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Henry George Clopper Ketchum  first attended a series of lectures on engineering, given by English engineer Thomas McMahon Cregan at King’s College, Fredericton, in 1854.  Ketchum's early career involved increasingly more responsible positions on railway construction projects in Canada,  including the European and North American Railway, the New Brunswick Railway and the Quebec and New Brunswick Railway.  In conjunction with British engineers, he was employed by the intrepid British firm contracted to erect  the Santos and São Paulo Railway in Brazil.

During his early career, H.G.C. Ketchum had the opportunity to work with some of the finest British engineers of his generation including:  Sir John Fowler, Sir Benjamin Baker, Sir James Brunlees, and Edwin Clark.  Several of these engineers were to join Ketchum in his Chignecto project.  Within Canada,  prominent engineers such as Thomas C. Keefer (first President of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers) and Collingwood Schreiber (Chief Engineer to the Government) were public supporters of Ketchum’s Ship Railway.

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