Series 8, sub-series 2: Slides Mainly Related to Drama. -- 1952-1991 -- 3184 col. slides.

Scope and Content: This sub-series contains images that mainly relate to various drama productions with which Shaw was involved, although there are a few that depict events related to drama, but not directly related to specific productions. The productions that are documented mostly contain images of the set, scenes from the play itself, and behind-the-scenes activities such as building of the set and make-up. Those slides not directly linked to productions include images from events such as parties and trips taken due to participation in certain festivals.

Arrangement is roughly chronological.


Title: Title is based on contents of the sub-series.

Other: Some slides are individually labelled, while others are not. The term "Labelled" encompasses any written description that Shaw has added to the slide, such as the production that it depicts or the date.

Other: From volume 1 until almost the end of volume 19, the slides have a sequential numbering system. From this point on, however, they are either unnumbered or are numbered only within a particular grouping.

Other: DDF stands for Dominion Drama Festival, of which there were regional and national competitions. Shaw distinguished the two different types by using "DDF Regional Festival" for the regional competitions and "DDF Festival" for the national competitions. When the slides depicting the Dominion Drama Festivals are listed, no production company has been added, as most of the slides do not relate to the plays themselves. It must be noted, however, that the UNB Drama Society did compete in these festivals, and the documentation of plays with which they competed can be found in series 1 and 2.

Chronological listing of slides

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