Series 2, sub-series 2

Manuals, pamphlets and other printed material [textual record] . -- [198-?] - 1994. -- 17 cm of textual records


20. Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation. - pamphlet explaining the mission, aims and activities of the Foundation. - [198-?]

21. Paying for the piper : a fund-raising manual for non-profit organizations / prepared by Gordon L. Goldie Co. Ltd. / for The Ontario Federation of Symphony Orchestras. - 1982
Note: File also contains Supplement to the fund-raising manual prepared by Gordon L. Goldie Co. Ltd. - 1982

22. Agenda for change : the platform of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick for the 1987 provincial general election. - 1987

23. Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation Newsletter, 1988
Note: Contains information on meeting no. 28 held on 6 September 1988

24. Academic and public education material. - [198-]-[199-]
Note: Includes copies of press releases, Vis-à-Vis (newsletter), conference programmes and other material

25. Advising survivors of domestic violence : a manual / [by?] Margaret McCallum, Faculty of Law, University of New Brunswick. - [199-?]

26. Women's safety audit kit guidebook / [by] The MutliService Advisory Committee of the Captain William Spry Community Centre Committee Against Woman Abuse Mainland South and Halifax Police Department. - [199-?]

27. Pamphlets, various, published by Public Legal Education and Information Services of New Brunswick. - [199-?]

28. You don't have to live with abuse : you can get help / [prepared by] the N.B. Advisory Council on the Status of W omen in cooperation with the Department of Health and Community Services. - first edition, April 1, 1988; second edition, September 1, 1989, third edition, July 1991. - pamphlet

29. 'Women's power continues to lie in their desire and ability to bank together on common issues." / [prepared by] New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women. - August 1991. - pamphlet

30. Meeting our needs : an access manual for transition houses / by Shirley Masuda with Jillian Ridington for DAWN Canada: Disabled Women's Network Canada, 1992

31. Break the silence...end the violence : family prevention kit / Status of Women Council of the NWT, 1992

32. A legal rights handbook for abused women = guide des droits des femmes victimes de mauvais traitements / by Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick. - November 1992

33. Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation : manual of policy and procedures. - 24 November 1992

34. Family violence prevention : information kit / Alberta Family and Social Services, 1992

35. Miscellaneous pamphlets and brochures on the subject of woman and child abuse; 1990, 1992

36. Miscellaneous brochures, newsletters and other printed material, [198-]-[199-]

37. Dating violence = la violence dans les fréquentations / published with the cooperation of the New Brunswick Department of Education, New Brunswick Guidance Counsellors (N.B.T.A. Guidance Council) and Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick. - 1994. - 2 pamphlets

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