Selected Index (Excluding Dr. Pacey's Works)

This is not a comprehensive index. It is intended primarily to serve as a guidepost to help archival researchers narrow the focus of their research, to highlight aspects of the Pacey Fonds which may not be evident in the series descriptions, and to enhance access to materials found in this fonds. A list of Dr. Pacey's works which are found in this fonds, excluding reviews, is included on the pages before this selected index.

(S=Series number; C=Case number; F=File number)
(* = File or some file contents have restricted access)

Acta Victoriana S1.C1.F6; S3.1.C22.F1; S3.1.C22.F14; S3.1.C23.F1, F4, F6, F7, F13, F17, F18, F22, F27
Allison, Doris S1.C2.F3
Anderson, Patrick S2.2.C9.F1*
Arts in New Brunswick S4.C32.F1
Atwood, Margaret S2.1.C7.F2*
Avison, Margaret S2.2.C9.F2*; S2.2.C9.F4*; S2.4.C13.F1*
Bailey, Alfred Goldsworthy S1.C1.F5; S2.1.C7.F2*; S2.5.C14.F1*; S4.C29.F1
Bauer, William S4.C30.F4-5
Bayley, Robin S4.C31.F3
Birney, Earle S1.C1.F5; S1.C4.F1; S2.2.C9.F1*; S2.3.C12.F1*; S2.3.C12.F2*; S2.5.C14.F1*; S5.C35.F3
Bliss Carman Society S2.1.C8.F1
Boxill, Tony S4.C30.F3-F4; S4.C31.F1
Brandon College S1.C2.F2
Brewster, Elizabeth S2.2.C9.F1*
Buckner, Ernest S2.3.C12.F2*
Camp, Dalton S4.C28.F1
Canada Council S4.C32.F4
Canadian Linguistic Association S4.C28.F2
Carman, Barbara S4.C29.F3; S4.C30.F2
Carman, Bliss S2.3.C12.F3*; S4.C31.F3; SEE ALSO Bliss Carman Society
Castro, Fidel S2.2.C9.F6*; S2.2.C10.F2*
Cat, the Cow and the Kangaroo, The S1.C1.F4; S3.C15.F1
Clemens, Cyril S1.C2.F3
Cogswell, Fred S1.C1.F5; S2.1.C7.F2*; S2.5.C14.F1*; S4.C29.F1
Cohen, Leonard S2.2.C9.F1*; S2.2.C9.F4*; S2.2.C9.F6*; S2.3.C12.F3*
Collected Letters of Frederick Philip Grove S3.C15.F2
Colson, Ted S4.C31.F2
Committee on Arts, Music and Drama at UNB S4.C32.F3
Cow with the Musical Moo, The S2.1.C7.F1*
Cragg, William S4.C29.F1-2; S4.C30.F1
Creative Writing in Canada S2.C15.F4; S2.1.C7.F1*; S3.C15.F3
Crowther, Richard S4.C30.F3
Cuban Missile Crisis S2.2.C10.F1*
Daniells, Roy S2.2.C10.F2*; S4.C29.F2
Deutch Royal Commission S4.C32.F5
Donaldson, Alan S4.C29.F1
Drew, John S4.C30.F5; S4.C31.F1
Dudek, Louis S1.C1.F5; S2.1.C7.F2*; S2.2.C9.F1*; S2.2.C9.F4*; S2.5.C14.F1*
English Department, UNB S4.C28-34*
Fiddlehead S2.1.C8.F1; S4.C29.F2
Fiddlehead Society S2.1.C7.F1*
Firth, Frances S4.c28.F1
Flemming, Aida S4.C29.F3; S4.C30.F1-2
