Alphabetical Listing of Dr. Pacey's Works Contained in the Pacey Fonds (excluding reviews)
(S=Series; C=Case; F=File)

"And the Gods Laughed" S3.2.C24.F1
"Areas of Research in Canadian Literature: A Reconsideration 20 Years Later" S3.4.C26.F1
"Armament and Armistice" S3.1.C22.F1
"As I was Going to St. Ives" S3.1.C22.F2
"Bergson and Modern Thought S3.1.C22.F3
"Bliss Carman: a Reappraisal" S3.1.C22.F4
"Blue Sou'Wester, The" S3.2.C24.F2
"British Rearmament" S3.1.C22.F5
"Cambridge, Revisited" S3.1.C22.F6
"Canadian books of 1952" S3.1.C22.F7
"Canadian Fiction and Poetry 1966" S3.1.C22.F7
"Canadian Imagination, The" S3.1.C22.F9
"Canadian Literary Mystery - Frederick Philip Grove" S3.1.C22.F10
"Canadian Literature: A Lighthearted Look" S3.4.C26.F3
"Canadian Literature in the Fifties" S3.4.C26.F4
"Canadian Quintet" S3.1.C22.F11
"Canadian Romantic: Major John Richardson" S3.1.C22.F12
"Canadian Writer and His Public, The" S3.1.C22.F13
Cat, the Cow, and the Kangaroo S3.C15.F1
"Centenary Celebration" S3.1.C22.F14
"Children in the Poetry of Yeats" S3.1.C22.F15
"Christian Responsibility" S3.1.C22.F16
"Christmas 1974" S3.4.C26.F5
"Christmas Story, The" S3.1.C22.F16A
Collected Letters of Frederick Philip Grove S3.C15.F2 SEE ALSO Letters of Frederick Philip Grove
"Colonial Romantic: The Life of Major John Richardson" S3.1.C22.F17
"Colonial Romantic: The Strange Career of Major John Richardson S3.1.C22.F18
"Colonial Romantic: The Strange Career of Major John Richardson, K.S.F." S3.1.C22.F19
"Course of Canadian Criticism, 1920-1973" S3.4.C26.F6
Creative Writing in Canada S3.C15.F3-4
"Critical Estimate of Idealism, A" S3.1.C22.F20
"Easter Homage to George Herbert" S3.1.C22.F21
"English-Canadian Poetry, 1944-1954" S3.1.C22.F22
Ethel Wilson S3.C16.F1-2
"Fellow of Christhouse, A" S3.2.C24.F3
"First Date" S3.2.C24.F4
"Fredericton, N.B." S3.4.C26.F7
"Function of the Poet in Modern Society - Being an essay for the Lincoln G. Hutton Scholarship Submitted by Longinus II" S3.1.C22.F23
"Future of the Novel, The" S3.1.C22.F24
"Goldsmiths and their Villages, The" S3.1.C22.F25
"Good Hope, The" S3.2.C24.F5
"Homecoming" S3.2.C24.F6
"How Can We Get Out Children To Read?" S3.1.C22.F26
"Innocent Eye - the Art of Ethel Wilson" S3.1.C22.F27
"Introduction to 'The Harbour Master'" S3.1.C22.F28
"Issue, The" S3.4.C26.F9 "Letter, Lecture and Lethargy" S3.1.C23.F1 Letters of Frederick Philip Grove S3.C17.F1-2; S3.C18.F1-3 SEE ALSO Collected Letters of Frederick Philip Grove "Light of the World" S3.1.C23.F2 "Literary Criticism in Canada" S3.1.C23.F3
Literature of the Commonwealth, "Canada section" S3.C18.F4
Literary History of Canada S3.C19.F1-6
"Look Homeward, Angel" S3.1.C23.F4
"Lost in Aix-en-Provence" S3.1.C23.F5
"March of Time, The" S3.1.C23.F6
"Modern Novel, The" S3.1.C23.F7
"Morals and Politics" S3.1.C23.F8
"Motive and Consequence in the Light of Kant, Bentham and Mill" S3.1.C23.F9
"Night North of Rome, A" S3.1.C23.F10
"On Becoming a Canadian" S3.1.C23.F11
"On the Roman Road" S3.2.C24.F7
"One Hundred and Fifty Years - Address to the St. Andrews Society of Fredericton" S3.4.C26.F12
"Our Living Tradition" S3.4.C26.F13
"Outlook for Canadian Literature, The" S3.4.c26.F14
"Parade" S3.2.C24.F8
"Piker, The" S3.2.C24.F9
"Pilgrimage to Little Gidding, A" S3.1.C23.F12
"Pity the Writer" S3.1.C23.F13
"Plea for the Study of Our Own Literature, A" S3.1.C23.F14
"Poetry of A.G. Bailey, The" S3.1.C23.F15
"Press in the Modern World, The" S3.1.C23.F16
"Prolegomenon" S3.1.C23.F17
"Prospect and Retrospect" S3.1.C23.F18
"Reading of Lampman's 'Heat', A" S3.1.C23.F19
"Reason and the Moral Judgment" S3.1.C23.F20
"Research in the Humanities" S3.4.C26.F16
"Return of the Native - Impressions of New Zealand" S3.1.C23.F21
"Search of Apron Strings, In" S3.1.C23.F22
"Some Recent English-Canadian Novels" S3.1.C23.F23
"Spinoza" S3.1.C23.F24
"Spinoza's Proofs of the Evidence of God" S3.1.C23.F25
"Strategy of the Meditt. and Notes" S3.2.C24.F10
"A Summer Afternoon" S3.2.C24.F11
"Summer's Heat and Winter's Frigid Gales: The Effects of the Canadian Climate Upon Canadian Literature" S3.1.C23.F26
Tales from the Margin: the Selected Short Stories of Frederick Philip Grove S3.C20.F1-2
Ten Canadian Poets S3.C21.F1
"Tradition Upheld" S3.1.C23.F27
"Tricks for Bringing Up Six" S3.1.C23.F28
"Two Accents, One Voice" S3.1.C23.F29
Unpublished novel (mss.) S3.C21.F2
"Virginia Woolf as a Literary Critic" S3.1.C23.F30
"Visit to Hardy's Wessex, A" S3.1.C23.F31
"Waken, Lords and Ladies Gay" S3.2.C24.F12
"Weasel, The" S3.2.C24.F14
"What the University Expects" S3.1.C23.F32
"When She Comes Over" S3.2.C24.F13


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