Introduction to Series 3 - 3.5 - the Publications of Desmond Pacey

In correspondence with Irving Layton, Dr. Pacey expressed a preference to be known as a poet and novelist rather than as a critic. Although Pacey did publish three children's books and two volumes of short stories, his literary reputation was built primarily on the publication of his scholarly Canadian literature studies such as Creative Writing in Canada (1952, 1961), Frederick Philip Grove (1945), Ten Canadian Poets (1958, 1966), Ethel Wilson (1968), Essays in Canadian Criticism (1969), Frederick Philip Grove: Critical Views of Canadian Writers (1974), and The Collected Letters of Frederick Philip Grove (1975).

In addition to his creative and scholarly book publications, Pacey also wrote over 80 book, film and play reviews and over 70 journal, newspaper, and encyclopedia articles.

With the exception of Pacey's poetry, Series 3 - 3.5 contain a fairly comprehensive selection of Pacey's writing, including manuscripts and typescripts of books, articles, reviews, short stories, scholarly journal articles, and reviews of Pacey's work.


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