Series 4. Keirstead's Research, Writings, and Addresses on Economics and Government. --1905-1943; predominant 1915-1943. -- 18 cm of textual material

Scope and Content: This series consists of research materials collected by W.C. Keirstead, as well as his writings and addresses in the area of economics and government. It should be noted that this work was apart from his academic life, in which he taught courses in economics and government, and appears to reflect his involvement with the formulation of government policies. Collected materials include notes, as well as government publications and forms, and some field research conducted by Keirstead personally. In the 1920s he did research into commodities pricing and cost of living standards. Later, in the 1930s, he appears to have been involved in a project concerning municipal government in New Brunswick. His writings and addresses covered a range of topics including reciprocity, business ethics, cost of living standards, municipal government, subsidies, and the constitution. Of particular note are "The Bases of Provincial Subsidies," 1934, and the "Report of the White Commission," 1935.

This series is divided into three sub-series: Sub-series 1. Research on Economics and Government; Sub-series 2. Writings on Economics and Government; and Sub-series 3. Addresses on Economics and Government. Within each sub-series the arrangement is chronological, although much of the material is undated..


Title: Title based on content of the series.

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Sub-series 1. Research on Economics and Government. --1918-1938. -- 10 cm of textual material

Item 1: Keirstead's Notes regarding Sessional Papers. Book 1 - October 31, 1866 to June 30, 1867 and Book 2 - vol. 4,
            no. 10, 1869

Item 2: Report of the Committee Appointed to Enquire into and report upon (i) the actual increase since June, 1914, in
            the Cost of Living to the working classes and (ii) any counterbalancing factors (apart from increases of wages)
            which may have arisen under War conditions. Working Classes Cost of Living Committee, 1918.

Item 3: Cost of Living 1918: Revised Instructions, December 2, 1918. United States Department of Labor, Bureau of
            Labor Statistics.

Item 4: Retail Prices of Commodities: Instructions, June 1, 1920. United States Department of Labor, Bureau of
            Labor Statistics.

Item 5: Retail Prices of Staple Commodities, June 15, 1920 - April 30, 1921. The Department of Labour, Canada.

Item 6: Retail Prices of Staple Commodities, April 29, 1921. The Department of Labour, Canada.

Item 7: Letter to Mr. Thomson from Wilfred Keirstead, dated April 30, 1921, re changes in the cost of living. Includes
            four appendices: Appendix A: Comparison of prices between June 1920 and December 1920, according to the
            Cost of Living Department, Bureau of Labor, Washington, D.C.; Appendix B: Changes in the Average Cost in
            Canada of a Weekly Family Budget by Groups of Expenditure since 1913; Appendix C: Comparison of Food,
            Fuel and Light, and Rent Prices in St. John, New Brunswick, and Canada between June 1920 and May 1921;
            and Appendix D:Decline in Food prices for St. John between January 1920 and May 1921.

Item 8: Retail Prices of Staple Commodities, May 1, 1921. The Department of Labour, Canada.

Item 9: Comparative Price of Commodities - Survey Forms, 1920-1921.

Item 10: Interim Report - only on the community welfare agencies of the City of Fredericton, 1930.

Item 11: Interview with Fredericton City Clerk, March 10, 1933.

Item 12: Research on Municipal Government in New Brunswick. Appears to be six chapters of a book. Some chapters are
                   the work of Keirstead; others appear to be the work of (?) Martin, (?) Fenety, and (?) Dooley. ca. 1933

Item 13: Submission by the Municipality of Northumberland to the Royal Commission on Dominion-Provincial Relations,
            April 1938.

Item 14: Names and Number or Quantity of Articles Used in "Weighting" Changes in Cost of Living, n.d. United States
             Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Item 15: Food Weights -- Annual Consumption per Family, n.d. United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor

Item 16: Retail Prices of Fuel and Light, n.d. United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Blank Form)

Item 17: Cost of Living in the Year Ending ..., n.d. United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.
             (Blank Form)

Item 18: Legal Status, Charter, and Powers Questionnaires for Albert County, Campbellton, Carleton County, Chatham,
             Dalhousie, Devon, Dorchester, Fredericton, Grand Falls, Kent County, Moncton, Northumberland, Sackville,
             Saint John, Sunbury, Westmorland, and Woodstock, n.d.

