
                  League, June 1985; LHR Brief presented to
                  the House of Commons Committee on Equality
                  Rights - "Equality, Affirmative Action and
                  Religion in the Workplace," Sept. 1985; LHR
                  Proposals regarding Amendments to the Hate
                  Propaganda Sections of the Criminal Code of
                  Canada, Sept. 1983; LHR policy statements
                  re:  government contacts and submission of
                  briefs; various LHR project proposals;
                  various other briefs, reports, policy
                  statements; The Jewish Star, Vol. vi, no.
                  1, Aug.-Sept. 1985, Calgary Edition.

      5     B'nai Brith Maritime Lodges                           1987-88
            -     Fredericton Lodge "Food For Thought"
                  programme outlines; revisionist pamphlets
                  published by the Institute for Historical
                  Review and distributed by the N.B. Free
                  Speech League; correspondence; clippings.

      6     League for Human Rights National Updates              1987-88

            -     memoranda; notices of meeting; photocopy of
                  Institute for Historical Review Newsletter,
                  July 1987, no. 50.

      7     League for Human Rights Incidents                     1983-88

            -     news releases; memoranda; survey results -
                  Middle East Sympathies - 1983, 1986, 1987,
                  1988; survey of Anti-semitic incidents,
                  Jan.-April, 1988; clippings.

      8     League for Human Rights National (1988)               1987-88

            -     correspondence; memoranda; discussion
                  papers; clippings; news releases; LHR
                  materials re:  multiculturalism; National
                  Cabinet agendas, minutes; Zundel Trial

      9     B'nai Brith Board of Governors/District               1987-88
            Administrative Board

            -     minutes; B'nai Brith District 22 Budget,
                  1988-89; 1988 National Convention
                  Resolutions; committee reports; memoranda;
                  agendas; notices of meeting; B'nai Brith
                  Canada Staff Directory; correspondence;
                  minutes of Financial Management Cabinet.

      10    Human Rights - General                                1987-88

            -     clippings; correspondence; resource
                  materials; articles; information on various
                  human rights organizations;
                  publications/brochures re:  treatment of
                  Japanese Canadians during WWII and their
                  campaign for compensation; reports; LHR
                  discussion paper on multiculturalism.

      11    B'nai Brith Canada - Institute for International      1988
            Affairs Comment

            -     Comment, vol. 2, no. 2, 1988; special
                  edition, April, 1988 - "B'nai Brith Canada
                  Response on Behalf of Israel."

      12    Soviet Jews                                           1987-88

            -     correspondence; "A mini-guide to 'Adopting'
                  a Refusenik Family" - Canadian Committee
                  for Soviet Jewry brochure; memoranda;

      13    Miscellaneous B'nai Brith Material                    1982-86

            -     newsletters; clippings; photocopied
                  articles; memoranda; B'nai Brith Canada  - 
                  Guidelines for Community Action, n.d.;
                  B'nai Brith Canada - "Soviet Jewry Not
                  Forgotten" - Leadership Manual & Guide;
                  various other B'nai Brith publications and
                  promotional materials.  [Note:  bumper
                  stickers removed and replaced with

      14    League for Human Rights - National - (1985-86)        1984-86

            -     National Cabinet agendas; LHR Policy on
                  Equality & Affirmative Action, with draft,
                  1985; news releases; National Cabinet

      15    B'nai Brith - National - (1985-86)                    1984-86

            -     news releases; B'nai Brith Budget, 1985-86;
                  District Administrative Board minutes;
                  National Convention Resolutions, 1985;
                  correspondence; memoranda.

      16    Thyssen Issue                                         1986

            -     articles and reports; correspondence;
                  clippings (re:  proposed arms manufacturing
                  plant in Cape Breton).

      17    B'nai Brith Fredericton - (1985-86)                   1984-85

            -     memoranda; financial records;
                  correspondence; minutes of Executive,
                  Fredericton Lodge.

      18    Les Plus Belles Legendes                              1984-86

            -     correspondence; photocopied extracts from
                  Les Plus Belles Legendes Acadiennes by
                  Catherine Jolicoeur (Stanke, 1981).

