Series 1 Sub-Series 1:  Briefs/Reports of Task Force Committees.

Scope and Content: 
This sub-series contains mostly original briefs and reports of the committees reporting to the Task Force; namely, Briefs, Communications, Compensation, Documentation, Editorial, Legal, and Staff and Faculty committees.  Also included is a report compiled by students Margaret MacWilliam and Paula Wilson, who were employed by the Task Force to research and report on women students at UNB. A copy of the Task Force’s Final Report to the President can also be found in this sub-series.  The material consists mostly of typescript, but also contains some handwritten working notes.

Arrangement is alphabetical by file title.

Box 1
File 01
Briefs Committee; 1976-77 
File 02
Communications Committee; 1976
File 03
Compensation Committee; 1976-1977
File 04
Documentation Committee - includes a selective bibliography compiled by Professor Gillian Thompson (Task Force Secretary) and report by Jane Hinson; 1976-77
File 05 Editorial Committee; 1977-78
File 06 Legal Committee; 1976
File 07  Staff and Faculty Committee; 1977
File 08
Task Force on the Status of Women at UNB - final preparation and receipt of completed report by UNB President; 1977-1979
File 09 Women Students at UNB; report prepared by students Margaret MacWilliam and Paula Wilson; 1977 

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