Series 4: Manuscript verse [textual records]. -- 1851-1880; predominant [185-?]. -- 4 cm.

Scope and content: Series includes originals and copies of handwritten miscellaneous verses, including some composed by J.S. Mullan during his early years in Canada, when living near Perth Ont., and during his teaching days in SW Ontario. One verse reflects his philosophy on the education of children; some are romantic verses; one is a cross-word puzzle verse based on his name. There is the remains of a hand-sewn booklet containing 7-8 poems thought to have been written c1850s as well as a hand-sewn notebook of blue paper containing verses composed in the 1850s and a few verses clipped from newspapers; also includes one loose, printed poem, signed "J.S.M" and dated "Dundee, May 1875" entitled "Hospital Flowers"; verso indicates dates of communion services 1870-1876. Series also includes a manuscript verse in rhyme, sent to J.S. Mullan from Ann Elizabeth Stewart of Durham Grey Co., Ontario in 1859, offering some social commentary on the community's activities very soon after Mullan left his teaching job in the area.

Arrangement is random.


Title based on the content of the series.


File 1     Manuscript verses - original

File 2     Manuscript verses - copies

File 3     Hand-sewn notebook

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