      19    Canada-Israel Committee - (1988)                      1987-88

            -     clippings; news releases; notes for a
                  speech by the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark, Secretary
                  of State for External Affairs - Annual
                  Conference of the Canada-Israel Committee,
                  Mar. 10, 1988, and related  
                  correspondence;   Atlantic Provinces Jewish
                  Student Federation "Myths & Facts," n.d.;
                  memoranda; photocopy of letter from Prime
                  Minister Brian Mulroney to Frank Dimant,
                  Executive Vice President, B'nai Brith
                  Canada, March 22, 1988 re:  a speech made
                  by Rt. Hon. Joe Clark.

      20    League for Human Rights - Maritime Cabinet            1983-87

            -     correspondence; proposed budget, 1986; New
                  Brunswick Days of Rest Act Chapter D-4.2,
                  1985; Atlantic Jewish Council
                  correspondence; reports; Maritime Regional
                  Cabinet minutes; report of an anti-semitic
                  incident in Moncton, 1985; clippings; anti-
                  semitic materials.

      21    Multiculturalism Act                                  1987

            -     information package for participants in the
                  Multiculturalism Study Conference, June 23-
                  24, 1987, Opinicon Lodge, Elgin, Ont.

      22    Equality Now                                          1984

            -     Equality Now - Report of the Special
                  Committee on Visible Minorities in Canadian
                  Society, House of Commons Issue No. 4,
                  March, 1984.

      23    Anti-Semitic Writings                                 [1980s]

            -     posters; flyers; clippings; pamphlets;
                  newspapers.  (One soiled poster removed and
                  placed in separate file folder (file 24) -
                  photocopy of original remains in file).

      24    Anti-Semitic Poster

            -     soiled poster removed from file 23.

      25    Anti-Semitism                                         [1970s-1985]

            -     fact sheets; articles; news releases;
                  clippings; newspaper coverage of the trial
                  of Ernst Zundel, Jan. 8 - Mar. 26, 1985;
                  One is Too Many - Nazi War Criminals in
                  Canada, League for Human Rights - B'nai
                  Brith Canada, n.d.; "Let My People Go" - A
                  Canadian B'nai Brith Foreign Affairs
                  Committee Action Program for Soviet Jewry,

      26    Japanese Anti-Semitism                                1987

            -     articles and papers; memoranda; clippings;
                  correspondence; reports.

      27    Zundel/Keegstra                                       1985-88

            -     clippings; League for Human Rights of B'nai
                  Brith Canada - kits for speakers re: 
                  Zundel; news releases; articles;
                  correspondence re:  SSHRC proposal made by
                  Conrad Winn entitled "Zundel and Anti-
                  Semitism Revisited."

      28    Human Rights                                          1983-88

            -     B'nai Brith Canada Atlantic Region Cabinet
                  notices of meeting; briefs; memoranda;
                  correspondence; League for Human Rights
                  membership lists, 1988-89; reports;
                  clippings; press surveys; policy reports;
                  B'nai Brith Canada National Cabinet
                  minutes, agendas and financial records;
                  newsletters; transcript of civil procedure
                  - McBeth vs. Governors of Dalhousie College
                  & University, March, 1986; N.B. Coalition
                  for Human Rights Reform - correspondence,
                  reports, articles and briefs; Human Rights
                  Research & Development, June, July and
                  August, 1988 (newsletter); "Human Rights
                  for the Gay Minority - A Brief to the
                  Government of New Brunswick," May 1988, by
                  the N.B. Coalition for Human Rights
                  Reform.; 1986 Audit of Anti-Semitic
                  Incidents, Anti-Defamation League of B'nai

16    1     Ontario Human Rights                                  1985-88

            -     photocopied articles; League for Human
                  Rights B'nai Brith Canada Central
                  Region/Ontario Cabinet - information re: 
                  meetings; draft of Ontario Human Rights
                  Commission Policy on Racial Slurs, Jokes &
                  Harassment, 1988.

      2     League for Human Rights                               1974-88

            -     "Fernand Levesque and Patrick Tardif vs.
                  The Daily Gleaner and Donald F. Smith -
                  Recommendations of the Board of Inquiry,
                  June 3, 1974;" correspondence; news
                  releases; reports; resolutions re: 
                  Canada's refugee policy; clippings;
                  newsletters; Atlantic Regional Cabinet
                  materials; League for Human Rights B'nai
                  Brith Canada - Terms of Reference;

      3     B'nai Brith                                           1985-87

            -     promotional materials; B'nai Brith Canada
                  Leadership Manual; Cohen, M. Charles - The
                  Member from Trois-Rivieres - Based on the
                  life of Ezekial Hart - the first Jew to be
                  elected to public office in Canada - a one
                  act play (typescript), 1959; policy
                  statements; newsletters; reports;
                  clippings; articles; "The Use of Get as a
                  Bargaining Tool in Jewish Divorce
                  Proceedings" - B'nai Brith Canada, March,
                  1987; promotional kit containing
                  newsletters, brochures, etc., and including
                  A Review of Anti-Semitism in Canada, 1985.

