Series 6 Sub-Series 1: Status of Women - Material Related to UNB.

Arrangement is alphabetical by article title.

Box 2
File  01            •    Image of Women in Psychology Textbooks by Vicky A. Gray; Mar 1976

•    Papers/Essays of Related Interest to the Task Force - includes a report by student Edie Toner re student aid,
a Student Aid booklet, and The Changing Role of Women in the Canadian Labour Force by Constantine Passaris
(UNB Economics professor); 1976-77

•    Stats Canada - Comparative Salaries of Men and Women Faculty Members at U.N.B for Years 1972-73 and 1975-76

•    University of New Brunswick (Office of Registrar) - Summary of Registration; 1977-1978

•    Women Professors Cite Discrimination by Jon Everett.  n.d.

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