Series #6

Graphics. -- 1969-1973.-- 18 cm of photographs, negatives and other documentary art

Scope and content: This series consists of a variety of photographs, negatives, original political cartoon sketches, advertising posters and political posters.

It is divided into 2 subseries: 1. Photographic Material, 2. Political Cartoons and Posters.

Title based on contents of series.

All files were created by archivist.


Photographic material.
-- 1969-1973.-- 15.5 cm of material. (30 files; 1 binder)

This subseries consists of approximately 260 b&w photographs of assorted sizes, approximately 115 negatives of assorted sizes and approximately 45 offset copies.

Photographs appear to have been collected by or given to the editors of The Mysterious East for use in the magazine or as background material.

Photos and negatives depict: individuals, groups, politicians, buildings, landscapes, protests, and industrial processes among other subjects. Generally individuals, groups, buildings and events are unidentified. Offset copies were prepared for publication in the magazine.

Of special interest are: photos depicting "slum" housing in Saint John; and photos relating to the spring 1971 rebellion at Kingston Penitentiary.

Photos which were found in textual files have been extracted, noted and arranged at the front of the series. Photos which were found loose in the fonds have been extracted and noted. They follow the above-noted files in sequence.

Negatives have been separated from photos and filed in a binder along with offset copies. In some cases, prints of negatives exist and this has been noted.

Title based on contents of series.

Researchers should note that textual material relating to the rebellion at Kingston Penitentiary is located in the series Related Interest Groups.

Photographic material files:

Box 11

1. Single photos extracted from textual files.

Grouped photographs extracted from textual files:

2. Kingston Penitentiary (Rebellion Spring, 1971).

3. Prensa Latina (from series Related Interest Groups)

Grouped photographs found loose in the fonds:

4. Going Down the Road

5. John Shaw - negatives placed in binder

6. Cape Breton Highlander

7. Biology Department and Unknown man - negatives placed in binder

8. Housing and Nature

9. Junkyards and Unsightly Premises - offset copy placed in binder

10. Pulp and Paper (Scott Paper, New Glasgow) - negatives placed in binder

11. Saint John Slum Housing - negatives placed in binder

12. Professor Bob McLean

13. St. Francis Xavier

14. Soft Spray Article

15. Fundy Tidal Power

16. Miscellaneous Book covers, Book covers, general reductions etc. (includes photos of individuals). Offset copies placed in binder

17. Black's Harbour - negatives placed in binder

18. Troops at Kingston Rebellion, Spring 1971

19. Kaethe Dodd - offset copies placed in binder

20. Carvings William Donaldson

21. Cartoons - offset copies placed in binder

22. Burton Bridge - negatives placed in binder

23. Senator McElman

24. Fred Arseneault (John Rousseau) - negatives placed in binder

25. John Mawler

26. Slum Housing ?

Single photos found loose in the fonds:

27. Loose single photos - negatives placed in binder

28. Loose single photos

Negative files:

29. Loose single negatives - negatives and offset copies placed in binder

30. Loose grouped negatives - negatives and offset copies placed in binder


Political cartoons and posters.
-- 1969-1973.-- 1.5 cm of material (4 files)

This subseries consists of 2 original political cartoons signed "Mesheau", approximately 20 Mysterious East advertising posters and 1 political poster (multiple copies) "Canada Must Have Canadian Universities". A petition relating to the political poster has been filed with it. One file containing miscellaneous graphic material is also included.

Political cartoons, advertising posters, political posters and miscellaneous graphics have been filed separately by category.

Title based on contents of series.

Political cartoon and poster files:

31. Advertising Posters

32. Political Posters

33. Original Political Cartoons signed "Mesheau" (2)

34. Miscellaneous graphics


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