Series 4: Vernon Thompson correspondence and the log book of the "Lucy Helen" [textual records]. - - 1947-1982; predominant 1947-1959. - - 2.5 cm

Scope and content: This series contains correspondence and a log book / diary relating to the purchase and operation of a 34' motorboat, the "Lucy Helen". Bought in 1947 and jointly owned by Lucy Jarvis and Helen Weld, it was skippered by Vernon Stanwood Thompson who lived on board and used it as a fishing boat. The log book of the "Lucy Helen" contains details on Vernon Thompson's lobstering activities, such as catch statistics and prices, and is illustrated with many of his sketches. The series also contains letters from Thompson's first wife, Mildred; a file relating to the death and estate of his second wife, Mary; and some miscellaneous correspondence to Vernon Thompson.

Arrangement is chronological.

Title based on the content of the series.
File titles supplied.
Related groups of records: See MG H150 for photographs of Vernon and Mary Thompson in the Gordon Wood fonds.


File 1     Log and diary of the "Lucy Helen"                                         1947-1951

File 2     Correspondence from Vernon Thompson to Lucy Jarvis         [1947]-1949

File 3     Correspondence from Vernon Thompson to Lucy Jarvis         1951-1959; 1968-69

File 4     Correspondence from Vernon Thompson to Lucy Jarvis         [194-?] - [195-?]

             Also includes two (2) letters from Lucy Jarvis and a 1948 letter to Lucy Jarvis
             from Milton Gregg re. Thompson's war service and possible publication of the
             log of the "Lucy Helen". Mr. Thompson was batman in World War II to Milton
             Gregg who later became President of UNB.

File 5     Miscellaneous correspondence to Vernon Thompson              1961
              Includes letters from Norval Balch; mailings from the NS Mineral & Gem Society

File 6     Estate of Mrs. Annie Eunice ("Mary") Thompson                     1982
             Wife of Vernon Thompson.
             See also Series 6: James White.

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