      4     B'nai Brith                                           1985-88

            -     folder containing 1987 Annual Convention
                  materials including minutes of various
                  boards and cabinets, reports, newsletters,
                  etc.; B'nai Brith Canada Election Task
                  Force Briefing Notes, 1988; Canadian Jewish
                  Congress informational brochure; B'nai
                  Brith Canada budgets, 1985, 1986-87, 1987-
                  88; folder containing minutes of the
                  Financial Management Cabinet, Nov. 28,
                  1985, correspondence, memorandum and
                  material re:  The Deschenes Commission;
                  folder containing B'nai Brith District
                  Administrative Board materials and minutes,
                  Financial Management Cabinet minutes,
                  correspondence, newsletters, brochures re: 
                  Israel; B'nai Brith Canada Board of
                  Governors Directory, 1985-86;
                  correspondence; information re:  the B'nai
                  Brith Foundation; clippings; reports;
                  computer print-out of membership - Moncton
                  and Fredericton Lodges, 1988.

      5     B'nai Brith National - (1986-87)                      1985-87

            -     various committee, board and cabinet
                  notices of meeting, agendas, minutes and
                  memoranda; correspondence; reports;
                  financial records; articles; newsletters;
                  resolutions; B'nai Brith Fund Raising

      6     Anti-Defamation League Literature                     1983-88

            -     memoranda; clippings; articles; papers;
                  newsletters; Canadian Middle East Digest
                  Vol. 7, no. 8, 1983; literature re:  Middle
                   Publications and Literature - No Restrictions

      7     Holocaust/Human Rights - Various Publications

            -     Ukrainian Canadian Committee.  Ukrainian
                  Canadian Committee Submission to the
                  Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals,

            -     "Selected Data on the Canadian Population
                  Whose Mother Tongue is Yiddish," by Joseph
                  Yam.  Canadian Jewish Population Studies,
                  Vol. 13, no. 2, Dec. 1973.

            -     Canadian Jewish Archives, Vol. 1, no. 6,
                  May 1962.

            -     "A statistical Study of the Number and
                  Percentage of Jewish Children in the
                  Protestant Schools of Greater Montreal and
                  the Suburb of Greater St. Martin
                  (Chomedey), in the period from 1878 to
                  1968," by Louis Rosenberg.  Bureau of
                  Social and Economic Research, Canadian
                  Jewish Congress.  Research Papers, Series
                  E. No. 4, Feb. 15, 1969.

            -     Center for Holocaust Studies, Anti-
                  Defamation League of B'nai Brith.  The
                  Holocaust - Catalog of Publications and
                  Audio-Visual Materials, n.d.

      8     Israel - Articles, Publications

            -     "Middle East Oil:  Fact & Fiction,"
                  American Academic Association for Peace in
                  the Middle East, Middle East Issues Series
                  No. 1, January 1975. (booklet)

            -     Yaniv, A.  P.L.O. (Palestine Liberation
                  Organization) A Profile.  Jerusalem: 
                  Israel Universities Study Group for Middle
                  Eastern Affairs, 1974.  (booklet)

            -     Israel Information Centre - Jerusalem. 
                  Information Briefing 29, "Aspects of the
                  Palestinian Problem," Sept. 1974. 

            -     Secure and Recognized Boundaries - Israel's
                  Right to Live in Peace within Defensible
                  Frontiers:  Elements in the Consideration
                  of Israel's Position on the Question of
                  Boundaries.  Prepared by Carta, Jerusalem,
                  1971.  (booklet)

            -     Judea and Samaria.  Carta, Jerusalem, 1974.

            -     Gush Etzion and the Hebron Hills. 
                  Jerusalem, 1974.  (booklet)

            -     Weigert, Gideon.  What the Palestinians
                  Say.  Jerusalem, 1974.  (booklet)
            -     Kirk, H. David.  The Friendly Perversion -
                  Quakers as Reconcilers:  Good People and
                  Dirty Work.  New York:  Americans for a
                  Safe Israel, 1979.

