Series 1, sub-series 3

Board and committee records [textual record]. -- 1986 - 1992. -- 24 cm of textual records

Scope and content: This sub-series contains correspondence, meeting agendas, and minutes of the board of directors regular and annual meetings, as well as copies of materials relating to issues discussed at board and annual meetings.

It also contains minutes of committee meetings -- administration, education, executive, nominating, public relations, ad hoc, joint (with UNB), wife battering -- as well as copies of committee reports. Biographical sketches of board members, the terms of reference of the various Foundation committees, and requests by various groups for Fergusson Foundation funding are also included.


Title: Based on contents.

Arrangement: File arrangement is alphabetical.

Related material: The files of the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation fund-raising committee are located in series 1, sub-series 2, fund-raising and other financial records.

A bound copy of the board of director's 1991-1992 annual report is located in series 2, reports and other printed and published material.


37. Annual meeting, 1986

38. Annual meeting, 1987
Note: Includes copy of annual report for 1987.

39. Annual meeting, 1988
Note: Includes copy of annual report for 1987-1988 and financial statements.

40. Annual meeting, 1989
Note: Includes copy of annual report for 1988-1989. It also includes personnel records which are RESTRICTED.

41. Annual meeting, 1990

42. Annual meeting, 1991
Note: Includes reports, financial statements and other material.


43. Board of Directors minutes, 1985-1986

44. Board of Directors minutes, 1987-1988

45. Board of Directors minutes, 1987-1990
Note: Includes president's report, dated 4 April 1989, a few pieces of correspondence, copies of committee reports and other items.

46. Board of Directors minutes, 1989-1991

47. Board of Directors minutes, 1992

48. Biographies of board members, [198-?]-[199-?]

49. Ad hoc committee meetings, 1988-1989
Note: Includes an assortment of statements, agendas, minutes of meetings, correspondence, proposals, and notices.

50. Administration committee, 1987
Note: Contains correspondence and minutes of meetings.

51. Education Committee, 1987-1989

52. Education Committee, 1990-1991

53. Executive Committee minutes, 1988-1990
Note: Includes copies of correspondence, agendas, reports, statements, and other items.

54. Executive Committee minutes, 1991-1992

55. Grant committee, 1987-1989 (requests for funding from the Foundation.)

56. Grant committee, 1987-1990 (requests for funding from the Foundation.)

57. Grant committee, 1990-1991 (requests for funding from the Foundation.)

58. Nominating Committee, 1991

59. Public Relations Committee, 1987-1988

60. Public Relations Committee, 1988-1989

61. Public Relations Committee, 1990-1991
Note: Includes copy of Speaking out : The voices of abused women in New Brunswick : a proposal by the N.B. Coalition of Transition Houses/Centres for abused women. - [1990?]

62. Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation/University of New Brunswick Joint Committee, 1992

63. New Brunswick Committee on wife battering, 1984-1986

64. Committees, 1992
Note: Includes terms of reference for the Executive Committee, Education Committee,Finance Committee, Fundraising Committee, Grants Committee, Nominating Committee, Public Relations Committee, and Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation Award, as well as several public service announcements and miscellaneous items.

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