Series 1

Administration records [textual record]. -- 1987 - 1990. -- 12 cm of textual records

Scope and content: This series contains the day-to-day business records of the New Brunswick Ad Hoc Committee on the Constitution. It includes incoming and outgoing correspondence with government, organizations, legal advisors, and interested individuals; letters to the editor for publication in newspapers; brief reports and policy statements prepared by the New Brunswick Ad Hoc Committee and other groups; press releases; grant applications; and tentative budgets.

The series also includes correspondence, programmes and other material relating to the Meech Lake Accord conference of April 1988; newspaper clippings; Committee mailing lists; a Meech Lake bibliography; educational buttons; and a blank postcard addressed to Premier Frank J. McKenna relating to the Committee's letter-writing campaigns.


Title: Based on contents of the series.

Arrangement: File arrangement is random.


1. Correspondence, August 1987 to December 1989

2. Correspondence, 22 January 1990 to 3 May 1990

3. Open letter to the First Ministers from the Ad Hoc Committee of Canadian Women on the Constitution. - 10 November 1989

4. Letters to the editor, November 1987 to July 1988

5. Correspondence, Meech Lake Accord conference, November 1987 to April 1988

6. Publicity and promotion of Meech Lake Accord conference, 1988

7. Meech Lake Accord conference kit, April 1988
Note: Includes a few pieces of correspondence

8. Meech Lake Accord conference, list of participants, 1988

9. Reports, policy statements, and updates of the N.B. Ad Hoc Committee, 1987-[1988?]

10. Newspaper clippings, Meech Lake, 1987-1988

11. Newspaper clippings, miscellaneous, 1988-1989

12. New Brunswick Ad Hoc Committee on the Constitution, application for grant, 1988

13. N.B. Ad Hoc committee, tentative budgets, 1987-1988

14. N.B. Ad Hoc Committee on the Constitution, mailing list, [1988?]

15. Meech Lake Constitutional Accord, bibliography, [1988?]

16. Press releases, 1987-1988

17. CBC commentary on Mr. McKenna and Meech Lake, [1988?]

18. Meech Lake Accord-ing to Double Exposure, [1988?]

19. Postcard (blank) addressed to Frank J. McKenna, "Flamingoes all agree: Beech Meech", [1988?]

20. Buttons, "We can afford a better accord = Un meilleur accord, c'est possible", [1989?]

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