Flemming, Hugh John S4.C29.F1
Founders' Day S4.C32.F8
Frye, Northrup S1.C4.F1; S2.2.C9.F1*; S2.2.C9.F4*; S2.5.C14.F1*
Galloway, David S4.C29.F1
Gammon, Donald S2.1.C7.F1*; S4.C28.F1
Glenn, Irene H. S2.C6.F1
Governor General's Award Board S4.C32.F9
Grove, Frederick Philip S2.C6.F3; S2.5.C13.F1-2
Guerin, Richard S4.C31.F2
Gundy, H. Pearson S2.C6.F2
Gustafson, Ralph S2.2.C9.F1*
Hawkes, Robert S4.C29.F1
Hicks, T.J. S1.C2.F2
Higher Education Commission S4.C34.F1
Humanities Association of Canada S4.C28.F1; S4.C32.F10
Humanities Research Council S4.C32.F11
Income tax returns S1.C1.F1
Institute of Canadian Studies S4.C30.F1
International Mark Twain Society S1.C2.F3
Kennedy, John F. S2.2.C9.F6*
Kirkconnel, Watson S2.C6.F3
Klein, A.M. S2.2.C9.F1*; S2.5.C14.F1*
Klinck, Carl S2.2.C9.F1*
Kogowa, Joy S2.1.C7.F2*
Kupchenko, Olbe S2.C6.F1
Lady Chatterley's Lover S5.C35.F2
Lampman, Achibald S2.2.C9.F4*
Land is Bright, The S2.2.C9.F1*
Laurence, Margaret S2.2.C9.F2*
Layton, Irving S2.2.C9.F1-6*; S2.2.C10.F1-4*; S2.2.C11.F1-8*; S2.3.C12.F1*; S2.3.C12.F2*
Lawrence, D.H. S5.C35.F2
League of Canadian Poets S2.1.C7.F2*
Letters of Frederick Philip Grove S3.C17.F1-2; S3.C18.F1-3
Levine, Norman S1.C4.F2; S2.1.C7.F2*; S2.3.C12.F2*
Library Committee S4.C33.F1
Literary History of Canada S3.C19.F1-6
Literature of the Commonwealth, Canada section S3.C18.F4
Liljegren, S.B. S2.C6.F4
Livesay, Dorothy S1.C4.F2; S2.1.C7.F2* ; S2.2.C9.F1* ; S2.3.C12.F1-3*
Loggie, Leon S4.C28.F1-2
Lords of Pacey S1.C1.F3
Lowe, Rev. Robert S1.C1.F3
Lucas, Alec S4.C28.F2; S4.C29.F1; S4.C30.F2
McClelland, Jack S2.2.C9.F4*
McLeod, Allistair S4.C29.F3; S4.C30.F2
Mackay, Colin B. S4.C31.F2; S4.C33.F2
Mackenzie, Graham S. S1.C1.F6; S4.C30.F1; S4.C33.F3
MacLennan, Hugh S2.1.C7.F2*; S2.2.C9.F6*
Macpherson, Jay S2.1.C8.F1*; S2.2.C9.F2*; S2.1.C7.F2*; S2.3.C12.F2*
Magnus Grammar School S1.C2.F2
Mandel, Eli S2.1.C7.F2*; S2.2.C9.F1*
Manny, Louise S4.C28.F1
Massey Fellowship S1.C2.F2
Metcalf, John S2.1.C7.F2*
Miller, D. Campbell S1.C2.F2
Miller, O.V.B. S4.C28.F2; S4.C30.F2
Moir Committee S2.3.C12.F3*
New Brunswick Department of Education. Secondary English Sub-Committee S4.C33.F4
Newlove, John S2.3.c12.F3*
Nowlan, Alden S2.1.C7.F2*; S2.2.C9.F6*; S2.5.C14.F1*
Pacey Family Correspondence S1.C2.F1
Pacey, Lorene M. S1.C1.F3
Pacey, Mary (mother) S1.C1.F6; S1.C2.F1; S1.C2.F2; S1.C2.F3
