Series 1, sub-series 1: Working Papers. -- [ca. 1970-1991] -- 1.28 m of textual material.

Scope and Content: This series contains 31 volumes of material which Kinloch collected concerning writings (primarily published writings) on the subject of Canadian English, while preparing Writings on Canadian English 1792-1975. Throughout the volumes, there are annotations written by Kinloch. The listings are kept in one sub-series so as to respect Kinloch's original numbering system, but there are distinct sections which should be noted.

1.) Files 1 - 20 contain material that Kinloch collected specifically for Writings on Canadian English 1792-1975. Included are copies of the articles that Avis and Kinloch incorporated into their bibliography, many of which are annotated by Kinloch. File 20 consists of two volumes, both of which contain articles and annotations that were included in the addendum of the published bibliography.

Files are alphabetical according to the name of the author of the articles they contain.

2.) Files 22-28 contain material similar in nature to those of files 1-20, but these articles do not appear in Writings on Canadian English 1792-1975. This is primarily due to the fact that most articles within files 22-28 were written after 1977, but there are also pre-1977 articles that were likely missed at the time of publication for Writings on Canadian English 1792-1975. Aside from the annotations written by Kinloch there are also various scraps of correspondence and notes from people other than Kinloch, primarily W.S. Avis.

Files are alphabetical according to the name of the author of the articles they contain.

3.) Files 21 ("Biblio"), 29 ("Problems"), and 30 ("Bibliography") contain Kinloch's working papers concerning the Writings on Canadian English 1792-1975 project. File 21 is comprised mostly of index cards, which appear to be abstracts, bibliographies, digests and indexes. Also included are informational pamphlets and one sheet of correspondence. File 29 contains items which Kinloch identified as problems, namely 'correspondence re CE', items unidentified (gen.), and limited circulation items. File 30 contains other people's bibliographies, lists sent to W[alter] S. A[vis], lists of works from Orkin's footnotes, progress reports, record of reviews, and a style sheet written by Avis.


Title: Title is based on contents of the sub-series.

Arrangement: Both addendum volumes (labelled "Add 1" and "Add 2" by Kinloch) are placed under file 20 because Kinloch's self-numbered volume 20 is missing. Seeing as the addendum volumes were not originally numbered within Kinloch's larger numbering system, it was logical to put them in the place of the missing volume 20 because they naturally fall after volumes 1-19.

Aside from the two addendums, the only other volumes in this sub-series that were not originally numbered by Kinloch himself were those labelled "Bibliography" and "Problems", which are subsequently placed at the end of the series, even though the material contained within them relates most closely to file 21.

File listings available upon request.

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