            -     Boutros-Ghali, Boutros.  "The Foreign
                  Policy of Egypt in the Post-Sadat Era." 
                  Foreign Affairs, n.d. (photocopy)

            -     Talal, El Hassan Bin.  "Jordan's Quest for
                  Peace."  Foreign Affairs, n.d. (photocopy)

      9     Ajzensztadt, Amnon.  Endurance Chronicles of Jewish
            Resistance.  New York:  Mosaic Press, 1987.

      10    The Canadian Jewish Quarterly Viewpoints Vol. II, no. 2,
            Fall 1980.  Issue focusing on Presentations to the 
            Institute for Academic and Communal Jewish Studies,

      11    B'nai Brith Publications                              1987

            -     Shoah B'nai Brith Commemoration Service,
                  with a Yizkor Prayer for B'nai Brith
                  District #8, Destroyed on April 20, 1937,
                  Yom Ha Shoah, 1987.  B'nai Brith
                  International, 1987.

            -     Responding to Anti-Semitism - Guidelines
                  for Community Action, A Handbook.  League
                  for Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada,

            -     Hate Propaganda Information Series

            -     Brief #1 - "Denial of the Holocaust:  A
                  Perversion of Language and History."

            -     Brief #2 - "Denial of the Holocaust:  The
                  International Movement:  Anti-Semitic

            -     Brief #3 - "The Holocaust:  Facts and Sources."

            -     Brief #4 - "Imagined Conspiracies:  A Means
                  of Promoting Hatred."  League for Human
                  Rights of B'nai Brith Canada, 1987.                         
            -     The Lyndon Larouche Network:  The Canadian
                  Connection.  B'nai Brith Canada, 1987.

      12    Middle East Conflict                                  1974-83

            -     papers; journal articles; newsletters;
                  newspaper clippings; official statements
                  released by the Secretary of State for
                  External Affairs (Canada) re:  entry into
                  Canada of members of the P.L.O. to attend
                  U.N. conferences, etc., re:  Middle East
                  Policy, re:  "Palestine," 1974-75;
                  magazines and other publications. (62

      13    Middle East Conflict                                  1973-89

            -     newsletters; journal articles; magazines;
                  clippings; Anti-Defamation League memoranda
                  and reports; booklets; "The Arab Boycott in
                  Canada" - Report of the Commission on
                  Economic Coercion and Discrimination, in
                  Association with the Centre for Law and
                  Public Policy - Findings and
                  Recommendations, January 11, 1977; press
                  surveys.  (99 items)


17    1     Working Group on Holocaust                            1987-88

            -     clippings; memoranda, notices of meeting
                  and minutes of the N.B. Department of
                  Education Holocaust Education Working Group
                  (Holocaust Curriculum Working Group of the
                  Senior High School Social Studies
                  Curriculum Development Advisory Committee);
                  membership list - Holocaust Education
                  Working Group and consultants;
                  correspondence; "The Tantramar Tatler," no.
                  2, Nov. 1987 (Tantramar High School

      2     Holocaust Education                                   1985-87

            -     clippings; poster; brochure;
                  correspondence; news releases; reports;

      3     Holocaust Education                                   1986-88

            -     clippings; correspondence; reports;
                  information re:  Summer Institute on
                  Holocaust Education, UNB, July 1988;
                  brochure; memoranda; Holocaust Working
                  Group agendas and minutes; Focus Vol.
                  XVIII, no. 1, Oct. 1987 (publication of the
                  Social Studies Council of the NBTA);
                  Fredericton School Board minutes.

      4     Holocaust                                             1984-88

            -     clippings; news releases; posters;
                  correspondence; The Association of Large
                  School Boards in Ontario, Report of the
                  Task Force on Holocaust Studies, June 1,
                  1985; Holocaust Working Group materials;
                  League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith
                  Canada Brief - "The Talmud and Anti-
                  Talmudic Polemic," 1986; Hate Propaganda
                  Information Series no.'s 1-4, League for
                  Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada, 1984;
                  Toronto Board of Education - "The Holocaust
                  - Some Resource Material," Feb. 1985.

