Series 9: Supplementary Materials [textual records and graphic records]. - [197-?] - [199-?]. - 40 cm.

Scope and content: This series consists of supplementary material received from the Sabat family in the year following the original donation. The series' contents parallel the categories of material received in 1998, from Series 1-3, 5-8, including notebooks; artists résumés; files concerning exhibits at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and various other New Brunswick and Canadian art galleries; photographs; and miscellaneous items. [* denotes file contains graphic material].

Arrangement parallels the order of Series 1-8 of the original donation.

BOX 11

Columns and Articles
Fifty-four (54) notebooks: Summer 1984; 1986-1992
Card-index file of contact names and addresses

BOX 12

Artists' Files
File 1 Bruno Bobak
File 2 * Bruno Bobak - Photographs
File 3 Bruno Bobak - research about Bobak
File 4 Bruno Bobak - articles about Bobak
File 5 Bruno Bobak - catalogues, invitations to exhibitions
File 6 * Fred Ross
File 7 Miller Brittain - clippings, photostats, etc.
File 8 Miller Brittain - catalogues, invitations to exhibitions, magazine articles

Beaverbrook Art Gallery
File 9 Expansion of Gallery - Opening, 1983: background information, artists' résumés, donor information, curator CVs / profiles
File 10 Annual Reports, acquisition lists, newsletters, press releases [1987-1991]; artists' biographies
File 11 * "Light, air and colour: American impressionist paintings." 1993 exhibit

BOX 13

Art Galleries
File 12 * UNB Art Centre [1988-1993]
File 13 National Gallery of Canada [1987-1992]: general data sheets, press releases, new building information; curator biographies
File 14 * National Gallery of Canada: "Canadian Biennial of Contemporary Art", 1989
File 15 * National Gallery of Canada: "A Gift to the Nation: The G. Blair Laing Collection of Paintings by James Wilson Morrice", 1990
File 16 * National Gallery of Canada: "Land, Spirit, Power: First Nations At the National Gallery of Canada", 1992
File 17 * National Gallery of Canada: "The Crisis of Abstraction in Canada", 1993
File 18 * Art Gallery of Ontario: "Viewpoints: Approaches to Contemporary Art", 1987
File 19 * Art Gallery of Ontario: "The Glory of the Page", 1987-88
File 20 * Art Gallery of Ontario - general: press releases, gift lists, press kit on the re-opening of the AGO in 1992-93; notes on an exhibit by Robin Collyer: "Idioms of Resistance", 1993
File 21 Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: "Pop Art", 1992
File 22 * Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: "The Genius of the Sculptor in Michelangelo's Work", 1992
File 23 * Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: "Lost Paradise: Symbolist Europe", 1995
File 24 Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: "Moving Beauty: One Hundred Years of Automobile Design", 1995

New Brunswick Arts Boards & Organisations
File 25 Kings Landing: overview; mandate; exhibit "Yesterday's Colours" by George Griffin, 1992; "Kings Landing Historical Settlement: A research report" by Rick Fedorick, 1991; draft of Cynthia Wallace-Casey's 1992 MA Thesis: "Providential Openings: The Women Weavers of Nineteenth Century Queens County, New Brunswick."

Collected Materials
File 26 Miscellaneous notes on conservation and leaf-casting [1992]

Title based on the content of the series. .

Arrangement: One file was created from unorganised material. File title supplied.

General note: See also Series 7: Graphic Materials, files 2-6; Series 8: Collected materials, file 12: fabric arts


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