Series 2 (Case 6)

Correspondence - Personal and general. -- 1940-1975. -- 12.5 cm (1 case).

A large portion of the Pacey Fonds consists of correspondence - family, personal, general, and university (UNB). Any personal correspondence primarily concerned with University of New Brunswick (UNB) themes has been collocated in the University of New Brunswick Series 4. Family correspondence is housed in Series 1. The smaller Series 2 comprises personal correspondence which is not related to UNB.

Files in this series are arranged alphabetically by surname of the correspondent, with chronological arrangement of file contents. Included in Series 2 is correspondence between Dr. Pacey and Irene H. Glenn, an Alberta high school teacher (Case 6 File 1). She includes a 1967 clipping from the Edmonton Journal about Ukranian playwright Olbe Kupchenko, and her correspondence seeks Pacey's critical evaluation of Kupchenko's work.

Case 6 File 2 comprises correspondence with H. Pearson Gundy, librarian at Queen's University. His correspondence includes discussion of Pacey's Book of Canadian Stories, and information related to Pacey's research on Major John Richardson. Also included is an offprint of Gundy's Queen's Quarterly article (v. LV no.3 1948) on microphotography and the first 1951 issue of the Queen's University publication Douglas Library Notes.

Correspondence with Professor Watson Kirkconnel (Case 6 File 3) centres on Pacey's research on Frederick Philip Grove.

S.B. Liljegren from Upsala University, Sweden corresponded with Pacey (Case 6 File 4) to request a copy of Creative Writing in Canada for review.

Also included in this series is general correspondence written between 1940 and 1944, when Pacey was teaching at Brandon College, Manitoba.

File titles are based on the file contents.

File listings for Series 2

Case 6    Correspondence - Personal and general

File 1    Correspondence with Irene H. Glenn. -- 1967.

File 2    Correspondence with H.P. Gundy. -- 1947-1961.

File 3    Correspondence with Professor Watson Kirkconnel re Grove.
          -- 1972-1975.

File 4    Correspondence with S.B. Liljegren (Upsala University
          Sweden) 1953-1957. -- 1953-1954, 1957, predominant 1953.

File 5    Correspondence with Elsie Pomeroy. -- 1944-1945.

File 6    General correspondence, 1940-1944. -- 1940-1941, 1943-1944.


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