Series 6: Photographs [graphic records]. -- [1861-1922]; (predominant [1881-1889]). -- 47 photographs : b&w.

Scope and content: This series consists of photographs of Bliss Carman; some of his family members and friends, and unidentified persons. Approximately one-third of the photographs are dated and range from 1881-1889; one is from 1922. Approximately three-quarters of the photographs are cabinet view or carte de visite styles and often indicate the photographer's name and location on the back. Of those so marked ten (10) are from Fredericton studios. There are five (5) twentieth-century "snap-shot" type photographs.

Approximately one-third of the images are identified, including photographs of Carman; his room in Cambridge, Mass.; Carman with his cousins Fred St. John Bliss, Andy and Frank Straton; Louise Guiney; Maude M. Mosher; Wm. Morton Fullerton.

Title based on the content of series.


The photographs are in two (2) files in random order.


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