Series 4: Research Material about Bliss Carman [textual records]. -- [195-?]. -- 11cm.

Scope and content: This series consists of secondary material collected or created by Isabel St. John Bliss about the life and career of Bliss Carman, in preparation for her proposed study of him. It includes biographical material, clippings about Carman's death and funeral, reviews of and comments about Carman or his work, extracts from published works or letters about Carman and his contemporaries, such as Richard Hovey and Francis Sherman, lists and summaries of letters (both in this collection and at other repositories), bibliographical references (index card file), research notes and plans and draft essays by Isabel Bliss.

Title based on the content of the series.
Some file titles have been supplied.


File 1 Bliss Carman biographical

File 2 Clippings - Carman's death and funeral

File 3 Reviews and comments on Carman

File 4 Lists of letters to Bliss Carman

File 5 List of Carman letters from Smith College

File 6 Lists of poems by Bliss Carman

File 7 Notes on Carman works (e.g. Friendship of Art; Kinship of Nature; The Making of Personality; The Poetry of Life)

File 8 Notes on "Canadian literature in English"

File 9 Richard Hovey: extracts from A.H. Macdonald's Richard Hovey, man and craftsman. Duke University Press, 1957

File 10 Francis Sherman: extract from a letter to Herbert Small from Bliss Carman

File 11 Offprint: A.G. Bailey's "Creative Moments in the Culture of the Maritime Provinces" from Dalhousie Review (1949); Issue of May 1957 Douglas Library Notes (Queen's University): "Additions to the Bliss Carman Collection"

File 12 Plans for article: "Bliss Carman's beginnings"

File 13 Plans for article: "Fredericton attitudes to Bliss Carman"

File 14 Set of eight (8) envelopes in which Carman had sorted and labelled his poems

Index card file


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