Series 5. Keirstead's Collected Research and Writings on Education. --1908-1942; predominant 1929-1942. -- 8 cm of textual material

Scope and Content: This series contains Keirstead's collected research and writings on education ranging from 1908 to 1942. His "Notes on Financial Organization and Administration of Schools, 1936," Item 4, includes correspondence with school officials across Canada from whom he collected information for comparative purposes. In 1937, Keirstead wrote a significant series of articles on education in Canada which appeared in both the Daily Gleaner and the Moncton Transcript. These articles are found in scrapbook form in this series.

This series is divided into two sub-series: Sub-series 1. Collected Research on Education and Sub-series 2. Writings on Education. Arrangement within each sub-series is chronological.


Title: Title based on content of the series.

Other: See Series 2, Sub-series 1, Item 4 for other articles and addresses by Keirstead on Education.

Box 6

Sub-series 1. Collected Research on Education. --1929-1936. -- 3 cm of textual material

Item 1: Education in Wales: Suggestions for the Consideration of Education Authorities and Teachers,
            (Memorandum No. 1) June 18, 1929.

Item 2: Education in Wales: Suggestions for the Consideration of Local Education Authorities and Teachers,
           (Memorandum No. 2) September 1930.

Item 3: Report of the Conference on School Statistics Held at Regina, October 22, 1936.

Box 7

Item 4: Notes on Financial Organization and Administration of Schools, 1936. Includes manuscript notes prepared by
            Wilfred Keirstead and correspondence from representatives of the Departments of Education within the Canadian
            provinces. It also includes a Report on the Administration and Financing of Schools in the province of Manitoba.

Box 7

Sub-series 2. Writings on Education. --1908-1942; predominant 1930-1942. -- 5 cm of textual material

Item 5: "Moral Training in Our Public Schools," by Wilfred Keirstead. Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Meeting of the
            Educational Institute of New Brunswick, 1908.

Item 6: "Says Wealth Should not be Higher Aim: Rev. W.C. Keirstead Special Acadia Speaker." The Halifax Chronicle,
            May 26, 1930.

Item 7: "We Must Have a Better System of Education in New Brunswick." The Daily Mail, March 2, 1936.

Item 8: "Adult Education," 1937. MSS.

Item 9: Scrapbook containing a series of articles on education, written by Wilfred Keirstead, published in
            [The Daily Gleaner, 1937] and The Moncton Transcript, 1937.

        [The Daily Gleaner, 1937].
            No. 1.   "A Study of Education; Principles; State Support."
            No. 2.   "A Study of Education; Mort's Method fro State Support."
            No. 3.   "A Study of Education; State Support in State of New York."
            No. 4.   "A Study of Education; School Districts in New York State."
            No. 5.   "A Study of Education; How Ontario Organizes Schools."
            No. 6.   "A Study of Education; How Ontario Supports Schools."
            No. 7.   "A Study in Education; How Manitoba Organizes Schools."
            No. 8.   "A Study of Education; How Saskatchewan Runs Schools."
            No. 9.   "A Study of Education; How Alberta Organizes Schools."
            No. 10. "A Study in Education; How British Columbia Organizes."
            No. 11. "A Study of Education; How Nova Scotia Handles Schools."
            No. 12. "A Study of Education; This Province's School System."
            No. 13. "A Study of Education; Which Form Best for This Province?"
            No. 14. "A Study of Education; What Commission of Education Said."
            No. 15. "A Study of Education; Mental Variants and the Handlings."
            No. 16. "A Study in Education; How Superior Child is Classed."
            No. 17. "A Study of Education; How to Handle Lower Mental Classes."

        The Moncton Transcript, 1937.
            No. 1.   "A Study of Education: Principles of State Support of Education."
            No. 2.   "A Study of Education: Measuring the Minimum or Foundation Programme."
            No. 3.   "A Study of Education: Equalization of State Support of Education in New York State." February 16, 1937.
            No. 4.   "A Study of Education: School District Organization in New York State." February 20, 1937.
            No. 6.   "A Study of Education: Financial Support of Schools in Ontario."
            No. 7.   "A Study of Education: Schools in Manitoba."
            No. 10. "A Study of Education: Education in British Columbia."
            No. 16. "A Study of Education: Education of Mental Variants." April 3, 1937.

Item 10: "Teachers Must Guard Heritage of Democracy, Keirstead Declares." St. John Citizen, February 24, 1938.

Item 11: "Liberal Education Still Objective States Speaker." The Daily Gleaner, May 14, 1942.

Item 12: "Education of Mental Variants," n.d. MSS.

Item 13: "Citizenship and Democracy in New Brunswick Schools," n.d. MSS.

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