Series 3: Scrapbooks [textual records]. -- 1882-1887. -- 3 oversized scrapbooks.

Scope and content: This series consists of three (3) scrapbooks containing holograph Bliss Carman poems. Many pages of the scrapbooks are annotated by Isabel Bliss, with her literary observations and sometimes, personal or family information.

Title based on the content of the series.
File titles supplied.

Conservation: The original copies of these poems were transferred, in order, to three (3) acid-free folders and replaced by photocopies for research purposes. The copies were numbered to match the originals. The originals are in BOX 2 (5.5cm)

Shelved at the end of the Collection

Book   I   poems   I 1 - 58   1882-1884

Book  II   poems  II 1 - 62  1885

Book III  poems III 1 - 58   1886-1887


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