Series No. 1

Charles G. D. Roberts correspondence, 1868-1943 [textual record]. -- [photocopied 1973-1988]. -- 49 cm of textual records

Scope and content: This series contains photocopies of correspondence between Charles G. D. Roberts and his friends, family, business associates and acquaintances. These letters were obtained either directly from individuals or from libraries, archives and other repositories in Canada and the United States. Included among Roberts's correspondents are literary figures, artists, publishers and politicians. These letters, postcards and telegrams shed light on his literary career, personal relationships, financial difficulties, business dealings and travels both in Canada and abroad.

Also included are photocopies of a few works autographed or inscribed by Roberts, as well as copies of several letters written to him by the Canadian Authors' Association and a letter written by Lloyd Roberts which discusses arrangements for Charles G. D. Roberts's memorial service.

Title based on content of the series

File arrangement is chronological

A few original Roberts letters are located in series 2, project correspondence (individuals and institutions)


1. 15 February 1868 - 6 January 1871, Youth
Note: All letters to Bliss Carman

2. 1880
Note: Letters to John Read and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

3. 1881
Note: Letter to George M. Grant

4. 1882
Note: Letters to Archibald Lampman and Bliss Carman

5. 1883
Note: Letters to Bliss Carman, Alfred Brewer, Louis Honoré Fréchette and George Stewart

6. 1884
Note: Letters to Bliss Carman and Charles Leonard Moore

7. 1885
Note: letters to Charles Leonard Moore, UNB Senate, Samuel Edward Dawson and John Reade

8. 1886
Note: Richard Watson Gilder, Mary Day Lanier, Charles Mair, Bliss Carman, and John Dearness

9. 1887
Note: Richard Watson Gilder, John Reade, Edmund Clarence Stedman, and Editor of King's College Record

10. 1888
Note: Letters to Edmund Clarence Stedman, Charles Mair, George Taylor Denison, Richard Watson Gilder, Edward S. Carter, James Russell Lowell, William Douw Lighthall, John Vance Cheney, John Daniel Logan, William Wilfred Campbell, Archibald Lampman, Craven Langstroth Betts, George Taylor Denison, and Martin J. Griffin

11. 1889
Note: Letter to William Douw Lighthall, Frederick George Scott, Editor Halifax Morning Herald, Richard Watson Guilder, William Wilfred Campbell, Archibald Lampman, Joseph Plimsoll Edwards, Bliss Carman, Editor The Dominion Illustrated

12. 1890
Note: Letters to Edmund Clarence Stedman, George S. Wilson, Bliss Carman, Grace D. McLeod, Daniel Lothrop, James Jeffrey Roche, John Reade, Richard Watson Gilder, George Taylor Denison, W. J. Gage & Co.

13. 1891
Note: Letters to Louise Chandler Moulton, James Elgin Wetherell, Bliss Carman, William Morton Payne, Richard Watson Gilder

14. 1892
Note: Letters to Frederick George Scott, Edward Livermore Burlingame, Bliss Carman, Charles Hazlett Cahan, Richard Watson Gilder, Arthur Stedman, Henry Stoddart, Archibald MacMechan, Daniel Sharp Ford, William Son & Co., James Elgin Wetherell, Agnes Ethelwyn Wetherald, Louise Chandler Moulton

15. 1893
Note: Letters to Will M. Clemens, Archibald MacMechan, James Elgin Wetherell, Williamson & Co., Frederick George Scott, Bliss Carman, Mary Mapes Dodge, Richard Watson Gilder, William Ernest Henley, Coop, Clark & Co., Susan Hayes Ward, Loran Ellis Baker, Louise Chandler Moulton, William Douw Lighthall, Craven Langstroth Betts

16. 1894
Note: Letters to Henry / J. M. Stoddart, Bliss Carman, Susan Hayes Ward, Richard Watson Gilder, Charles R McCullough, Stone & Kimball, Archibald MacMechan, Harrison Smith Morris, Frederick George Scott

17. 1895
Note: Letters to Herbert Stuart Stone, Bliss Carman, Edmund Clarence Stedman, Susan Hayes Ward, Archibald MacMechan, Robert Alexander Robertson, Frederick George Scott, Stone & Kimball, Richard Watson Gilder, Sir George Parkin, Louise Chandler Moulton, William Hayes Ward

