Series 1: Correspondence [textual records]. -- 1931-1990; predominant [194- ] - [198- ]. -- 10 cm

Scope and Content: This series includes letters to Lucy Jarvis from various University figures such as Norman MacKenzie, Pegi Nicol MacLeod (also a letter from her mother-in-law re MacLeod's last illness), Marjory Donaldson, A.W. Trueman, John Corey, Desmond Pacey, Colin Mackay, Bruno Bobak, Alden Nowlan, and Barry Grant, as well as members of the arts community such as Ian Lumsden, Paul Hachey, Jack Humphrey and Thede and Frances Roberts; there is one letter from Tappan Adney and one or two letters to Jarvis's companion Helen Weld.  Letters from Lucy Jarvis are to various correspondents including Helen Weld, her cousin
Henrietta Harris, Ian Lumsden, Marjory Donaldson, and Paul Hachey. The file also includes two letters from Lucy's companion, Helen Weld, to Henrietta Harris after Lucy's death. This series includes some correspondence from Gordon J. Wood. He was a UNB lecturer from 1946-1947/48 who became friends with Lucy Jarvis during his days at Alexander College where the Art Centre was located in its early years.

Arrangement is chronological, with the exception of the correspondence with Gordon Wood, which has been separated.


Title based on the content of the series.
File titles supplied.
Related groups of records: see MG H150 Gordon Wood fonds for correspondence from Lucy Jarvis to Gordon Wood


File 1 Correspondence - personal                 1931-1990

File 2 Correspondence - personal                  [194- ]-[198- ]

File 3 Correspondence - Gordon Wood         1948-1966
          (Includes some of "Gordy"'s sketches)

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