1. n.d.  Jane MacLeod Madge Smith Thanking Madge for gifts of a doll and bracelet; Christmas in Washington.  (2 pp.) 
 2. n.d. Myrtle Nichol Madge Smith Copies of photographs of Pegi, friends, and students sent to Myrtle by Madge. 
(3 pp.) 
 3. n.d. Helen Beals Madge Smith Pegis Army and Navy Baseball picture reaching Helen in time for a show in Montreal.
(2 pp.)
 4. n.d. Helen Beals Madge Smith Acquiring and settling a selling price for one of Pegis works she wanted to give in aid of the Queens Fund.  (3 pp.)
 5. n.d.  Ted [Campbell] Madge Smith Karen Bulow sending Madge wool scraps from which to make rugs; Avery Shaw has designs he would like to have hooked.  (1 pp.)
 6. Nov. 14, 1941  Walter Abell Madge Smith Acquiring snaps of Pegis work in progress for Maritime Art.  (1 pp.)
 7. Dec. 10, 1941  Walter Abell Madge Smith Returned prints; negatives of Pegi MacLeods work; possibility of Miss Smiths work appearing in Maritime Art.  (1 pp.)
 8. Aug. 25, 1942  Gertrude Ingall Madge Smith Acknowledges receipt of Madge Smiths Aug. 20th letter and hooked rug.  (1 pp.)
 9. Sept. 16, 1942  H.O. McCurry Madge Smith Inquiring about price of a hooked rug done from Pegi Nicols design.  (1 pp.)
10. Oct. 20, 1942 H.I. Drummond Madge Smith Details of the Canadian contribution to the19th Annual Womens  International Exposition of Arts and Industries; request for hooked rugs done by Madge, Pegi.  (1 pp.)
11. Aug. 12, 1944  Scheyer Ltd. (Florist) Pegi MacLeod Receipt for 1 bouquet.  (1 pp.)
12. Sept. 12, 1944  Kathleen Fenwick M. Madge Smith Returning paintings to Madge.  (1 pp.)
13. Mar. 5, 1945  Lyda Pegi MacLeod Rush of getting ready to go to Mexico.  (1 pp.)
14. Apr. 6, 1945  J.D. Ralph Madge Smith Mr. Grierson s appreciation for having been loaned some of Pegis drawing; forwarded colour photographs.  (1 pp.)
15. Apr. 10, 1945  Madge Smith John Grierson Receiving John Grierson photographs of Pegis work; obtaining copies of photographs. 
(2 pp.)
16. Apr. 12, 1945  H.O. McCurry Madge Smith Miss Smiths request for prints.  (1 pp.)
17. [July 25, 1945]  Ted [Campbell] Madge Smith Teds upcoming Saturday night party to show a small exhibition of watercolours in his fixed-up studio; hopes Pegi and she can come.  (1 pp.)
18. July 29, 1945 Edith (Hudsic) Bishop Madge Smith Regrets that the mats, photos, original sketches did not arrive in time for exhibition.  (2 pp.)
19. Oct. 12, 1945  Grace L. Caughlin Madge Smith Crib blankets woven at the school; Marjorie Rogers and Charles Raymond enjoying their work with Pegi.  (1 pp.)
20. Nov. 8, 1945  Kathleen Fenwick Madge Smith Silk screen prints by Marion Scott and Doernbach that Pegi asked to have sent to Madge.  (1 pp.)
21. Dec. 4, 1945  Marion Scott Madge Smith Sending prints to Madge; price charged by Marian to clear $5.00.  (4 pp.)
22. Feb. 15, 1946  Marion Scott Madge Smith Madges check for prints; feeling as though they knew one another through Pegi, though she hopes to meet Madge one day.  (4 pp.)
23. Jan. 21, 1947  Marion Scott Madge Smith Madge receiving more of Marians prints; Marian preparing for an exhibition at the Provincial Museum Quebec.  (2 pp.)
24. Jan. 28, 1947  Marion Scott Madge Smith Using Madges payment for prints to buy a book on Picasso.  (1 pp.)
25. Jan. 21, 1948  H.O. McCurry Pegi MacLeod Reproduction of some of Pegis pieces in Canadian Art; Pegis show arriving early in Ottawa.  (1 pp.)
26. June 11, 1948  Max Stern Madge Smith Prepaid shipment of water-colours to be kept by Madge until Pegis arrival in Fredericton.  (1 pp.)
27. Oct. 9, 1948  Madge Smith [Herself] Memo regarding arrangements for transferring payments of Pegis the Plaza and Christmas Tree Radio City.  (1 pp.)
28. Dec. 29, 1948 Jane [MacLeod] Madge Smith Receiving Madges gift of a doll and mittens.  (3 pp.)
29. Jan. 27, 1949 Ina F. MacLeod Madge Smith Informing Pegis friend about her malignant cancer.  (2 pp.)
30. [Jan. 28, 1949]  Ina F. MacLeod Madge Smith Despite a slight improvement, Ina cautions Pegis friends to conceal their knowledge of her hopeless condition.  (1 pp.)
31. Feb. 12, 1949  Norman [MacLeod] Madge Smith Telegram; Pegis death.  (1 pp.)
32. Feb. 13, 1949  Ina F. MacLeod Lucy [Jarvis]  Pegis last days and funeral arrangement.  (3 pp.)
33. Feb. 17, 1949  H.O. McCurry Madge Smith Receiving news of Pegis death.  (1 pp.)
34. Feb. 17, 1949  Ina F. MacLeod Madge Smith Description of Pegis funeral.  (2 pp.)
35. Mar. 3, 1949 Ina F. MacLeod Madge Smith Organizing Pegis canvasses; getting a copy of Graham McInnes tribute in the Gleaner.  (2 pp.)