18. 1896
Note: Letters to The Century, Hannibal Ingals Kimball, Snowdon Dunn Scott, Susan Hayes Ward, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Edmund Clarence Stedman, Robert Underwood Johnson, Fred Holland Day, Sara Mickle, James. B. Best, Herbert Stuart Stone, Laurens Maynard, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Alfred Mysick Pound

19. 1897
Note: Letters to John Stephen Willison, Merle Johnson, Susan Hayes Ward, Edmund Clarence Stedman, Arthur Asa Hill, G. E. Athelstan Roberts (son), Edmund Clarence Stedman, Craven Langstroth Betts, Harrison Smith Morris, Snowdon Dunn Scott, Susan Hayes Ward, Mr. Hopkins, Richard Watson Gilder

20. 1898
Note: Letters to Herbert Small, Harrison Smith Morris, Susan Hayes Ward, Arthur Steadman, William Douw Lighthall, Snowdon Dunn Scott, John Brisben Walker, George Edward Woodberry, Small Maynard & Co., Richard Watson Gilder, Thomas Wentworth Higginson

21. 1899
Note: Letters to Arthur Stedman, Craven Langtroth Betts, Leon Mead, Mr. Hutchinson, Snowdon Dunn Scott, Macmillan Co., Harold Rugg, Harrison Smith Morris, Sir George Parkin, George Platt Brett, Harrison Smith Morris, Susan Hayes Ward, The Roberts Family, Gilett Burgess, Unknown, Bliss Carman

22. 1900
Note: Letters to John Alexander Cooper, Hamilton Wright Mabie, Edmund Clarence Stedman, George Edward Woodberry, Arthur Steadman, Thomas Bird Mosher, Albert Bigelow Paine, Mary Fanton Roberts

23. 1901
Note: Letters to Albert Bigelow Paine, William Douw Lighthall, John Stephen Willison, Miss Holly

24. 1902
Note: Letters to Harrison Smith Morris, Eleanor Robson (Belmont), National Institution of Arts & Letters, Arthur Bartlett Maurice, David Alexander Munro, Torrence

25. 1903
Note: Letters to David Alexander Munro, A. E. Huestis, Mr. Russell, Wallace Hugh Cathcart, Robert Underwood Johnson

26. 1904
Note: Letters to Harrison Smith Morris, Mary Fanton Roberts, James Elgin Wetherell, Robert Underwood Johnson

27. 1905
Note: Letters to Harrison Smith Morris, Robert Underwood Johnson, Mary Fanton Roberts, William Patten, Richard Watson Gilder

28. 1906
Note: Letters to Richard Watson Gilder, Hamilton Wright Mabie, Harrison Smith Morris, Snowdon Dunn Scott, Laurens Maynard, Mr. Howe, Ernest Jackson Hathaway

29. 1907
Note: Letters to Ladies Home Journal, Richard Watson Gilder, Mr. Burkhardt, Edmund Clarence Stedman

30. 1908 and 1909
Note: Letter to Harrison Smith Morris, The Century, William Valentine Alexander, Edward Bok

31. 1910
Note: Letters to Annie Powers, William Valentine Alexander, Wallace Rice, Seth Moyle, Harrison Smith Morris

32. 1911
Note: Letters to The Standard, Harrison Smith Morris, Robert Underwood Johnson

33. 1914
Note: Letters to Lloyd Roberts, George Platt Brett, Edith Roberts, Douglas Roberts, Sir George Parkin, War Secretary, Roberts family

34. 1915
Note: Letters to Douglas Roberts and Lloyd Roberts

35. 1916
Note: Letters to Macmillan Co., George Platt Brett, Douglas Roberts, Edith Roberts

36. 1918
Note: Letters to Sir Arthur Currie and George Platt Brett

37. 1920-1924
Note: Letters to George E. Webster, Lloyd Roberts, Katherine Hale, Cecil Charles Jones

38. 1925
Note: Letters to Lloyd Roberts, Katherine Hale, William Arthur Deacon, Mary Josephine Allison, Cecil Charles Jones, A. Pound, Methuen & Co., Lloyd Roberts and Douglas Roberts, Constance Davies Woodrow, Lorne Pierce, Brewer Eaton Paterson

39. 1926
Note: Letters to Rufus Hathaway, Lorne Pierce, Constance Davies Woodrow, Archibald MacMechan, Edwin Austin Hardy, Lurene McDonald, William Arthur Deacon, Henry Scholey Saunders, Lloyd Roberts, Scribner's Magazine, H. Gerald Wade, Sir John S. Willison, R. Rainsford Henderson, Robbie Lewis Reid, Alfred Mysick Pound, Blanche Hume, Isabel Ecclestone Mackay

