Series 7: Photographs [graphic records]. - - 1896-1993; predominant [196-]. - - 2 cm
50 photographs: b&w and col.; three sepia-toned; 28 cm x 35 cm and smaller.

Scope and content: This series contains miscellaneous photographs, often undated. Notable exceptions include a baby photograph of Lucy Jarvis and her mother [c1896-7]; a studio portrait of Thede Roberts (1938); colour and black and white photographs of the Pembroke Dyke area and of Lucy Jarvis in the 1960s and Helen Weld in 1993; and some photographs c. 1962-63 which may be of the UNB Art Centre.

Arrangement is random.

Title based on the content of the series.
Extent: 20 b&w and 30 col. photographs; also four (4) col. slides.
Conservation: Some photographs removed from temporary plastic photograph albums.
Related group of records: See MG H150 for other photographs of Lucy Jarvis, Helen Weld, Gordon Wood, Vernon and Mary Thompson, and Jarvis family members.


File 1             (28 photographs)
            Lucy Jarvis and her mother
            Lucy Jarvis passport photo
            24 small photographs (19 col. and 5 b&w) including the UNB Art Centre and Lucy Jarvis at Pembroke Dyke
            Old Observatory

File 2             (22 photographs)
            Thede Roberts (1938) studio portrait
            Dr. Graham S. MacKenzie, UNB Geology, 1937-1960; died 1960
            Joseph R. Hea, 1st President of UNB 1860-1861
            photographs of Pembroke Dyke including Helen Weld (1993)
            James White

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