      5     N.B. Department of Education Summer Institute on      1988
            Holocaust Education

            -     correspondence; clippings; memoranda;
                  various resource materials re:  The
                  Holocaust and Holocaust Revisionism,
                  includes testimony from Nurnberg Trials.

      6     "The Holocaust and its Contemporary Implications:     1984
            An interdisciplinary curriculum prepared for the
            Toronto Board of Education"

            -     three binders containing:  1) curriculum
                  and course outline, discussion guidelines;
                  2 & 3) resource materials.

      7     "The Holocaust - A Topic of Study in History 111-     1988
            112-113,"   Program Development and Implementation
            Branch, N.B. Department of Education.

            -     curriculum guide for pilot project, 1988-


      8     Federal Election, 1979                                1979-80

            -     clippings; Progressive Conservative
                  campaign materials; notes for a speech; CBC
                  radio script; P.C. memoranda on the subject
                  of Petro-Canada; speech given by J. Robert
                  Howie, Minister of State (Transport), Jan.
                  19, 1980; news releases; scripts for P.C.
                  radio advertisements; correspondence.

      9     Howie, J. Robert                                      1987

            -     notes for a speech on "Regional Development
                  in the Atlantic Provinces," Sept./86;
                  memoranda; correspondence; excerpt from
                  House of Commons Debates (Canada), Vol.
                  129, no. 118, 2nd session, 33rd Parliament,
                  May 11, 1987 (re:  Meech Lake Accord);
                  draft motion/resolution re:  Illiteracy and
                  Education; speech re:  "Advisability of
                  Establishing National Objectives in
                  Education" made by J.R. Howie in
                  Parliament, Nov. 23, 1987.

      10    The Speaker's Manual - A Candidate's Issue Briefing   1979-80

            -     Progressive Conservative Party campaign
                  manual, includes three P.C. pamphlets.

      11    Federal Election                                      1979-80

            -     Progressive Conservative Party Canvasser's
                  Handbook; colour photograph - Joe Clark,
                  1979; Fredericton South Progressive
                  Conservative Association memoranda; polling
                  staff lists; notes/drafts for radio
                  advertisements; radio advertisement scripts
                  and schedule; draft speeches and short
                  speeches on various topics; Progressive
                  Conservative Party Atlantic Federal Caucus
                  meeting agenda, workshop materials and
                  draft report, P.E.I. Sept. 12-14, 1980.

      12    Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick       1983-85

            -     correspondence; notes re:  "a project for
                  French-English dialogue;" short biographies
                  of prominent N.B. P.C.'s; promotional
                  pamphlets; memoranda; N.B. Progressive
                  Conservative Annual General Meeting
                  materials, Nov. 8-10, 1985.

      13    Progressive Conservative Party of Canada General      1981
            Meeting, Ottawa, Feb. 27-Mar. 1, 1981

            -     correspondence; clippings; memoranda;
                  conference materials; P.C. Review News -
                  General Meeting Edition, published by the
                  P.C. Review Committee; constitution of the
                  Progressive Conservative Association of
                  Canada, 1977; proposed amendments to the
                  constitution of the Progressive
                  Conservative Association.

      14    Fredericton South, 1982 Election                      1982-83

            -     clippings; promotional material for Dave
                  Clark, Progressive Conservative candidate;
                  correspondence; draft advertisements; news
                  releases; "You count . . . A Handbook for
                  P.C. Poll Workers;" several issues of The
                  Brunswickan (UNB's student newspaper);
                  campaign stickers; speech made by David
                  Clark, M.L.A. during the Throne Speech
                  debate, Legislative Assembly of N.B., April
                  13, 1983.

      15    Federal Election - 1984                               1982-84

            -     Liberal Party, New Democratic Party and
                  Progressive Conservative Party campaign
                  materials; radio and newspaper
                  advertisement scripts (P.C.); draft
                  biographies of J. Robert Howie;
                  correspondence; memoranda; memoranda from
                  the Committee for a P.C. Leadership
                  Convention, 1982.

