Series 6 Sub-Series 3: Salary, Statistics and Discrimination.    

Arrangement is alphabetical by article title.

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File 06

•    Application of Multivariate Regression to Studies of Salary Differences between Men and Women Faculty - University of California; 1973

•    Aspiration for Equality Between the Sexes by Dr. Jill Katheryn Conway - Speech for St. Thomas University Convocation; 13 May 1975

•    Comparison of Men’s and Women’s Salaries and Employment Fringe Benefits in the Academic Profession - Prepared for the Canadian Association of University Teachers by R. A. H. Robson; n.d.

•    Declaration on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women - United Nations; 1967

•    Discrimination Against Women “Rampant” - Report - The Chronicle Herald; 16 Feb 1974

•    Discrimination: Women Charge Universities, Colleges with Bias by Nancy Gruchow - Science, vol 168; 1970    

•    Economics of the American Housewife by John Kenneth Galbraith - The Atlantic (Monthly) vol 232, no 2; Aug 1973

•    Equal Pay for Women - Reference Division, Central Office of Information, London, England; Sep 1973

•    Explaining Male-Female Wage Differentials  for the  “Same Job” by Robert Goldfarb and James R. Hosek - The Journal of Human Resources; Winter 1976

•    Fair Employment of Women Through Personnel Research by Virginia Ellen Schein - Personnel Journal; May 1972

•    Florence Bascom and the Exclusion of Women from Earth Science Curriculum Materials by Lois Arnold - Journal of Geological Education vol 23; 1975

•    Guidelines for ensuring compliance with the New Brunswick Human Rights Code in the matter of discrimination on the grounds of sex or marital status in employee benefit programs; 1973

•     How to Analyse the Fairness of Faculty Women’s Salaries on your own Campus by Barbara R. Bergmann, and Myles Maxfield, Jr.; Autumn 1975

•    Images of Males and Females in Elementary School Textbooks - University of California; n.d.

•    It is Illegal in N.B. (& throughout Canada) to Specify Sex and/or Marital Status! - Managerial Effectiveness Ltd;  n.d.

•    Male-Female Earnings Differentials in Canada by R A. Holmes; Journal of Human Resources; Winter 1976   

•    Male-Female Sample Classification Comparison - California State University; n.d.

•    Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings; 1971-1976

•    Psychological and Social Barriers to Women in Science by Martha S. White - Science, vol 170; 1970
File 07  ‘R-W’  •    Report of the President’s Advisory Committee on Equal Rights for Women and Men - Supplement to the University of Waterloo Gazette; 21 Nov 1973 (2 copies)

•    Report of the President’s Advisory Committee on Women’s Salaries (Academic) - University of Western Ontario Western News Supplement; 30 Oct 1975 

•    Report of the President’s Committee on Equal Rights - University of Windsor; Jun 1976

•    Report on Sex Discrimination in Faculty Salaries at Memorial University of Newfoundland by William E. Schrank - Parts I and II; 1973-74

•    Report to President H Ian MacDonald, York University, of The Presidential Committee to Review the Salaries of Full-Time Faculty Women; 15 Nov 1976

•    Retirement Benefits for men and women -The Participant; July 1973

•    Sex Discrimination in Universities : An Approach Through Internal Labour Market; Spring 1974

•    Sex Discrimination : Campuses Face Contract Loss over HEW Demands by Robert J. Bazell - Science, vol 170; 1970

•    Sexism in Higher Education by Margaret Gillett - presented at Conference of Canadian Association of Foundations of Education, University of Alberta; 4 Jun 1975

•    Ten Years of Women’s Liberation - The Telegraph Journal Weekend Magazine; 30 Sep 1978

•    Universities are not the Most Satisfying Places for Women to Work In by Norma V. Bowen, Associate Professor University of Guelph; [1974]

•    Women and Post-Secondary Education in Ontario - prepared for Ontario Status of Women Council; Apr 1974

•    Women Faculty Salary Review -York Gazette, vol 6, no 3; 22 Oct 1975

•    Women in Academe by Patricia Albjerg Graham - Science, vol 169; 1970

•    Women in Canadian Universities - a Statistical Compendium prepared by Statistics Canada in co-operation with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada; Oct, 1975

•    Women in Physics by Gloria B. Lubkin - Physics Today; Apr 1971

•    Women in Science by Jean E. Simmons - AAAS Symposium, Chicago; 27 Dec 1970

•    Working Women in Ontario Fact Sheet; 1972

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