Series 8: Slides. -- 1952 - 1991. -- 3708 col. slides.

Scope and Content: This series contains 3708 slides most of which depict some aspect of dramatic productions such as scenes, set, behind the scenes and posters. A few slides reflect more personal interests of Alvin Shaw such as sites, scenery and buildings from places he visited and events in which he participated. Although not specifically indicated, most slides are assumed to have been taken by Alvin Shaw.

The slides have been described as units based on topic, generally a production in the case of drama, or a trip for personal interest.

The series is divided into two sub-series:
1. Personal Interest Slides - 1952-1956.
2. Slides Mainly Related to Drama - 1952-1991.


Title: Title is based on contents of the series.

Finding Aid: A chronological list of descriptions for slide groups follows the sub-series descriptions. Descriptive records were entered into a database which allowed reports organized by "Date", "Title" and "Name of the Production Company" to be generated. See separate finding aid: "Indexes to the Alvin Shaw Slides".

Other: This series also contains a 400 ft, 16 mm reel of film in a box without identification. Upon viewing, however, the film appears to depict the UNB Drama Society's trip to Edmonton, Alberta for the National Dominion Drama Festival in May, 1957. Footage includes various buildings, the inside of a hotel room, behind the scenes events (such as make-up application), rehearsal, what seems to be portions of the actual play, and scenery shots from the train. Also included is what appears to be a snow-sculpting contest in Jasper. Much splicing occurs throughout, and there is one point where a particularly large bubble occurs in the film.

The film is located in Box 5 of the slide collection.

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