Series No. 3

Published material [textual record]. -- [191-?]-[19-?]. -- 13 cm of textual records

Scope and content: This series contains published copies of Roberts's prose and poetry which appeared in a variety of magazines and newspapers. It also contains a copy of his booklet, "Loyalist", which was published in 1937, as well as galley proofs of several articles about Commander Arthur Currie. Two published copies of works, one each by Charles G. D. Roberts and Lloyd Roberts, are also included.

Title based on contents of the series

File arrangement is chronological by date of publication

Published copies of Theodore Goodridge Roberts's work are also located in MG L10 Sir Charles G. D. Roberts fonds and MG L5 Lloyd Roberts fonds

A published copy of Thirty Canadian V.C.s: 23rd April 1915 to 30th March 1918 is located in MG L3 Dorothy Roberts and August R. Leisner fonds


1. Prose, [191-?]

2. Prose, 1929 3. Prose, 1930 4. Prose, 1932 5. Poetry, 1932 6. Prose, 1933 7. Poetry, 1933 8. Prose, 1934 9. Prose, 1935 10. Prose, 1936  11. Prose, 1937 12. Loyalists : a compilation of histories, biographies and genealogies of United Empire Loyalists and their descendants / by Theodore Goodridge Roberts. - Toronto : published in parts by T. Goodridge Roberts; 1937
     Note: Includes articles about the Street-Wetmore duel, British American regiments, Loyalists at the head of the lake, the Queen's Rangers, Dr. Nathan Smith of Saint John, John Kennedy of Middleport, as well as notes on the rebellion of 1837, the Swayze family, DeLancey's Brigade, Lieutenant Stephen Jarvis Robert and Phoebe Land, the widow Mary Gage, and Captain Caleb Jones.

13. Prose, 1938

14. Prose, 1939 15. Prose, 1940 16. Prose, 1942 17. Poetry, 1942  18. Prose, 1943 19. Prose, 1944 20. Prose, 1946 21. Prose, 1947 22. Prose, 1951 BOX NO. 5

23. Prose, undated, [19-?]

24. Poetry, undated, [19-?] 25. Galley proofs for several stories about First World War Commander Arthur Currie

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