      16    Fredericton South Progressive Conservative            1980-85

            -     correspondence; questionnaires; memoranda;
                  chronology of events - N.B. Progressive
                  Conservative kickbacks scandal
                  (VanHorne/Atkinson), 1972-80; minutes of
                  the Fredericton South Progressive
                  Conservative Association Director's
                  meetings; FSPCA Constitution (rev. 1981);
                  P.C. Constituency Fundraising and Event
                  Manual (P.C. Party of Canada); Fredericton
                  South Progressive Conservative Association
                  1985 Report of Official Representative,
                  Jan. 21, 1986.
18    1     Progressive Conservatives                             1980-88

            -     Fredericton South P.C. Committee on
                  Election Strategy, Reports, July, August,
                  1987; speech given by J.B.M. Baxter, King's
                  West Annual Meeting, Hampton, N.B., April
                  22, 1981 re:  ". . . Mr Trudeau's
                  Constitutional Proposal . . .;" list of
                  Fredericton South Polling divisions, 1986;
                  background information - Progressive
                  Conservative National Policy Conference,
                  Toronto, May 13-16, 1982; clippings;
                  correspondence; National Citizen's
                  Coalition Opinion Poll results, 1982 re: 
                  electoral response to potential P.C.
                  leaders; speech given by J. Robert Howie
                  re:  the Constitution, Feb. 17, 1981;
                  memoranda; Fredericton South P.C.
                  Association minutes; notes.

      2     J.W. Bird                                             1980-81

            -     draft comments by B. Vigod re:  Bill 88;
                  correspondence; address given by J.W. Bird,
                  Minister of Natural Resources, Province of
                  New Brunswick at the National Resources
                  Conference, Sept. 12, 1981, Banff, Alberta
                  - "Canada's Forests:  Transition to
                  Management - A Committment to Action;"
                  clippings; N.B. Crown Lands and Forests
                  Act, Chapter C-38.1, July 16, 1980; "An
                  introduction to the new Crown Land and
                  Forests Act," Department of Natural
                  Resources, Aug. 1980.

      3     J.W. Bird                                             1988

            -     memorandum from B. Vigod to J.W. Bird, Oct.
                  13, 1988 re:  various election issues,
                  including abortion and The Meech Lake

      4     Progressive Conservative Party Publications

            -     P.C. Task Force on Revenue Canada - Summary
                  of Recommendations. [1984]

            -     "The Last Straw" - Report of the Task Force
                  on Rail Passenger Service, P.C. Party of
                  Canada, Oct., 1981.

            L.  FRENCH IMMERSION

      5     French Immersion Correspondence                       1982-87

            -     correspondence re:  N.B. School District 26
                  Board of School Trustees decision to cancel
                  their Early French Immersion Programme;
                  Parents for Early Immersion memoranda,
                  minutes and press releases; School District
                  26 Technical Report:  Volume Three -
                  Education - "A Report Prepared on
                  Restructuring of Second Language Programs,"
                  [1985]; Final Report - "Evaluation of the
                  French Skills of Grade 6 Students in Early
                  and Middle French Immersion Programs in the
                  Toronto Board of Education," March 1984,
                  (Ontario Institute for Studies in
                  Education); Affidavit of Vicky A. Gray,
                  with attached exhibits in the Court of
                  Queen's Bench (N.B.) complaint by Parents
                  for Early Immersion Inc.  Gail Storr, Susan
                  Morell, B. Vigod vs. the School Board of
                  District 26; affidavits of B. Vigod, Gail
                  Storr, Susan Morell, Duncan Matheson;
                  Parents for Early Immersion Resolutions;
                  N.B. Department of Education Policy
                  Statement no. 501 re:  Immersion classes,
                  July 1, 1982; draft submission to the
                  Minister of Education by Parents for Early
                  Immersion; pamphlet produced by Parents for
                  Early Immersion re:  "The Abolition of
                  Early Immersion in School District 26;"
                  N.B. School Trustees' Association statement
                  re:  ". . . the  Minister of Education's 
                  Attack on the Autonomy of District 26,"
                  April 21, 1986; notes and drafts;
                  clippings; statement of Fact and Law
                  submitted to the Court of Queen's Bench
                  (N.B.) by Parents for Early Immersion April
                  21, 1986; Board of School Trustees, School
                  District 26, minutes, Feb. 20, 1986;
                  Parents for Early Immersion - "An analysis
                  of Technical Reports provided to the
                  District 26 School Board to justify the
                  elimination of the Early French Immersion
                  program . . .," Feb. 20, 1986.

