Ketchum Medal
Ketchum medal

Ketchum medal

One of the many benefactions mentioned in H.G. C. Ketchum's will was the provision for a silver medal as a prize at the University of New Brunswick.  This medal, known as the "Ketchum Medal", was to be awarded each year to the Civil Engineering student having the highest standing.
After Ketchum's death on 8 September 1896, the following appeared in "Editorial Notes" in the University Monthly  "The late Mr. H.G.C. Ketchum, C.E. has provided for an annual silver medal in the department of Civil Engineering in the University.  Mr. Ketchum was a former native of Fredericton and is mourned by hosts of friends here and all over the Dominion.  We hope that his bequest may prove an incentive to many young men in the profession in which  he himself attained such eminence."

It appears that the Allan Wyon firm in London, England was commissioned to produce the medal.   Correspondence between the London-based company and Stephen Dixon, Dean of Engineering at UNB indicates that work on the dies began in the spring of 1897 and were to be completed "in about ten weeks' time."

At Encaenia on 27 May 1897,  valedictorian C.C. Jones
(President of UNB, 1906-1940) stated  "The will of the late H.G.C. Ketchem (sic), C.E., provided for a silver medal for the department of Engineering.  Such a donation, especially prized as the gift of one who was himself an eminent engineer will no doubt serve to increase the zeal of the students in that important department of the University."  The first recipient of the Ketchum Medal was Aubrey Clifton Tabor, Class of 1897. 

The Ketchum Medal is a beautiful piece of medallic art and continues to be awarded during Encaenia each year.  Today it is presented to the top graduating student in Civil Engineering based on the regular (full time student) work in the final two terms of the student's regular program.

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