Pacey, Mary Carson (wife) S1.C2.F2; S1.C2.F4; S1.C2.F5; S1.C3.F1; S1.C3.F2; S1.C3.F3; S1.C3.F4; S1.C3.F5; S1.C4.F2; S1.C4.F3
Pacey, Margaret S1.C4.F3; S1.C5
Pacey, Mary Ann S1.C4.F3; S1.C5
Pacey, Michael S1.C4.F3; S1.C5
Pacey, Patricia S1.C4.F3; S1.C5
Pacey, Penelope S1.C4.F3; S1.C5
Pacey, Peter S1.C4.F3; S1.C5
Pacey, Philip S1.C4.F3; S1.C5
Pacey, William S1.C1.F6; S1.C2.F1;
Page, P.K. S2.1.C7.F2*; S2.2.C9.F1*; S2.3.C12.F1*
Patterson, Stephen S4.C30.F2
Photographs S1.C1.F6
Pierce, Lorne S2.5.C13.F1-3*
Pomeroy, Elsie S2.C6.F5
Pratt, E.J. S2.2.C9.F2*; S2.3.C12.F2*
Programmes S4.C34.F3B
Purdy, Al S2.1.C7.F2*; S2.2.C9.F4*; S2.2.C9.F6*; S2.3.C12.F1*
Raymond, William O. S4.C28.F1
Reaney, James S2.1.C7.F2*; S2.3.C12.F1*; S2.5.C14.F1*; S4.C30.F1
Reviews by Pacey S3.3.C25.F1-26
Review of Pacey's works S3.5.C27.F1-15
Richardson, Major John S2.C6.F2; S4.C28.F1
Richler, Mordecai S2.1.C7.F2*; S2.2.C9.F6*
Roberts, Sir Charles G.D. S4.C29.F1; S4.C30.F1; S4.C32.F5
Roger, A. Robert S4.C28.F1; S4.C29.F1
Ross, Malcolm S2.1.C7.F2*; S2.2.C9.F3*; S2.3.C12.F1*; S2.5.C14.F1*
Rowan, Donald S4.C28.F1-2; S4.C30.F2
Roy, Gabrielle S2.3.C12.F2*
Scott, F.R. S2.2.C9.F1*; S2.2.C9.F6*; S2.2.C10.F4*; S2.5.C14.F1*
Sheriff, Jack S4.C28.F2; S4.C29.F2
Smith, A.J.M. S2.2.C9.F1*; S2.3.C12.F1*; S2.5.C14.F1*
Souster, Raymond S2.1.C7.F2*; S2.2.C9.F1*; S2.2.C9.F4*; S2.5.C14.F1*
Stephens, Donald S4.C28.F2; S4.C29.F2; S4.C30.F3; S4.C31.F1
Strax Affair S2.1.C7.F2*
Sutherland, John S2.2.C9.F2
Tales from the margin: the Selected Short Stories of Frederick Philip Grove S3.C20.F1-2
Ten Canadian Poets S3.C21.F1
Taylor, Michael S4.C31.F1-2
Thriault, Yves S2.3.C12.F2*
Thomas, Clara S2.5.C14.F1*
Thompson, Kent S2.1.C7.F2*; S4.C30.F5; S4.C31.F1-2
Toole, F.J. S4.C33.F6
Trueman, A.W. S4.C28.F1-2; S4.C30.F2
Tweedie, R.A. S4.C28.F2; S4.C29.F1
University of New Brunswick English Department, SEE English Department, UNB
Victoria College, University of Toronto S1.C1.F2
Wartime Information Board S1.C2.F3
Waddington, Miriam S2.2.C9.F1 *; S2.3.C12.F2*; S2.4.C14.F1*
Webb, Phyllis S2.2.C9.F2*; S2.3.C12.F1*
Whalen, Bob S4.C28.F2; S4.C29.F1
Wiebe, Rudy S2.1.C7.F2*
Wilkinson, Anne S2.2.C9.F2*; S2.2.C9.F3*; S2.3.C12.F1*
Wilson, Ethel S1.C4.F2; S2.1.C7.F2*; S2.5.C14.F1*; S3.1.C6.F1-2
Woodfield, James S4.C31.F2
Woodhouse, A.S.P. S1.C2.F3; S4.C29.F2
Zanes, John S4.C30.F4-5; S4.C31.F3


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