Series 2: Artists' résumés [textual records and electronic records]. -- [197-?] - [199-?]. -- 40cm. of textual records and 2 diskettes.

Scope and content: This series consists of files of artists' résumés & statements and biographies, largely contributed by the artists themselves, but some files contain supplementary material created or collected by Christina Sabat about the artist. Some files include illustrative brochures or flyers, postcards, photographs, slides, speeches or lectures, exhibition catalogues, or gallery invitations. Several musicians are included in the biographical files. Two (2) computer disks hold copies of stories and résumés written for Gallery 78.

Arrangement is alphabetical.


File 1   Computer disks
File 2   'A'
File 3   Badani, Pat
File 4   Bartlett - Blake
File 5   Bobak, Molly Lamb
File 6   Boudreau - Cyr
File 7   Diamond - Fry
File 8   Gallagher - Hughson
File 9   Isaac - Mulvey
File 10  Nichols - Roussel
File 11  Sabat - Stewart
File 12  Taylor - Yates
File 13  1993 Christmas Wish List - Arts Community - by artists' name

Title based on the content of the series. File titles supplied.

Finding aids: A list of artists' names follows this description.

Related Groups of Records: Other biographical material may be found in
Series 3: Beaverbrook Art Gallery, in personnel and speeches files, and in Series 4: Inuit Art Exhibitions, File 1; and in Series 5: Art Galleries, Files 3 and 4. More illustrative materials by various artists may be found in Series 7: Graphic Materials, and in Series 8: Collected materials.

General Note: See also Series 9: Supplementary Materials, Files 1-8 for material on Burno Bobak, Fred Ross and Miller Brittain.

Series 2
Alphabetical Listing

Allain, Marie-Hélène
Alexander, Susanne
Badani, Pat
Bartlett, Linda
Bear, Edward Ned A.
Bear, Shirley
Belanger, Lance
Beutel, Josh
Birdsell, Angela / Steven Peacock
Blackwood, David
Blades, Joe
Blake, Judy
Bobak, Molly Lamb
Boudreau, Doreen
Boyer, Bob
Boyle, Margaret
Brine, Linda
Brown, David Arthur
Brown, Karen E.K.
Campbell, Patricia
Charlton, Greg
Cheney, Janice Wright
Chiasson, Herménégilde
Clavette, Brigitte
Collins, Joseph Gerard
Cronin, Ray
Cyr, Marc
Diamond, Sarah
Dixon, Marc
Donaldson, Mary Ots
Dornan, Linda Rae
Dougherty, Shelley
Dugas, Lee Marie
Duguay, Guy
Dunn, Anne
Eaton, Alexandrya
Edwards, Deborah
Evans, Karrie Lynn
Eyland, Cliff
Fitzpatrick, Jason W.F.
Flynn, Richard
Forrestall, Thomas Devany
Forrestall, William
Fry, George
Gallagher, Trudy
Gallant, Yvon
Gómez, Angel
Grant, Brigid Toole
Graser, Toby
Gray, Bruce
Greer, John
Gregg, Erica Deichmann
Gross, Peter
Gutsche, Clara
Hale, Catherine
Hall, Glenn
Hanson, Lloyd
Hassan, Jamelie
Hill, Suzanne
Heavyshield, Faye
Hitchcock, Sharon
Holt, Margaret Rose
Hornsby, Richard Anthony
Hughson, Maxine
Isaac, Jay
Iverson, Philip A.
Jean, Natalie
Jennings, Gordon W.
Johnson, Leslie
Kashetsky, Herzl Jacob
Kelly, Grant D.
Kokoska, Mary-Ann
Kortgaard, Robert
Lapointe, André
Larocque, Peter James
Linfield, Catherine
MacLean, Vicki L.
MacMullin, Dale Earle
Maloney, Sarah
Maxwell, John W.B.
May, Stephen
McBride, Dale
McTavish, Lianne
Morin, Nancy
Morgan, Alanna
Mulvey, Frank / Carl
Nichols, Barry
Oudemans, Michiel
Oudemans, Nel
Owen, Seka
Paul, Russell J.
Penny, Evan
Perry, Patrick
Plaskett, Joe
Pommaret, Françoise
Popescu, Beaty
Powning, Beth
Powning, Peter W.
Plume, Vita
Pratt, Christopher
Pratt, Mary
Robichaud, Lucille M.
Ross, Cathy
Roussel, Claude
Sabat, Christina
Saintonage, Lynne
Saunders, [Sylvia] Lee
Savoie, Roméo
Sawyer, Jon
Schell, Pat
Scheuing, Ruth
Schneider, Craig Anthony
Scott, [Eric] Stephen
Scott, John
Shackleton, Karen
Simon, Roger J.
Sinclair, Sue
Smith, Thomas R.
Stanfield, Maxine
Steele, Lisa
Stewart, Penelope
Taylor, Carol
Taylor, S. Bruce
Tisler, Aida
Tisler, Hrvoje
Tomkins, Riduan
Trembath, Denise M.
Vaughan, Richard M.
Wagner-Ott, Anna
Wiber, Melanie
Woodworth, Brian
Yates, Richard


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