Series 3. Sermons, Religious Addresses, and Religious Writings. -- 1899-1939. -- 7 cm of textual material

Scope and Content: This series contains sermons, religious addresses and religious writings, the work of W.C. Keirstead, 1899-1939. Most of the sermons and addresses are either manuscript or typescript. Some of the articles are in manuscript format, but many are extracted from the published version. Many of Keirstead's early articles appeared in the American Journal of Theology. Of particular note in this series is the inclusion of Keirstead's M.A. thesis "The Light Which Self Consciousness Sheds Upon the Existence of God," (University of New Brunswick, 1899) and his doctoral dissertation "Metaphysical Presuppositions of Ritschl," (University of Chicago, 1903).

This series is divided into two sub-series: Sub-series 1. Sermons and Religious Addresses and Sub-series 2. Religious Writings. Arrangement is chronological within the sub-series.


Title: Title based on content of the series.

Related Material: Articles in which Keirstead incorporates his theological views with his social philosophy may be found in Series 4.

Box 5

Sub-series 1. Sermons and Religious Addresses. --1899-1934. -- 5 cm of textual material

Item 1: "The Importance of Bible Study to the Individual," ca. 1899.

Item 2: Untitled Sermon, 1900. (1 Cor. 7:22)

Item 3: Untitled Sermon, 1900. (Gal. 3:26-28)

Item 4: Untitled Sermon - delivered in Boston, 1900.

Item 5: "Unto You It Is Given to Know the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God But to Them it is Not Given," ca. 1905.

Item 6: "How to Grow." An address delivered to the Shelden Club, ca. 1905.

Item 7: Untitled Sermon, 1905.

Item 8: "What is Truth," ca. 1905. (John 18:38)

Item 9: "What is of Supreme Value, Men or Things?," ca. 1905. (Luke 12:15)

Item 10: "The Teaching of Jesus and the Social Problems," ca. 1905. (Mark 1:15)

Item 11: "The Paradox of Jesus," ca. 1905.

Item 12: "Christ in Our Political Life," ca. 1905. (Mark 4:8)

Item 13: "The New Pastor" - a brief synopsis of a sermon, The Carleton Sentinel, December 14, 1906.

Item 14: "Paul's Conception of Christianity and his Apology for it," The Carleton Sentinel, December 21, 1906.

Item 15: Untitled Sermon - excerpt, ca. 1906.

Item 16: "Thanksgiving Sermon," [The Carleton Sentinel, 1906]. (1 Thes 5: 16, 17, 18)

Item 17: "The Baccalaureate Sermon," The Carleton Sentinel, August 9, 1907. (Col. 3:1-4)

Item 18: "The Baccalaureate Sermon cont.," The Carleton Sentinel, August 16, 1907.

Item 19: "The Easter Sermon," The Carleton Sentinel, April 24, 1908. (John 20:29)

Item 20: "The Easter Sermon" - two versions, 1908.

Item 21: Untitled Sermon, ca. 1910. (2 Cor 6:17-18-)

Item 22: Untitled Sermon, ca. 1910.

Item 23: Untitled Sermon, ca. 1915. (Mark 15:31)

Item 24: "Two Years Before the Earthquake" - Notes for a Sermon, ca. 1915.

Item 25: Untitled Sermon, ca. 1915. (Joshua 7:13)

Item 26: Untitled Sermon, ca. 1915.

Item 27: Untitled Sermon, ca. 1920. (Col. 3:1-4)

Item 28: "The Minister and Social Reform," ca. 1922. An address presented to the Minister's Institute.

Item 29: Untitled Sermon, ca. 1930. (Gal 3:26-28)

Item 30: Untitled Sermon - a sermon at a new church, ca. 1930. (Gal 3:28)

Item 31: An address presented to the students of Acadia University, 1934. Includes a newspaper clipping
              regarding the address made by W.C. Keirstead.

Sub-series 2. Religious Writings. --1899-1939; predominant 1899-1922. -- 2 cm of textual material
Box 5

Item 32: "The Light which Self Consciousness Sheds Upon the Existence of God," Fredericton 1899.
              (M.A. Thesis 4A - Found with UNB Theses)

Item 33: "Some Other Books on Jesus and the Gospels." The American Journal of Theology,  [1903-7], pp. 127-128.

Item 34: "The Problem of Religious Knowledge." [The American Journal of Theology, 1904], pp.399.

Item 35: "Metaphysical Presuppositions of Ritschl." The American Journal of Theology, 1905. A Dissertation submitted
              to the Faculty of the Divinity School in Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Item 36: "The Significance of Emotion in Religion." The American Journal of Theology, [1906], pp. 167-169.

Item 37: "Knowledge of God." The American Journal of Theology, [1906], pp. 546-550.

Item 38: "Recent Literature on the New Testament." The American Journal of Theology, [1906], pp. 533-534.

Item 39: "The Will to Doubt." The American Journal of Theology, [1908], pp. 314-316.

Item 40: "The Mysticism of Paul." The American Journal of Theology, [1908], pp. 290-292.

Item 41: "The Church in Theory and in Fact." The American Journal of Theology, [1910], pp. 647-650.

Item 42: "Religious Education in the Public Schools." Manuscript of an unsigned editorial published in The Maritime Baptist,
              September 20, 1911, pp. 4.

Item 43: "Some Essential Facts of Social Progress." Manuscript of an article published in Biblical World, vol. 39,
              January 1912, pp. 38-46.

Item 44: "The Home." Manuscript of an article published in The Maritime Baptist, January 24, 1912.

Item 45: "The Leadership of the Ministry in Industrial and Social Life." Manuscript of an article published in The Journal of
             Religion, vol. 2, January 1922, pp. 44-57.

Item 46: "Is There a Religious Breakdown in the Ministry?," ca. 1922.

Item 47: "Religion and World Peace," ca. 1939.

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