Box 6

Item 19: "Financial Problems of our Federal System." Offprint from Queen's Quarterly, n.d.

Item 20: Growth of World Population, n.d. (Incomplete Article)

Item 21: Report of Saratoga discussion of single tax, 1890.  Back part of the book contains lecture notes for an economics class.

Item 22: Notes on the Mineral Production in Canada, the Mineral Resources of the Maritime Provinces, and the Water
              Powers of Canada, n.d.

Box 6

Sub-series 2: Writings on Economics and Government. --1905-1943. -- 7 cm of textual material

Item 23: "Reciprocity and Reciprocity Treaties," ca. 1905.

Item 24: "The Materialistic Conception of History, of Marx and of Engels," ca. 1920.

Item 25: "The Golden Rule in Business." The Journal of Religion, vol. 3, no. 2, March 1922. Reprint. (2 copies)

Item 26: "Application of Golden Rule and Social Science in Business Advocated by UNB Professor."
              The Daily Telegraph, April 8, 1922.

Item 27: "The Survival of the Fittest." The Argosy, vol. 1, no. 2, April 1923. Also includes a manuscript
              version of this article.

Item 28: "Areas of Local Administration Discussed by Dr. Keirstead; the Relation to Public Health."
             The Daily Gleaner, October 5, 1934,

Item 29: "The Bases of Provincial Subsidies." Papers and Proceedings of the Canadian Political Science
              Association, vol. 6, 1934. Offprint. (4 copies)

Item 30: "The Dangers of Sectionalism in Canada." The Journal of the Canadian Dental Association,
              vol. 1, no. 4, April 1935.

Item 31: "The Report of the White Commission." The Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science,
              vol. 1, no. 3, August 1935. Reprint.

Item 32: Questions Relating to the Procedures that Should be Followed in Amending the British North American Act,
              [1936]. (2 copies)

Item 33: Questions Relating to the Responsibility and the Co-ordination of Social Services, [1936].

Item 34: "The Costs of Peace: Four Crucial Problems Facing Christian People." International Journal of Religious
              Education, vol. 20, no. 2, October 1943.

Item 35: "The Economic Price of Peace," ca. 1943.

Item 36: "Ideals in Dictatorships and Democracies." The Dalhousie Review, n.d.

Item 37: Report Upon the Incorporation of Andover and Perth to the Board of Trade of Andover and Perth, n.d.
              Includes a hand drawn map of Perth and Andover.

Item 38: The Bases of the Federal Subsidies, n.d.

Item 39: Special Grants, n.d.

Item 40: The Case of New Brunswick for An Increase in the Federal Subsidy, n.d.

Item 41: Social Goals and Economic Institutions, n.d. (2 copies - One appears to be a draft)

Item 42: "The Development of the Canadian Constitution," written by [W.C. Keirstead], n.d.

Item 43: "The Essential Principles of Progress," n.d.

*Note that Sub-series 1, Item 12 is a draft manuscript which appears to be the product of a joint research
       project by Keirstead and others on Municipal Government in New Brunswick.

Box 6

Sub-series 3. Addresses on Economics and Government. --1912-1920. -- 1 cm of textual material

Item 44: "The Forces and Movements that make for Social Betterment," ca. 1912. Notes prepared by W.C. Keirstead
              for an address.

Item 45: "Whatever Chance Germany Had for Leadership in Industry, Science and Art Will be Lost by War She Caused."
             The Daily Gleaner, February 15, 1915. An address by W.C. Keirstead on the occasion of the celebration of the
             centennial of peace between Britain and the U.S. in the Churches of Fredericton.

Item 46: "The Centennial Peace Celebration," Fredericton 1915. Notes prepared by W.C. Keirstead for an address.

Item 47: An address to the Rotary Club on "The Survival of the Fittest --- But Who Are the Fit?," ca. 1920.

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