Series 2.4 (Case 13)

Correspondence - Miriam Waddington. -- 1954-1966, 1968-1969, 1972. -- 12.5 cm. (1 Case).

Poet Miriam Waddington was born in Winnipeg in 1917. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto in 1939 and a Master of Social Work degree in 1945 from the University of Pennsylvania. During the nineteen forties and fifties she worked as a caseworker in Toronto and Montreal, and has taught English at York University since 1965.

Waddington has written several short stories, critical articles, translations and poetry. Her publications include Green World (1945), The Second Silence (1955), The Season's Lovers (1958), The Glass Trumpet (1966), A.M. Klein (1970), and The Visitants (1981).

This series consists of chronologically arranged photocopies of 48 letters, poems, and 3 reviews. Waddington sent Pacey many of her poems for his critical evaluation. Throughout her correspondence, she discusses her work and the work of other Canadian writers including Alfred G. Bailey, James Reaney, Malcolm Ross, F.R. Scott, Louis Dudek, A.M. Klein, A.J.M. Smith, Northrop Frye, Irving Layton, Alden Nowlan, Margaret Avison, and Raymond Souster.

File titles are based on file contents.

The original letters for this series are located in the Pacey Papers in the Manuscript Division of the National Archives of Canada (MG 30, D339). A descriptive file listing of two of the series in the Pacey Papers, poets and novelists, has been compiled by the National Archives (finding aid # 1729).

The Pacey Papers in the National Archives of Canada which contain the original correspondence remain closed until the year 2007. The same access restrictions apply to the Waddington correspondence series 2.5 of the Pacey Fonds housed in the University of New Brunswick Archives and Special Collections Department.

File Listings for Series 2.4

Case 13   Miriam Waddington correspondence

File 1    Miriam Waddington correspondence, 1954-1972. -- 1954-1966, 1968-1969, 1972.


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