      6     French Immersion - Articles                           1983-86

            -     brochures, pamphlets and newsletter
                  produced by Canadian Parents for French;
                  photocopied articles; various publications
                  containing articles on French Immersion;
                  correspondence; briefs, reports, and notes
                  re:  Fredericton Early Immersion
                  controversy; N.B. School Trustees
                  Association and N.B. Department of
                  Education memoranda re:  Admissions
                  Procedures/Second Language Education, 1983-
                  84; reports; briefs; clippings; notice of
                  oral examination with abstract for Viviane
                  M. Edwards, M.Ed. "French Immersion in New
                  Brunswick:  The Early Years 1969-85;"
                  Annual Report - Board of School Trustees,
                  School District 26, 1985-86.

      7     French Immersion                                      1984-86

            -     A Study of Second Language (French)
                  Programs - Board of School Trustees
                  District 26, Fredericton, New Brunswick,
                  February 1984, as well as other documents
                  submitted as evidence in the legal action
                  brought by Parents for Early Immersion
                  against the School District 26 School
                  Board; NBTA News, Vol. XXIX, no. 1, Sept.
                  1986; Canadian Parents for French brochure,

      8     French Immersion - Current                            1988

            -     clippings; Canadian Parents for French -
                  N.B. Branch notice of Annual Meeting, 1988;
                  Canadian Parents for French National
                  Newsletter no. 41, Spring 1988, and no. 42,
                  Summer 1988.

      9     Canadian Parents for French                           1986-88

            -     brochures; national and N.B. newsletters;
                  C.P.F.-N.B. Executive Meeting Minutes, Aug.

      10    School District 26 - Board of School Trustees         1985-86

            -     statement issued at a School District 26
                  meeting, Feb. 20, 1986, re:  New Second
                  Language Program; minutes, 1985-86.

      11    French Immersion Controversy                          1984-86

            -     Language and Society, no. 12, Winter 1984
                  (Special Issue); correspondence; briefs;
                  articles; reports; clippings; N.B. Office
                  of Government Reform - Working Paper on
                  Second Language Instruction, n.d.; School
                  District 26 brochure re:  Second Language
                  Programs, 1986; "Representative Comments
                  from the Parent Survey on Grade 4 Entry to
                  French Immersion," Connaught Street School,
                  Feb. 10, 1986.

      12    Scrapbook - French Immersion - School District 26     1986

            -     clippings.

      13    Scrapbook - French Immersion - School District 26     1984-86

            -     clippings.

            M.  PERSONAL

      14    Transcripts and Other Documents                       1962-71

            -     B. Vigod's academic transcripts from the
                  University of Manitoba, Carleton
                  University, Queen's University and Grant
                  Park High School, Winnipeg, Manitoba;
                  portion of an application to the Canada
                  Council for a doctoral fellowship, 1971-72;
                  B. Vigod's curriculum vitae [1971];
                  correspondence re:  B. Vigod's
                  comprehensive examinations, Queen's

      15    Job Correspondence                                    1970-75

      16    University of New Brunswick Employment                1970-78

      17    Correspondence                                        1973

            -     includes correspondence with the Canada
                  Council, and a copy of the Canada Council
                  Award-Holder's Guide, Humanities and
                  Sciences, 1973-74.

      18    Salary Dispute                                        1974-78

            -     correspondence; memoranda.

      19    Correspondence - Sabbatical Year                      1976-77

      20    Correspondence                                        1979-82

      21    Employment and other Correspondence                   1980-88

      22    Promotion Documents                                   1979-84

            -     correspondence; memoranda; letters of
                  reference; c.v.'s.

      23    Sabbatical/Study Leave                                1982-84

            -     memoranda; receipts; correspondence;
                  documents pertaining to an application for
                  a SSHRCC Leave Fellowship.

19    1     Employment Correspondence                             1985-86

            -     includes correspondence from various
                  federal government agencies, ministries and

      2     Correspondence                                        1985-87
      3     Conferences, 1987                                     1986-87

            -     correspondence; c.v.; conference materials.

      4     Correspondence                                        [1986]-88

            -     includes autographed copy of the League of
                  Canadian Poets Chapbook Journey Without
                  Words by Alfred Bailey; correspondence with
                  the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, etc.

      5     Correspondence                                        1988

            -     includes conference materials;
                  correspondence re:  the Roger Graham
                  festschrift; "L'etat et les marchands de la
                  haine:  l'experience du Nouveau-Brunswick,"
                  paper presented by B. Vigod at the 56e
                  Congres de l'Association canadienne-
                  francaise pour l'Avancement des Sciences,
                  Moncton, May 10, 1988.

