Series 1: Writings on Canadian English Working Papers and Related Material. -1965-1991; predominant 1970-1980. -- 1.53 m of textual material.

Scope and Content: This series primarily documents the annotated bibliography entitled Writings on Canadian English 1792-1975, co-written by A.M. Kinloch and Walter S. Avis. The project was undertaken to add to and improve upon the bibliography's predecessor, Walter S. Avis' A Bibliography of Writings on Canadian English (1857-1965). The annotations found throughout the bibliography are mainly the work of Kinloch.Though articles were collected for what appeared to be a follow-up project, neither Kinloch nor Avis published a bibliography of writings on Canadian English post 1975. There is, however, a book entitled Writings on Canadian English 1976-1987: A Selective, Annotated Bibliography, written by W.C. Lougheed, which appears to pick up where Avis and Kinloch left off.

This series primarily consists of working papers, which are largely annotated copies of published articles. Also included are finding aids, in the form of index cards; as well as related material, pertaining to Kinloch and Avis' Writings on Canadian English project. It is divided into two sub-series.

1. Working Papers. -- [1970-1991]
2. Finding Aids and Related Material.-- 1965-1987


Title: Title is based on contents.

Related Material: See series 12 for correspondence between Kinloch and Lougheed, some of which concerns the bibliographies.

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