40. 1927
Note: Letters to R. Rainsford Henderson, Blanche Hume, H. Gerald Wade, Elaine Maud Clark Cathy, Howard Angus Kennedy, Frank Yeigh, Mazo de la Roche, William Arthur Deacon, Duncan Campbell Scott, Lydia Parsons, [Kathleen Redman Strange?], Theodore Roberts, Charles William Jeffereys, Mary Kinley Ingraham, Craven Langstroth Betts, John Clarence Webster, Lorne Pierce, Edwin Austin Hardy, Raymond Knister

41. 1928
Note: Letters to Charles Bruce, Edwin Austin Hardy, Raymond Knister, Lorne Pierce, Mary Vicary (Irwin), H. Gerald Wade, William Arthur Deacon, William Talbot Allison, Cecil Charles Jones, Alfred Mysick Pound, Craven Langtroth Betts, Walter Charles Murray, Harriet Monroe, Rufus Hathaway, Anne Sutherland Brooks

42. 1929
Note: Letters to Lorne Pierce, Edith Austin Hardy, Dorothy McKee, Archibald MacMechan, Dorothy McKee, Nathaniel Benson, Duncan MacNair, Harriet Monroe, Edith Roberts, Edwin Austin Hardy, Patricia Roberts, Walter McRaye, John William Garvin

43. 1930
Note: Letters to Gerald Wade, Edwin Austin Hardy, Charles A. Stultz, Joseph Nason, Howard Angus Kennedy, Arthur Buchlow, Dorothy Roberts Leisner, William Douw Lighthall, Nathaniel Benson, Dorothy McKee, Walter McRaye, Edith Roberts, Melvin Ormond Hammond, Samuel Bradley Gundy

44. 1931
Note: Letters to Lorne Pierce, Rufus Hathaway, Walter McRaye, Lloyd Roberts, Howard Angus Kennedy, William Arthur Deacon, Edwin Austin Hardy, David Vanamee, William Lawson Grant, George Herbert Clarke, Eleanor Williams-Moore, Mary Fanton Roberts, Wallace Havelock Robb, H. Gerald Wade, William Mowbray

45. 1932
Note: Letters to Edwin Austin Hardy, Eleanore Williams-Moore, Rufus Hathaway, Nathaniel Benson, Elizabeth Pierce and Bruce Pierce, George Herbert Clarke, Walter McRaye, Lorne Pierce, Cecil Charles Jones, Edwin Austin Hardy, Willie Dalton, Harrison Smith Morris, Grace Davis Vanamee, Blanche Hume


46. 1933
Note: Blanche Hume, George Herbert Clarke, Sara Forsyth, Elsie Pomeroy, Watson Kirkconnell, Rufus Hathaway, Lorne Pierce, Howard Angus Kennedy, Cecil Charles Jones, William Lawson Grant, Frederick George Scott, Hugh Railston Dent, Edith Roberts, Diana Skala, Murriel Miller, Nathaniel Benson, Douglas Roberts, William Arthur Deacon, William Douw Lighthall, John Clarence Webster, James Henry Coone, H. Gerald Wade, Frank W. Howay, Arthur L. Tunnell, Richard Bedford Bennett, William Talbot Allison

47. 1934
Note: Letters to George Herbert Clarke, William Lawson Grant, Lorne Pierce, Hugh S. Eayrs, Justin Bishop, Nathaniel Benson, Pelham Edgar, George Herbert Locke, Duncan MacNair, John William Garvin, Howard Angus Kennedy, Percy Ghent, Richard Bedford Bennett, Katherine Hale, Hugh S. Eayres, John Clarence Webster, Edith Roberts

48. 1935
Note: Letters to George Herbert Clarke, Lorne Pierce, Pelham Edgar, Blanche Hume, Charles Clay, Arthur Tunnell, Fred H. Ellins, William Talbot Allison, John William Garvin, William Gerard Chapman, Cecil Charles Jones, Henry John Cody, Sir Robert Borden, Frank Heigh, Charles William Jefferys, Charles R. W. Gordon Smith, Richard Bedford Bennett, John Clarence Webster, Katherine Hale, Howard Angus Kennedy, James Henry Coyne, Walter McRaye, Nathaniel Benson, Muriel Miller, Lillian Auty, Grace Davis Vanamee, Watson Kirkconnell, Pelham Edgar, Mr. Stevens