36. Mar. 15, 1949  D.W. Buchanan Madge Smith Securing paintings from Pegis Fredericton period for a memorial exhibition.  (1 pp.)
37. Mar. 16, 1949  Mr. & Mrs. W.W. Nicol Madge Smith Thanking Madge for her thoughtfulness.  (2 pp.)
38. Mar. 25, 1949  D.W. Buchanan Madge Smith Thanks for Madge Smiths letter about Pegi Nicol and her paintings.  (1 pp.)
39. [Mar. 1949]  Iva F. MacLeod Madge Smith An interesting flower show; Norman and Janes departure for Ottawa to visit Pegis parents.  (2 pp.)
40. Mar. 28, 1949  Vaughan DeLong Madge Smith Learning of Pegis death.  (1 pp.)
41. Apr. 2, 1949  D.W. Buchanan Madge Smith Receiving Pegis watercolours from the University of New Brunswick; alerting Madge to the June 10th, publication of his article on Pegi.  (1 pp.) 
42. Apr. 13, 1949  Edith Hudsic Bishop Madge Smith Thanks for clippings about Pegi and photographs of Pegi and Jane and the Saint John River.  (2 pp.)
43. Apr. 15, 1949  Joan [Wright] Madge Smith Feeling Pegis absence.  (2 pp.)
44. Apr. 19, 1949  Jo Hay [F.W. Hay] Madge Smith Pleasure of receiving recent photos of Pegi and Jane.  (2 pp.)
45. Apr. 21, 1949  Marion Hobson Madge Smith Thanks for snaps of Pegi and notice of the article in Canadian Art.  (2 pp.)
46. Apr. 26, 1949  Kathleen Fenwick Madge Smith Appreciation of receiving pictures of Pegi.  (2 pp.)
47. Apr. 26, 1949  Grace Ritchie Madge Smith Pleasure of receiving photos of Pegi; recalling a visit a year before Pegis death.
(2 pp.)
48. Apr. 27, 1949  D.W. Buchanan Madge Smith Collecting and sorting Pegis paintings for the memorial exhibition.  (1 pp.)
49. May 5, 1949  D.W. Buchanan Madge Smith Sorting and choosing paintings for Pegis memorial exhibition.  (1 pp.)
50. May 10, 1949  D.W. Buchanan Madge Smith The final decision about the paintings for Pegis memorial exhibition.  (1 pp.)
51. May 26, 1949  Ralph [Hicklin] Madge Smith Forwarding what he forgot to give Madge before he left.  (1 pp.)
52. June 14, 1949  Trustees of the National
Gallery of Canada
Madge Smith Invitation to the opening of the Pegi Nicol MacLeod Memorial Exhibition.  (1 pp.)
53. June 18, 1949  D.W. Buchanan Madge Smith Arranging a date to show the Pegi Nicol Exhibition at U.N.B.  (1 pp.)
54. June 30, 1949  Kathleen Fenwick Madge Smith Sending press clippings about Pegis exhibition.  (2 pp.)
55. July 19, 1949  Kathleen Fenwick Madge Smith Receiving Madges July 13 letter; forwarding more copies of the catalogue of the exhibition.  (2 pp.)
56. Aug. 25, 1949  H.O. McCurry Madge Smith The interest the exhibition has aroused and therefore, arranging a travelling exhibition.  ( 1 pp.)
57. Aug. 29, 1949  H.O. McCurry Madge Smith Arrangements to be made for the travelling exhibition of Pegi Nicols work.  (1 pp.)
58. Dec. 23, 1949  Marion Scott Madge Smith Receiving a copy of Desmond Paceys tribute to Pegi.  (1 pp.)
59. Apr. 6, 1950  R.H. Hubbard Madge Smith Returning Ratings on the Grass a painting by Pegi loaned to the exhibition by Madge.  (1 pp.)
60. Feb. 17, 1951  Marion [Miles Pennington] Madge Smith Marions recent visit to Fredericton.  (2 pp.)
61. Apr. 3, 1951  H.O. McCurry Madge Smith Returning Nuns and Ratings to Madge at the close of the travelling Memorial Exhibition of Paintings by Pegi Nicol MacLeod.  (1 pp.)
62. Apr. 23, 1951  R.H. Hubbard Madge Smith Having passed a pleasant visit with Madge Smith.  (1 pp.)
63. Nov. 26, 1952  D.W. Buchanan Madge Smith Locating negatives and photographs of Pegis designs for hooked mats.  (1 pp.)
64. Apr. 18, 1956  Karen Bulow Madge Smith The possibility of using Pegis rug designs.  (1 pp.)
65. Nov. 14, 1962 K.W. Lines Madge Smith Researching material for possible articles and radio script on Pegi Nicol MacLeod.  (1 pp.)
66. Jan. 14, 1963  Marion [Miles Pennington] Madge Smith The whereabouts of one of Pegis favourite paintings; recollecting a sitting for the last painting Pegi did.  (2 pp.)
67. [Apr. 1963]  Jane Ford (nee MacLeod) Madge Smith Receiving photographs from Madge; general news about Jane and David.  (2 pp.)
68. Aug. 4, 1963  Russell Harper Madge Smith Pleasure of knowing that the little publication on Pegi Nicol MacLeod was approved.  (1 pp.)

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