      6     Connaught Street School and Family Association        1984-88

            -     Connaught Street School and Family
                  Association Constitution, 1974 and revised,
                  1987; correspondence; Connaught Street
                  School and Family Association volunteer
                  list, 1987-88; memoranda.

      7     Canadian Institute of International Affairs           1978-83

            -     correspondence; Handbook for branches,
                  1978; memoranda; minutes CIIA National
                  Council meetings, June 4 and Oct. 30, 1982;
                  annual reports of various branches, 1981;
                  CIIA Research Programme First Annual
                  Report, 1981-82; CIIA Annual Report, 1981-

      8     Miscellaneous Reports - Economics - Atlantic Region   1979-80

            -     "Position of the N.B. Milk Marketing Board
                  on the Subject of Canada-U.S. Trade,"
                  August, 1986.

            -     "The Comparative State of the Atlantic
                  Region," a report prepared by the
                  Progressive Conservative Research Office,
                  Feb. 13, 1979, revised June 28, 1984.

            -     "Economic Development Prospects in Atlantic
                  Region," prepared by the Department of
                  Regional Economic Expansion, Dec. 1979.

            -     "Economic Development Prospects in New
                  Brunswick," prepared by the Department of
                  Regional Economic Expansion, Dec. 1979. 
                  Includes insert - newsletter from J. Robert
                  Howie, M.P., July 1980.

      9     Education Reform                                      1980-84

            Restricted material in file.

            -     "President's message - A Role we Must
                  Play," by Bert Hanratty, N.B. Teacher's
                  Association President, from NBTA News,
                  n.d.; "A response to:  Education for the
                  80's and 90's," a document prepared by B.
                  Vigod in response to a submission made to
                  the New Brunswick Office of Government
                  Reform by the NBTA, and related
                  correspondence; "Education for the 80's and
                  90's," a submission to Hon. Brenda
                  Robertson, M.L.A. Minister of Social
                  Program Reform by the New Brunswick
                  Teacher's Association, Feb. 27, 1984; other
                  related briefs, reports, articles,
                  clippings, new releases and memoranda;
                  transcripts of UNB Education students (4
                  year programme) 1983-84; N.B. Department of
                  Education Curriculum and Research Branch
                  syllabus for History 122-121, n.d.

      10    Graham Festschrift                                    1980-87

            -     correspondence re:  scholarly volume to be
                  produced in honour of Roger Graham,
                  Professor of History, Queen's University;
                  drafts of B. Vigod's essay for this volume,
                  "Betrayal and Revenge:  Quebec Liberals and
                  the Conscription Crisis." (Note:  see also
                  Box 19, File 5)

      11    Graham Festschrift                                    1987-88

            -     correspondence re:  B. Vigod's contribution
                  to the Roger Graham festschrift "Points of
                  Departure:  Eight Canadians and the Great
                  War;" drafts of B. Vigod's essay for this
                  volume, "Betrayal and Revenge:  Alexandre
                  Taschereau and the Conscription Crisis."

      12    Preschool Centre Inc. - RESTRICTED                    1981-82

            -     notice of meeting, agenda, memoranda and
                  other documents pertaining to the Personnel
                  Committee of the Preschool Centre. 
                  Includes personnel policies, terms of
                  reference of the Personnel Committee,
                  guidelines for the operation of the
                  Preschool, and documents pertaining to a
                  complaint against a Preschool staff member.

      13    Charmian Buckner Estate                               1981-84

            -     correspondence, financial records and legal
                  documents pertaining to the estate of
                  Charmian Buckner, for which B. Vigod was

      14    Affair Corbett                                        1982-84

            -     correspondence re:  Robert Corbett,
                  Progressive Conservative M.P. for Fundy-
                  Royal, and his public position regarding
                  the Palestinian question and the
                  Palestinian Liberation Organization;

      15    Miscellaneous Correspondence                          1974-87

      16    Miscellaneous                                         1976-88

            -     miscellaneous articles and publications,
                  including articles on topics in Canadian
                  history and the Middle East; syllabus and
                  readings for History 112, Program
                  Development & Implementation Branch, N.B.
                  Department of Education, 1979; paper by
                  D.G. Thompson, "The French Jesuit Leaders
                  and the Crises of 1756-62," May, 1981. 


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