Series 1 Sub-Series 2:  Reports and Interviews of UNB Groups and Individuals.

Scope and Content: 
This sub-series contains reports, briefs, completed questionnaires and input received from UNB groups, departments and individuals expressing their opinions on the status of women at UNB.  Much of the material is original and consists of typescript and manuscript records.

Arrangement is alphabetical by file title.

Box 1
File 10
Briefs from departments to Task Force; 1976-1977
File 11
Briefs from personnel, and corporate bodies; 1976-1978 : Restricted
File 12
Controversial Examination Paper; 1976 : Restricted
File 13
Private interviews; 1976-1978 : Restricted
File 14 Questionnaires (completed); 1970-1977; predominant 1977 : Restricted
File 15 Reactions from faculty and librarians; 1976-78
File 16 Reactions from staff; 1978
File 17 Reports presented at Task Force Open Meeting on 17 March 1977; 1977

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