49. 1936
Note: Letters to Dorothy Dowie, Nathaniel Benson, Katherine Hale, Lorne Pierce, Grace Davis Vanamee, Gwendolyn Merrin Massey, Mary Josephine Allison, Diana Skala, Arthur L. Tunnell, Edgar J. Vickery, Fred A. Ellins, Blanche Hume, Howard Angus Kennedy, Henry Seidel Canby, Mr. Lawson

50. 1937
Note: Letters to George Herbert Clarke, Grace Davis Vanamee, Malcolm Ross, Edwin Austin Hardy, John Clarence Webster, Roderick Stuart Kennedy, Lorne Pierce, Henry Seidel Canby, Douglas Roberts, Family Herald & Weekly Star, Harrison Smith Morris, Gwendolyn Merrin Massey, August Leisner, J. M. Dent and Sons, Ltd., Howard Angus Kennedy, Joan Montgomery, Edith Roberts, Arthur Tunnell, Frank F. Robb

51. 1938
Note: Letters to Gwendolyn Merrin Massey, Lorne Pierce, Douglas Roberts, John Clarence Wester, Roderick Stuart Kennedy, George Herbert Clarke, Edwin Austin Hardy, Joan Montgomery, Cecil Charles Jones, Charles A. Stultz, Miss Flood, Miss Farr, John Huston Finley, Grace Davis Vanamee, Florence Partridge, William Arthur Deacon, Richard Bedford Bennett, William Roberts and Mary Fanton Roberts

52. 1939
Note: Letters to Grace Davis Vanamee, Henry Seidel Canby, Edwin Austin Hardy, Roderick Stuart Kennedy, Douglas Roberts, Albert J. G. Wilson, Roderick Stuart Kennedy, James Henry Coyne, Lorne Pierce, Pelham Edgar, Blanche Hume, Alan Webster Macdonald, William Arthur Deacon, Franklin Purdy Crastro Jr., Joan Montgomery, Mary Fanton Roberts, Nathaniel Benson, H. Gerald Wade, George Herbert Clarke, Walter McRaye, Henry Allen Moe, Murray Gibbon, Gwendolyn Merrin Massey

53. 1940
Note: Letters to Cecil Charles Jones, Douglas Roberts, Watson Kirkconnell, Lorne Pierce, Clarence Herbert Dickinson, Cecil Charles Jones, Walter McRaye, William Henry Harrison, Clarence McNaughton Steeves, Nathaniel Benson, E. J. Pratt, Pelham Edgar, Joan Montgomery, Anne F. Dewar, Grace Davis Vanamee

54. 1941
Note: Letters to Ralph Gustafson, Lorne Pierce, Marguerita Farguharson, Frank Flemington, Charles Hill-Tout, George Herbert Clarke, Elsinor Haultain, Macmillan Co., Nathaniel Benson, H. Gerald Wade, Edwin Austin Hardy, Douglas Roberts

55. 1942
Note: Letters to Charles Bruce, Edith Roberts, Lorne Pierce, Pelham Edgar, Douglas Roberts, Nathaniel Benson, Alexander Maitland Stephen, Bernard K. Sandwell, Clement Chandler Avard, Frank Flemington, Raymond Clare, Archibald Charles Clay, Irene Stephen, Duncan Campbell Scott, Bernard K Sandwell, William Arthur Deacon, Walter McRaye, John Coldwell Adams, Mary Fanton Roberts

56. 1943
Note: Letters to Mary Fanton Roberts, William Arthur Deacon, Lorne Pierce, Ralph Gustafson, Agnes King Bruce, Edith Roberts, Clement Chandler Avard, Earle Birney, Arthur Henry O'Brien, Pelham Edgar, Douglas Roberts, Charles Clay, Marguerita McLean Farguharson

57. 1937-1940, letters to Joan Montgomery

58. 1914, MacMillan Company
Note: Contains copies of letters to Roberts from the company

59. Letters to Charles G. D. Roberts from Canadian Authors' Association
Note: Includes information on programme for the association's National Convention of 1942

60. Letters to Charles G. D. Roberts
Note: A chronological listing of letters to Roberts

61. Letter from Lloyd Roberts to Dr. Webster, 27 December 1943
Note: Discusses memorial service planned for Charles G. D. Roberts in Fredericton

62. Master chronological index to the letters of Charles G. D. Roberts

63. Letters not transcribed

64. Autographed inscriptions, cards and other material



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