Series 1

Files of Beverley F. Macaulay, Vice-President (Administration). -- 1948-1974 [predominant 1961-1974]. -- (26 cubic boxes).

Beverley F. Macaulay served as the University of New Brunswick's first Vice-President Administration from 1961 to 1974. The files in this series document the administrative and operational responsibilities of Macaulay's office. UNB experienced a period of rapid expansion during Macaulay's tenure, and many of these files relate to new construction projects and to the development of a second campus in Saint John in 1964. Macaulay was active in fund-raising financial campaigns, particularly with the establishment of the UNB Development Program. He was instrumental in securing grants from funding institutions including the New Brunswick Higher Education Commission, the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, and the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

A large portion of Macaulay's job was taken up with planning and new construction. A building program initiated in 1948 at UNB continued at an unprecedented rate until the late 1960s, with the establishment of the UNB Development Programme in 1963 to finance new construction. The North Carolina architectural firm of Larson and Larson introduced the red brick Georgian design which dominated construction during this period. Among the numerous construction projects completed in the 1960s were Carleton Hall (1960), Neill House (1961), the Bank of Montreal, Lady Dunn Hall, Bridges House and Harrison House (1963), Mackenzie House (1965), and the Harriet Irving Library (1967).

Correspondence comprises a large portion of the fonds. Macaulay served under two UNB Presidents, Colin B. Mackay, and John Anderson, and he corresponded frequently with these two officials. He also exchanged frequent correspondence with Chester L. Mahan, Comptroller, Edith G. McLeod, Registrar, Desmond Pacey, Dean of Graduate Studies and Head of the Department of English, L.A. Dawson, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, Brigadier A.F. Knight, Director of Personnel, Alan Pacey, Director of Information, W.H. Scott, Residence Business Manager, Mrs. J.P. Kidd, Dean of Women's Residences, R.H. Grant, Dean of Men's Residences, and Eric Garland, Director of Academic and Campus Planning. Other correspondents include W. Dana Wasson, Director of the Computing Centre, Msg. Donald C. Duffie, President of Saint Thomas University, J.O. Dineen, Dean of Engineering, R.J. Love, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Gertrude Gunn, Librarian, A.G. Bailey, Dean of Arts, G. Forbes Elliot, Principal of UNBSJ, Katherine MacLaggan, Dean of Nursing, James F. O'Sullivan, head of the New Brunswick Higher Education Commission, and Betty Hamilton, Purchasing Agent for UNB.

A large portion of this series comprises Planning and Development files relating to the planning and construction of new buildings on both the UNB Fredericton and the Saint John campuses. Macaulay oversaw all aspects of new construction, from correspondence with architects such as Fredrick Larson and construction firms including ADI and Diamond Construction, to dealings with lawyers and input into choice of furnishings. Formats include photographs, blueprints, tenders, contracts, plans and specifications, maps, receipts, invoices, and contracts. Of particular note are the files relating to the establishment of the new Saint John campus at Tucker Park in 1969.

Another significant part of the series comprises extensive fiscal records including budgets, operating and capital expenses, and departmental statements.

Buildings and grounds files document Macaulay's widespread responsibilities for the everyday operation of the university, from construction to the purchasing of paper towels or the development of policies on male students entertaining females in their rooms in residence. He dealt with issues ranging from the sale of university properties and taxation concerns to traffic and space problems on campus, and personnel issues such as fringe benefits, pensions, and group insurance.

Other files highlight the administrative operations of the university and include minutes from various committees as well as from faculty, the Senate, and the Board of Governors. Material relating to annual events such as Registration, Encaenia, Convocation, and Founders' Day also are represented in this series.

Macaulay participated in a number of national organizations including the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada and the Canadian Association of University Business Officers, and the series includes several files documenting activities related to these organizations.

Macaulay frequently corresponded with other Canadian administrators to seek feedback on how other institutions were addressing issues dominating universities during the period of rapid change in the nineteen sixties. Of particular note is the student democratic movement nation-wide, and the increasing participation of both faculty and students in the academic process. The establishment of the University Residence Board in 1966 and the appointment of Law Dean William F. Ryan's Commission on the Residential System marked the beginning of more active student participation in the administration of the university. Materials related to the Bladen Commission on the financing of higher education and the Bailey Commission on the future of the University of New Brunswick are included in this series.

In 1972, UNB received a donation of the N. Myles Brown Collection of North American Game Animals, a collection of stuffed animals and horns. Brown also bequeathed trust funds from the Woodstock Museum of Ohio. The Heads and Horns file (15.13) includes colour photographs of the collection, together with correspondence concerning where to house the collection. Temporary storage was found on the second floor of the education building, with plans to relocate the collection to the new forestry building.

The title of the series is taken from the file contents.

Files are organized alphabetically, with reverse chronological arrangement of file contents. Some files may contain personal information which may require limited restriction. Temporary removal of such material would ensure that the balance of the file would remain accessible.

Other materials relating to the Office of the Vice-President Administration are located in the Papers of the Office of the Comptroller, housed in the UNB Archives and Special Collections Department, including budgets, minutes, construction, building, and personnel files. A finding aid to these papers is available.


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