Series 8: Lucy Jarvis sketch books and loose sketches [graphic material]. - - [ca. 194-? - 197- ?]. - - 1 m of graphic material: sketch books.

Scope and content: This series consists of sixty-four (64) sketch books and a file of 71 loose sketches belonging to Lucy Jarvis which cover a broad spectrum of her artistic work, from her days on the rural film circuit for the National Film Board, to her European travels, to her years at the UNB Art Centre and her life in Yarmouth, N.S. Jarvis used a variety of media, including pen, pencil, crayon, watercolour, charcoal and chalk. The dominant subjects of this series are landscapes, female nudes, and studies of people (mainly sketches of heads/faces). The sketch books represent a wide range of sizes, the bulk of them c. 13x18 cm to 15x23 cm with an almost equal number of sketch books of smaller and larger dimensions. Five (5) sketch books are oversized and range in size from 28x35 cm to 38x46 cm. The file of loose sketches contains three (3) prints by fellow artists Bruno Bobak, Jack Humphrey, and Brigid Toole Grant.

Arrangement is numerical.


Title based on the content of the series.
File titles supplied.

Date: The sketch books are undated, but the content suggests they range from the 1940s during Lucy Jarvis's time with the National Film Board Circuit, to about the 1970s, including some sketches done on a trip to Newfoundland in 1977.

Arrangement: Some sketch books were numbered when deposited but the sequence was incomplete and inconsistent. As much as possible, the order suggested by the original numbering scheme was retained. For retrieval purposes, a new numbering sequence has been assigned by the archives.

Finding aids: A detailed inventory of this series is available on request. Below is a summary of the arrangement of the sketch books.

Sketch books # 1-13 BOX 6
Sketch books # 14 - 30 BOX 7
Sketch books # 31-41; # 43-49 BOX 8
Sketch books # 50-59; #61 File of 71 loose sketches
Of particular note are: BOX 9 (oversized)
Sketch books # 42; 60; 62-64
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