Series 6, Sub-series 1: Scrapbooks on Specific Subjects. -- various dates -- 37 cm of textual material.

Scope and Content: This sub-series contains scrapbooks arranged according to subject matter, most of which deals with the Maritime provinces. The contents of these scrapbooks consist almost exclusively of newspaper clippings, although there is at least one exception where a pamphlet was included. Some scrapbooks follow a rough chronology but this is not the norm.

Arrangement is arbitrary.


Title: Title is based on contents of the series

Related Material: Those files that have cross-references in other series or sub-series have been annotated in the file listings.

Series 6, sub-series 1: File Listings.

On Shelf

1. New Brunswick - Newspapers

2. New Brunswick - Religion

3. Maritimes - History

4. New Brunswick - Canals

5. New Brunswick - Industries

6. New Brunswick - Railways

7. Prince Edward Island - History

8. New Brunswick - History

9. Biographies
*This is an extensive scrapbook, and contains the biographies of a variety of Canadian people. At the beginning of the scrapbook is a listing of the people included, and the consequent page where their information can be found.

10. New Brunswick - Ships and Ship Building

11. Nova Scotia - History

12. New Brunswick - Government and Politics until 1929

13. New Brunswick - Government and Politics 1930 -1946

14. New Brunswick - Labour

15 . New Brunswick - Native Peoples

16. New Brunswick - Social Welfare

17. "Viewing the News" (with Elmore Philpott, 1941 -1949)
* "Viewing the News" was a weekly opinion article written by Elmore Philpott, that appeared in the Saint Croix Courier.
* Elmer Philpott articles can also be found in series 7, file 20.

18. United Empire Loyalists

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